[Academic] Marijuana in the Workplace (Everyone, 18+)

2022.01.20 20:58 OrgBehaviorPhD [Academic] Marijuana in the Workplace (Everyone, 18+)

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2022.01.20 20:58 dilettantedebrah Overwhelming Majority Of Greeks In ICU Or Dead From Covid-19, Unvaccinated

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2022.01.20 20:58 GeekOutHuntsville I got a Chia Pet of The Child for a gift, but I don't think I have any idea what I'm in possession of

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2022.01.20 20:58 RustyPickul Sakic Icon pull…review?

Pulled him today out of a 82+ reroll. Seems like he’d be a decent 3rd line center if I maxed him out. Anybody have him and would like to give me a yay or nay please?
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2022.01.20 20:58 NotRealOpinions Brigette Lundy-Paine

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2022.01.20 20:58 contrahall Question about the MN show

Did people in the upper levels get upgraded to the lower levels? When I was looking at the seat map a few days ago it was very empty and idk if it ever filled up but the pictures that I’ve seen the lower levels looked packed but they didn’t show the top.
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2022.01.20 20:58 xiuyuan_crystal Amethyst carving

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2022.01.20 20:58 GardenYeti [DnD] The New Gods of Tallus

Hi, I am getting ready to roll out a homebrew game for my players and wanted to put out some lore and get some feedback.
Tallus is an old world going through a regrow. About 2000 years ago a cataclysmic event called the Warps ended. The Warps were dimensional tears through which came all sorts of peoples and monsters, though they lasted for so long that no one is entirely sure what was there before the Warps and what came from them. It is commonly believed that the Warps were ended due to a mass sacrifice of the Old Gods. Arising after the warps ended are the New Gods, fledgling religions that are begging to spread amongst the people of Tallus. Below are some of the New Gods I am starting with, and I have left some details sparse as I want to do some collaborative world-building with my players. That said, any feedback or input is greatly appreciated!
The Pale Beast
Oldest of the new gods, and possibly one of the old gods. The Pale Beast is the threshold of life and death, healing those who need it, and shepherding those whose time has come to the afterlife. When it appears to mortals it does so as an albino animal, usually a carrion or scavenger animal. Domains are Life and Grave
Zityx, The Great Lizard
With the Lizardfolk came their god Zityx, The Great Lizard. Zityx is survival personified, and every action taken by Zityx is to ensure they live to the next day. While not worshiped widely outside of the Lizardfolk, Zityx does have cults among kobolds and among various people in the Weald. For Zityx there is no good or evil, right or wrong, glory or shame, there is only life and death. Domains are War and Nature
The One Who is Many, The Tree Shepherds
The Tree Shepherds are a single entity spread across an unknown amount of faces. They rule the wild places of the world, surveying their domain through small green humanoids that dart through the trees. Much like the places they watch, The Tree Shepherds are unpredictable, fickle, and uncaring. The Tree Shepards are Forest gnomes who found refuge in the forest of the world and formed a symbiotic relationship. (Think very fey, hivemind as a god) Domains are Nature and Trickery
Ol’ Rotgut
Predominantly from Hinterland goblinoid and orc beliefs, Ol’ Rotgut bleeds into the stories of those that come in frequent contact with those groups. He appears frequently in the Hinterlands lore. Ol’ Rotgut is the picture of the worst that can happen to you, a shambling, vaguely humanoid mound of decay and disease that refuses to die. Ol’ Rotgut is a plague come to visit. Domain is Death.
Red Eye Dellin
Stories hold that Red Eye Dellin found a way to steal some of the old god's power for himself, and can now share some of that power with those who give him offerings. He patronizes thieves, cutpurses, and other nonviolent criminals who rely on their wits and dexterity. He is also said to be an individual with a particular love of pranks. Domains are Trickery and Twilight.
The Masked God
The Masked God is only worshiped in the Amaranthian Empire, and its church is the only state-sanctioned one. The doctrine holds that the Masked God was the one who ended the World Warp, and it was horribly disfigured, leading it to don its white mask and black robes. The Church of the Masked God also maintains that the Masked God was the one who converted the warp energies into usable magic and lifted up the Amarantian Empire as the ones to lead the world. Of course, everyone outside of the Empire decries this as rubbish, but there is no denying that they do seem to have some divine support. Domains are Knowledge and War.
Zinrisia, The Black Rose
Zinrisia is a devil, the most powerful devil. She claims to be the daughter of one of the Old Gods, the Lord of Hell. Hell is gone though, and left without a kingdom, she carved one of her own (Pocket Dimension). She seeks to rule the world but knows she is not yet powerful enough to do so, and so she bides her time, grows her cult, collects souls, and waits to strike. In doing so she has built a forward face as a goddess of love and unity, but really is a patron of lust and control. Domain is Order
The Silver Path
The Silver Path is more akin to a philosophy than a god, though it is referred to in a very physical sense. Those that follow the path have a deep sense of justice, honour, and righteousness. They also believe heavily in rehabilitation and making sure others have what they need to thrive. Domain’s are Light and Order
Ylara, The Bloodwood Dragon
Ylara Is an Ancient Red Dragon who after the World Warp saw an error in her kind’s ways, and rebelled against the new draconic order that was forming. She saw there being righteousness and purpose in moving from what one was born into, to becoming what one was born to be. She has since developed her cult into an organized faith, and due to their worship, is able to act as a god, and coordinate rebellions and other actions against oppressive and tyrannical governments. Her followers are particularly active in the Armarantian Empire. Domains are War and Trickery
Drunegar Ironfist
Drunegar is said to have been a dwarven smith who was so driven to perfect his smithing that he ascended to divinity. This quest was aided by his loyal companion, the gnome Xelbis Bronzeback, who has continued to aid Drunegar. Drunegar is said to be a focused individual, but when not at work is a kind, generous, and a jovial god who enjoys a good ale. Originally a dwarven and gnomish god, his popularity has exploded since the Dwarven Diaspora. Domain is Forge.
Xelbis Bronzeback
The gnomish god of innovation and invention, Xelbis is said to be a steadfast friend of Drunegar Ironfist, with the two of them working together in a workshop. Xelbis is credited with inspiring inventors and others with coming up with new ideas that can better the world. He is described as quiet, but kind, and as a strict pacifist. Domains are Knowledge and Peace.
Spirits of the Land and Sky
The spirits are not a single entity, but a collection of spirits worshiped by Goliaths as the supreme force in the world. Each spirit has a name tied to what they are, such as the Spirit of Wind, or the Spirit of the Mountain. There are also spirits tied to more abstract concepts, such as the Spirit of Family. Each is given its due, and treated with respect because as a goliath, an angry spirit could mean a long fall off of a cliff face. The spirits however are not assigned any morality, and tributes to them are often in the form of feats and actions. Orcs in the mountains have taken to the worship of the spirits as well. Domains are Nature, Tempest, Light, and Peace.
The Inborn Divinity
The idea behind the Inborn Divinity is that when the old gods perished, all of their divinity entered into the mortal races of the world, and each being is born divine. They also hold that all of the new gods are pretended and usurpers, with a few exceptions such as The Silver Path and the Spirits of the Land and Sky, and that the mortal races must reclaim divinity as their birthright. They further believe that they can “lend” and “borrow” their divinity amongst each other and that there are those that have been trained to better wield this spark to the betterment of everyone. As a group, they prefer diplomacy but are more than prepared to engage in battle with followers of false gods to truly show everyone's inner light is the only faith they need. The Inborn Divinity is particularly popular among Elves of the White Oak Forest. Domains are Light and War.
The Horned King
Lord of undeath, The Horned King is a lich who has ascended to Godhood and seeks to slaughter the entire world, raise them in undeath, and rule unchallenged. The only flaw in his plans is that those who worship him also seek to supplant him. He appears as a tall humanoid skeleton with the skull of a deer and is cloaked in ragged furs. Domains are death and Knowledge.
Selaxis, the Reborn
Selaxis is a unique god among the New Gods, as they interact directly with the world, lives a mortal life, and dies, only to reincarnate again. They are always reborn as a Tabaxi, though they are born as either male or female. When reborn they retain the entirety of their knowledge, seek to learn more, and share it with their people, becoming essentially a living archive. Domain is Knowledge.
The Dread Queen
The Dread Queen roils across the Shattered Sea as an unyielding storm, destroying everything in her path. She is also said to raise the bodies of drowned sailors to do her bidding. She is an angry and fickle goddess, but one that can be flattered into lessening her temper to gentle rains. None truly know her motivations, but all know she craves blood. Domains are Tempest and Death.
Azkahan, The Radiant King
Azkahan is heavily worshipped in the Azkahain Desert, which is named after him. He is described as being both a humanoid and the sun. His presence is seen as both a blessing, as he allows crops to grow, and a curse, as his gaze blisters and kills people. His worshipers put him above all other worship and claim he is the true life giver and guardian of all peoples. Azkahan is seen as caring of his people, but quick to punish those who are foolhardy or arrogant. His followers are particular enemies of the Dread Queen. His symbol is a sun encircled by a crown. Domains are Light and Life.
The Three Princes’
Said to be the sons of the Azkahan, and are the rivers that run through the desert. Each is different and given a unique personality.
The Iron General
A folk figure from goblinoid stories, The Iron General has been taken up and is revered by Hobgoblins specifically. He embodies martial prowess and wages war for the sake of waging war. When he wages against other gods it is said he carries the might of storms behind him. This has solidified Hobgoblins as a martial culture who constantly test their mettle against others, and will often see hobgoblins press-gang goblins and bugbears into their ranks. Domains are War and Tempest
Nilbog is no goblin and every goblin. Nilbog is a middle finger to the Iron General and his hobgoblin lackeys. Nilbog is the collective will of disgruntled goblins and appears when goblins are being mistreated and put down. Nilbog has come to spread chaos and mayhem. Domain is Trickery.
The Full Sleeper
The Full Sleeper is the closest thing bugbears have to a god, and is an effigy to their highest desires, to not be hungry and to sleep. A hungry, tired bugbear is a violent bugbear. All bugbears pay homage to the Full Sleeper by napping as much as they can, and eating when they want. The Full Sleeper does not promote gluttony, however, and encourages his followers, through his shamen, to share what they have with their kin when they are full so that their kin may be full as well. Domains are Life and Nature
The Great Elementals
The Great Elementals are beings who rule one of the elemental planes and are worshiped as the progenitors of Tallus. Air domains are Tempest. Fire domains are Light. Earth's domain is nature. Water domain is Life.
Amara, the Wanderer
Amara is a halfling folk figure who is known for traveling the world. According to halflings, she represents the connection between all of their communities. Amara is said to be a kind, jovial person who is fond of feasting, drinking, and good company. She wanders in search of the good things in life and learning how to make life better for others. She is credited by halflings with finding tobacco and teaching halflings how to cultivate it. Her clergy is sparse and is made up of traveling clerics, but they play an important role in halfling culture and connect the various halfling communities through acting as messengers and storytellers. Domain is Life and Knowledge.
The Outcast
Half folk hero, half race identity, The Outcast is seen by orcs as the story and progenitor of their people. During the Warps, it was said orcs sought shelter with all other races, to band together to face the onslaught, but were constantly turned away. It was only a small halfling village that allowed orcs a few nights reprieve and rations. Due to having no walls to hide behind the orcs had to constantly move and fight the monstrosities that came for them. It was a losing war until only a few remained. They finally found a sheltered valley and settled there, but before too long they were found. A single orc took a position at the small entrance of the valley and fought everything that came for years, away from the rest of his people so that they could grow and replenish. Finally, the warps ended and the orcs went to see their champion, only to find him standing alone, spear pointed, and dead. They now pray to him for protection and wander seeking homes, determined to never be left in the cold again.
Rythia, the Clanmother
Where the Outcast stands for the orcs' sense of strength and protection, Rythia stands for their unity. While the Outcast stood vigil at the opening of the valley, Rythia stood inside with her people and guided them through conflicts and turmoil. She established the clan laws, for if they tore each other apart, what point was there to the Outcast's protection. She has come to symbolize to orcs the importance of their tribe, the connections of all orcs, and that a calm word can sometimes be more effective than a sharp blade.
The Spored Ancestors
Many goblins of Tallus believe that they come from fungus, and as such revere it highly in their cultures. Their particular form of worship mixes in ancestor worship, stemming from their burial rights in which they place bodies into fungus pits to be consumed, and re-enter the cycle of life.
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2022.01.20 20:58 Mountain_Art_3347 What Genre is this song? - Sakamoto theme (Heat up) ?

This is the theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUYmTvRNnL8
I'm quite a newbie to music but I'm looking for a similar style to use in a project.
Can someone please tell me What Genre this is?
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2022.01.20 20:58 Jimjam1977 Week 4, GH 2 part, first time trying advance nutrients bud candy and big bud. Pro mix hp medium, under a kingsbrite 400w

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2022.01.20 20:58 vitalipom00 Помогите нам спасти жизни 3,000(!!!) собак из Кожуховского Приюта в Москве

Заместитель мэра города Москвы дал приказ вновь, после первой попытки в 2011, снести приют (Кожуховский Муниципиальный Приют) где находятся 3000 собак и 400 кошек и на этот раз перенести за 85км от города, далеко от всех людей, ветеринаров и всех волонтёров - на отравленный химикатами полигон «Малинки», где собаки и найдут вскоре свою смерть. Волонтёры Кожуховского Приюта и добровольцы со всего мира из других приютов, призывают вас присоединится к усилиям спасти приют и собак и распространять информацию где только можете чтоб найти поддержку. На данный момент (Январь 2022г) у собак нет никаких шансов и они все умрут. В нашем приюте где я начал выгуливать собак, умерла одна взрослая собака. Это некоторым из нас было очень трудно. У нас в приюте 20-25 собак. А в Кожуховском Приюте их 3000, это представить себе невозможно! И они все умрут. Пожалуйста, помогите распространить информацию чтоб было давления на зам мэра города Москвы, чтоб он отменил приказ о ликвидации и приют оставили в покое! Без вас нам не справиться, вы нам очень нужны.
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2022.01.20 20:58 scorpio-001 Trade-in Value

Recently a Tesla agent who delivered my current Model 3 before, asked whether i'm interested to upgrade to a 2022 model. After a few texts back and forth, he asked to get the trade-in value from KBB to have an idea. At the moment, I have a Payment Estimator email from him and it states the trade-in value as shown in KBB. In addition, i also placed the new order thru Tesla's website. As part of the process, i paid $250 deposit and completed step 1 (Delivery Location) and step 2 (Registration). He asked not to fill out step 3 (Trade-in) and step 4 (Payment Method). I have the following questions:
1) if you have traded in for a new purchase recently, how much of difference between the final trade-in value and the one suggests by KBB?
2) does any one know why the agent asked not to fill out the "Trade-in" step? is it because he afraid of I will cancel the order as soon as i see such a low trade-in value offers by Tesla?
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2022.01.20 20:58 joshdongerson20 BASED ON PLAY THIS SEASON, start, bench and cut the following: Giannis, Jokic, Embiid

Saw a post like this on Instagram and was wondering what my fellow nba fans thought? Imo this is one of the toughest questions to answer
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2022.01.20 20:58 AdmirablePut6039 My company brags about offering unlimited PTO. They denied my time off to see my family so I quit.

You either offer unlimited PTO or you don’t. Bye, darling!
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