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Best Buy came through with a good pickup.

2022.01.24 17:15 echristoperj Best Buy came through with a good pickup.

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2022.01.24 17:15 Threshold_OnReddit Commie moment

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2022.01.24 17:15 MarineMr135 Question about Артур Пирожков - Зацепила

Hi, I remember when this song first came out there was a different music video and a few lines were different. If someone could link the original (I wasn't able to find it) or explain what happened to it I would appreciate it.
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2022.01.24 17:15 wolff3D Please Stop

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2022.01.24 17:15 InsideInformation340 Heatonist explains the scoville scale.

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2022.01.24 17:15 Amasero [1037+ Spoilers]Who here thinks Luffy can....

Defeat the big three in terms of Elemental Logia's?
Magma, Ice, Light (excluding BB because he will have all three types of fruit and is gonna be an entirely different match up/battle compare to everyone Luffy has fought.)
I watched some of those top 30 strongest characters in one piece videos. From KoL, BDLAW, and a couple of ours. I also seen a few community ones, and mostly all of them ranked current Luffy above Kizaru and Akoji.
Which makes me just straight up face palm.
ODA hasn't given us a high level Logia fight because Luffy hasn't learned to counter elementals yet.
No I don't mean by being able to hit them, I mean by being able to handle their well.,.elemental spam attacks / properties.
Can he fight against Kizaru? Yeah I'm sure he can fight physical vs him.
Can he hold his own vs logia spam attacks?
No, no he cannot. If you think Luffy can dodge or be able to withstand this
You are 100% drunk. Kizaru can make that attack as big or small as he wants. He can also constantly shoot it out IF HE CHOOSES TO.
He can also just straight up, spam it again if Luffy manages to live the first time.
I won't bring Film Z into this, only canon material.
Why do you think no one went to go stop Kizaru when he did those attacks, or Akoji because it happened TOO FAST, and those are DEADLY attacks.
That's not all, we have barely seen what Admirals can actually do.
Just like the Supernovas when they first appeared, we only saw a little of their power. We only seen more in depth of their power as the story goes on, as the power scaling gets higher.
Same goes for BlackBeared, we barely saw what he can do with his darkness fruit tbh. I bet he will have a fuck ton of different darkness attacks when we get to him.
Some of you guys might say "well Luffy can use CoA attacks now to defend himself against Elemental Logia's" yeah...that's not how that works lol.
Some of you guys might say "but WhiteBeard was able to break out of Akoji ice and so was Doffy" yeah you are right, but how many times can they do it?
WB would be able to do it cause of the Tremor Tremor fruit, Doffy didn't want that smoke, in fact he almost got an instant death by Akoji.
In fact with just a single second he was able to freeze not only Doffy, the ocean, and the entire area of that island. The Marines had to JUMP to dodge being frozen, and some of them still were getting frost bite just by standing on the ice.
No fucking way Luffy can CURRENTLY counter that. Can he break out a couple of times sure? But what can he do against a distance instant AOE stun attack. Like this move can BE SPAMMED, if shouldn't even cost stamina for Akoji.
If Luffy can be affected by Doffy's puppet string, he can be frozen by Akoji.
Now Akainu, no way Luffy is currently stronger than him, no way he can currently counter the magma. No one put Luffy above Akainu this one literally speaks for himself.
This is the next step for Luffy after awakening, learning how to fight these Elemental Logia's.
I bet he will learn how to do it in Elbaf, which seems to be the Island with the best drum rolls DEFENSE!.
If Wano is the counter the WG/Marines didn't fuck with because of their Samurai's(attack), than Elbaf is the island they didn't fuck with because of their defense, sturdiness, etc.
I 100% bet $1 dollar we will fight Akoji or one of those Elemental Logia's in Elbaf or on the way.
That will be the perfect time for Luffy to learn how to deal with the Elemental's, perfect opportunity for Luffy to learn a stronger defensive CoA haki.
Simply because Luffy has shown that he has struggled vs people who can SPAM their fruit.
Perfect Example is Katakuri, Luffy really had no way to deal with Katakuri's ALMOST logia type of power.
It came down to the point that Luffy had to stop, and keep his distance to fight Katakuri(Snake man, no mobility, barely any defense, all speed/attack.)
Kaido's blast breathe, Luffy has dodged all of them but one, and the one he tanked he got burnt and stated cause of "guts".
That's literally his defense vs a fire breath, guts.
This means Luffy is missing one single piece, which is a high level defense skill.
Vs Katakuri he upgraded his Observation Haki too see the future.
Vs Kaido he upgraded his base Haki and CoC haki for better attacks.(Also upgraded his fruit usage thanks to Kaido and Katakuri)
See the pattern? First was a SPECIAL Paramecia, Second was a Mystical Zoan type(went from a fish to fucking Dragon), and Third will be you guessed it, Elemental Logia.
But Oda hasn't given us that Elemental because Luffy hasn't learned how to counter them yet(also the stamina thing, he has been slowly fighting longer and longer battles. Those Admirals can fight for days.)
The next enemy will be an Elemental Logia(high level Elemental logia not fucking Cesar clown), and that's when Luffy will learn a better defense technique by the end of it.
That's what I truly believe, like come on guys, if you don't agree with the overall message ok sure, I'd like to read why you think that.
But before you type, truly think about the match ups, truly think about what Oda is doing by upgrading each Haki for Luffy.
An Ice Man fought the strongest Marine aka a Magma man for 10 days.
While another one has the ability to move at light speed, and see your attacks at light speed. Which I'm also sure he can last for 10 days+ spamming attacks.
He aint ready for it, YET ofc always remember the YET part, because he will be just after this arc.
Anyways, this is just my rant tbh lol, but I would love to hear what you guys think about this topic.
What would be the next level of defense?
On mobile so I'll edit it as I go if I fucked up in spelling or w.e
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2022.01.24 17:15 edditbot (+48477) Living in Alaska and forgetting your phone in the car

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2022.01.24 17:15 tam_tam01 Deepika’s love for emeralds!

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2022.01.24 17:15 NotABearItsAManbear Is this Pleco male or female?

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2022.01.24 17:15 eric_clipperton_wins Vintage Grimm shirt. Triple A tag.

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2022.01.24 17:15 Kislowo Karaczan :_:

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2022.01.24 17:15 luluzinhasebolinhas O CONDUTOR DO TEMPO

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2022.01.24 17:15 p11nerd Never had an arm break like this before. Is this common?

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2022.01.24 17:15 Vishu_Boi The leg is g o n e, reduced to atoms

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2022.01.24 17:15 Giovanna12321 addiction

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2022.01.24 17:15 _Terth Niekto: fifqa nepoznám, čo také natáča na YT? Ja:

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2022.01.24 17:15 areddituser49 Here's What Really Happens When We Die

Hello Earth. Im writing this today because it feels wrong not to share it. I decided to tell you, internet strangers, because the world deserves to know what really happens when we die.
Im sure you have a lot of questions and you're probably wondering how I'm writing this, or why I'm conscious. I will explain everything, but first, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Steven Sterling, I'm 46 years old. I have terminal lung cancer. Inoperable. That's probably the result of my heavy smoking habit. Just stay away from cigarettes.
I will probably be dead tomorrow. No, I'm not dead right now, in case you were wondering. I just know what comes after tomorrow for me.
I had been afraid of death before I found out what it's like. When I first got diagnosed, I was told that I had 3 months to live. It's the maximum, according to several doctors.
That means I will be dead on January 20th, 2022. I hope I have enough time to at least finish this story.
During those 3 months, I lived in fear every day, and did they go by fast. I couldn't stop thinking about what happens when we die. It was unbearable.
I was just waiting for that day to finally come, without actually trying to do anything a dying person would.
Now, 3 months have almost passed and I wasted every single day doing nothing.
I looked at the calendar in my room today, the date was January 19th. I will most likely not make it through the night.
I was lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling. I had never noticed that small crack near the chandelier.
While trying to remember when was the last time I even looked up in my house, I heard a knock at the door.
I was extremely confused because no one had knocked on that door for over 20 years. I was sure it was a mistake, so I continued thinking about that unimportant crack on the ceiling.
Knock Knock Knock
I let out a sigh. I really wasn't in the mood for free samples of whatever the fuck they were selling.
Although, I was wrong. When I opened the door... No one was selling anything.
It was my friend Larry. My only friend. He had found out about my situation, and came to visit me.
"Larry..?" I said.
He looked at me. He seemed so happy to see me. Unusually happy. Then, he hugged me. Even though it was only a hug, I had never felt more loved.
We got inside and I made us a cup of tea.
"How did you..?" I asked the question partly, but he understood.
"Oh, I... I talked to your mother." He answered and took the first sip of his tea.
"Yeah, I guess I should give her a call too, it's been a long time." I said.
I reached over to grab my phone when he stopped me.
"You know, I'm kinda in a rush, why not talk to your mother later?" He calmly replied and took another sip of his tea.
"You're right, sorry about that, it was rude." I answered.
After a few minutes of silence, Larry decided to finally say something.
"I'm really sorry about that Steve."
"Thank you..." I generically replied.
"Have you ever wondered what happens after?" He said all of a sudden.
I looked at him. He was sipping his tea while looking at me.
"What happens after what?" I asked even though I knew what he meant.
"What do you think happens when we die Steve?"
Silence. What a question to ask a dying person, I was thinking.
"I don't know... Eternal nothingness. Infinite blackness, endless void. Whatever you call it, that's what happens." I said angrily.
He chuckled and took yet another sip.
"If you had the chance to know, before it happens, would you take it?"
I didn't respond. I looked at my cup of tea on the table. It was still full. I hate tea.
I looked around. I looked at the old clock in the living room, it's sad how it'll live longer than most of us.
I looked out the window. Children were playing outside. They will die too. I tried looking at the sun, it will eventually explode.
I looked at the calendar on the wall.
1 day until the party.
I wanted to cry it all out. I wanted Larry to leave, I wanted to be alone until my eternity.
That feeling of fear struck me again. What's the meaning of it all? Why me? What comes after?
So many questions, and yet, so little answers.
"Yeah. I would take the chance." I finally replied.
"I want to know what happens after death Larry." I said in a quavering voice.
Then, he smiled.
"Look out the window."
I was confused, again.
"What do you mean Larry?" I asked.
"Just turn around." He said while still smiling.
I turned around, I looked through the same window but...
...There weren't any kids. There was no sun.
It was the... Universe. I walked to the window, purple and black colors along with sparkling stars and asteroids... Everywhere. I felt a strong urge to go out and explore all of it.
Another strange thing was, I didn't feel shocked or confused. It seemed like a promised land, nothing strange, nothing unreal.
I kept staring at the beautiful flow of matter. Words can't describe it.
"Larry, is this what it's like?"
I turned around. Larry was still there, still smiling.
"Yeah, but it's not completely the same." He replied and took the last sip of his tea.
"It's not the same, because you will no longer need to carry that flawed body around."
He stood up and smiled again.
"I chose to say goodbye, I won't be here for long."
I was a little confused.
"Don't worry. You'll understand soon. Until then, remember, possibilities are endless, not the void."
I smiled too. I watched Larry leave my house. I turned around, just to look at the world from that unique perspective one more time, but...
It was gone. The children were back. The sun was back. Everything went back to normal. Was that all just a dream? I was thinking.
I looked at Larry's empty cup with a teabag in it and smiled again. It wasn't a dream. I would never drink a cup of tea.
I'm also not scared of death anymore. Now, when I know what it's like, what am I supposed to be afraid of?
After several minutes of processing everything, the phone rang.
It was my mom. Strange. She rarely calls.
I picked up.
I listened to my mother for about 15 seconds, and then dropped the phone on the ground.
She had news, and turns out that Larry Smith died in a car accident 2 days ago.
Did I just talk to a dead person? I was thinking. No, that's not possible.
Did Larry even come? That must have been a dream.
Then I looked at his cup again. I screamed. I talked to a dead person.
The same feeling of fear... I felt it yet again.
I was yelling on the floor, looking at the ceiling. Looking at the crack.
Then, I moved my head to the left. Ready to fall asleep, exhausted from all the screaming.
But before I closed my eyes, I was able to see through the window one more time, and...
It was back. The universe.
I got up immediately and walked to the window. I put my hand on the glass.
I definitely wasn't dreaming. That was real and that's what comes after.
I was thinking about Larry and everything he had told me. He was out there. Somewhere.
I felt happy that he decided to visit his old friend during his final return to Earth.
I, too, will soon be able to step outside the borders and break the limits of our bodies. I'm about to explore every star, every galaxy, every planet, without anything pulling me behind.
Who knows, maybe there's something beyond the universe itself, something that our, again limited, brains can't even imagine nor comprehend.
I wish I could share every adventure of mine, after tomorrow, but that's a journey everyone has to experience on their own. Until we all meet again, I guess I should say:
Goodbye Earth.
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2022.01.24 17:15 Darkmoonrising69 Men face more problems then women in life.

Only women children and dogs are loved unconditionally. I man is only loved on the condition he provides something.
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2022.01.24 17:15 ThelittlestSpaceman Alignment

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2022.01.24 17:15 dheera Rho Ophiuchi setting over peaks in the high Sierra of eastern California, as seen with a long exposure and modified camera [2048x3072][OC] IG:dheeranet

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2022.01.24 17:15 SkepticDrinker What savings?

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2022.01.24 17:15 fest- How to lane with TF against aggressive opponents?

I've been picking League up again after many years away. I spent some time practicing jungle, which has been fun, and now I'm working on mid. I'm playing TF, and I would like to play him into a bunch of different matchups just to learn and practice. I'm playing AP.
Against opponents who play passively, it's gone fine. I wouldn't say I'm crushing it, but I'm able to match farm, gank some other lanes, and generally help my team win their lanes + team fights. However, when my lane opponent plays aggressively, I've struggled big time.
This has taken two forms:

  1. Assassins that constantly try to kill me (I had one really miserable game against Zed). It feels like I have to stand so far back from the minions to avoid getting killed that I have no control over the wave at all. My opponent can either push hard, poke me under tower, and eventually dive and kill, or my opponent can freeze and prevent me from farming at all.
  2. Opponents that push like crazy. I just had a game against Zilean where they bought Tear and just spammed bombs over and over. I can avoid dying in matchups like this, but I can't keep up with farm and I can't help with skirmishes or anything without losing waves. I try to take back control of the wave using Qs and red cards, but run out of mana quickly.
I feel like I'm missing something fundamental about playing TF. How do I play lane as a champ who doesn't have much 1v1 potential? In theory I could at least control the wave because TF has good wave clear, but I don't even seem to have that - I run out of mana too quickly. What am I missing?
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2022.01.24 17:15 ayanamirs Uma licitação estatal é aberta, o que vocês acham que vão prestar mais atenção?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 17:15 OUsnr7 Attrition should be best of 5 instead of 3

Most of these games seem to be shorter than the time it takes to load into them and then back into the lobby. I’m not playing to look at the same picture of a canyon over and over. At least make it one round longer.
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2022.01.24 17:15 edditbot (+57877) Comcast sent a letter saying they were doubling the cost of my internet... so I switched.

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