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Urgent help please

2022.01.28 19:03 FootFungus100 Urgent help please

So there is a person I like and in front of me and her friend she said she was crushing on someone should I ask who because I’m 99% sure it’s me
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2022.01.28 19:03 M82Assassin I may be 6’2 210lbs, but I’m still going to game the new Pokémon all weekend 😎

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2022.01.28 19:03 sanyok_leb [Medievalia] EMP-708, copy that. (LP-14D)

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2022.01.28 19:03 Due_Rough_5116 Can I get into UT Austin with a mediocre GPA, but an above average SAT score?

I have around a 3.1 GPA right now, and I know that isn't very good, but recently I took the SAT, and I got a 1550 on it. I was wondering it that would be good enough to get into UT Austin.
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2022.01.28 19:03 Slice_Plastic 19 M not sure how I look but I have an idea just need confirmation

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2022.01.28 19:03 Jonkmclovin Question: How do I activate autofill for accounts and passwords? I use Gboard for both and both are newly installed.

Question: How do I activate autofill for accounts and passwords? I use Gboard for both and both are newly installed. submitted by Jonkmclovin to brave_browser [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:03 jerseyjoe50 Opinion: Good Wing Flavors Other Than Buffalo [The Brew # 263]

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2022.01.28 19:03 charliefooddiary Avocado salmon toast to start the day😍 I actually use my homemade guacamole and it is so good!

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2022.01.28 19:03 NemesisChildren 🔥 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 | JUST UPV0TE, F0LL0W TW1TTER & RT P1NNED P0ST

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2022.01.28 19:03 ComprehensiveCut7414 Daily Nodoka #92: Middle School Uniform

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2022.01.28 19:03 Street-Week-380 We have a lot of amateur street racers where I am. Someone clearly didn't pay attention in driving school.

We have a lot of amateur street racers where I am. Someone clearly didn't pay attention in driving school. submitted by Street-Week-380 to IdiotsInCars [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:03 alienatedhuman A lot of you need to respectfully understand that people should be able to vent about their problems AND at the same time work towards whatever they can do to get by.

Certain posts * cough (the comment section of that overly-generalised "the SAT is great!" post) * really are trying to generate a picture of how a lot of low-income kids are using "excuses" or are sort of "whining" about their problems. I get how it can come across as so, but holy sh*t, you people can really complain about being deferred from a University that accepts about 10% of their applicants but can't hear out someone genuinely being sad about their lack of opportunities? Of course, I will not claim every financially well-off student has this mentality, but for those who do, how is making generalisations about how every low-income kid is making excuses going for you? ApplyingToCollege is really reeking of bashful privilege right now and here's what you should understand:

  1. People are allowed to be frustrated if they aren't able to achieve their true potential, including anyone from a richer background, no one's stopping you.
  2. You do realise that the assumption that a lot of these kids "don't even try" is harmful? Are you purposely trying to paint this picture that can ruin a lot of self-esteem in a subreddit where people are already, largely emotionally depreciated?
I know 100% that this is by far not a representation of the entire community, some of the people here are genuine angels, but for those chanceme douches who really think they're all the rage, kindly, sit down and stfu. I'll add more points as I go because I'm sincerely awed by the ignorance of these apparently pre-pubescent trolls we have lurking on this sub.
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2022.01.28 19:03 Someone_Somewhere1 Anyone else notice the metallic beaded chain that the woman in TMB wraps around Abel is the one tied to his microphone in Sacrifice? Keep in mind Sacrifice is a sequel to TMB.

Anyone else notice the metallic beaded chain that the woman in TMB wraps around Abel is the one tied to his microphone in Sacrifice? Keep in mind Sacrifice is a sequel to TMB. submitted by Someone_Somewhere1 to TheWeeknd [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:03 OrangeSignificant894 Yb the next Michael Jackson if he stay out of trouble he the closest thing to mj no cap you see all da fans dis nigga got mj level dickriders

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2022.01.28 19:03 HarrySteve1 ITAP of this Viaduct.

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2022.01.28 19:03 thehand-hawkeone FREEMIUM | hawke-one | Quality + Efficiency | Community-focused

hawke-one is a complete community-focused experience built around a Plexshare. With an ethos of “Community first, Plex second”, we have a membership contingent that spans the globe and are back with fresh openings which are getting rarer with every recruitment!
Notable Features

Joining hawke-one is not your run-of-the-mill Plexshare sign-up. We want you to make a genuine case for your entry into our community. We use an Interview Questionnaire to evaluate if you’ve got what it takes. The questionnaire isn’t too hard to fill out, but the answers are evaluated and ranked. We encourage you to be earnest, open, and honest. Access shall be granted based on the content of your responses.
To start the process, PM me and specifically request a link to the Interview Questionnaire. Any PMs not following this simple instruction will be ignored.
Edits will be posted at the top of this thread to keep you updated about our induction period.
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2022.01.28 19:03 silentspeedy Could someone help explain how rotations should optimally go in the International Team?

I've long known that International Team (Childe, Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha) has one of the highest multi-target DPS potential in the game, but realized as I started playing it that I probably wasn't doing my rotations optimally.
My main question is, assuming you need more than rotation to clear something, about how long should Childe be in melee mode? I quickly realized that Xiangling's burst lasts much longer than I probably should be spending with Childe on-field, otherwise his cooldown becomes frustrating. So then do you just let a certain portion of Xiangling's burst go unvaporized? I know that with National Team, Xingqiu can essentially almost have 100% uptime of his burst so it lasts through all of Xiangling's.
And then how do you manage energy? How much time should be spent on funneling Bennett particles to Xiangling during down time waiting for Childe's cooldown? I know that Xiangling's ER requirements on this team are upwards of 200-250. Then there's Kazuha skill and burst, but that doesn't take too much time to do. It still kind of feels like a DPS loss during Childe's cooldown since on Raiden National, everyone's bursts are all charged and ready once Raiden completes hers and another rotation is good to go again.
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2022.01.28 19:03 JawDroppinAwesome Stop. You don't need a publisher. You're walking into a trap

This is a long one, but please for the love of god read it if you think you need a publisher for your game.
So maybe that title is slightly dramatic, but I fell like people really need to hear this. I see WAY too many post on this subreddit complaining that their game could be a huge hit if ONLY they could get a good publisher. Hate to break it to you, but 9 times out of 10 your lack of publisher isn't the problem, it's a lack of a good game and decent marketing plan (which you can totally do yourself).
A quick run-down on myself so you know I'm not just talking out my ass; I've been an indie dev for 8 years, have published 8 games (most on Steam, with a few on the iOS AppStore), the last game I made had a publisher, and my current in-development game is in the top 50 most wishlisted games on Steam (without a publisher). With my upcoming game having very promising launch in the future, I've also gotten to talk with many of the biggest indie publishers and find out what they're after.
Before I go the doom and gloom route, here are the very few scenarios when I think it would make sense to get a publisher:

  1. You have a team and a multi-year project that's going to cost you upwards up 1M dollars to make, and you need to be paying these people to make the project happen.
  2. You are enough of a professional in the game industry to 100% know that you need a publisher, and you have a publisher interested in working with you that you know through personal connections has your best interest in mind.
  3. You don't know how to make a successful game, and think a publisher will do it all for you, and have a strong urge to get scammed.
There are good publishers out there, and a lot of people have had a positive experience working with a publisher, but if you're a newer dev, desperately looking for a way to feel like a "Real game developer" then you're most likely going to get burned.
So without further ado, here's why most publishers are a borderline scam.
Publishers are out to make a buck, like any other business, and I don't have a problem with that in and of itself. But the way publishers do this is they scour social media, the Steam top upcoming games lists and their inbox, trying to find any game that looks to be pulling above average pre-release numbers (high wishlists, views counts, likes on SM etc.) and then offering them a deal. Half of a publishers business model is to find a game that might be successful, sign a deal, and hope it's a hit so they can fund a few more games and bag another few hits. It's a game of "Where's Waldo?" where Waldo is a really promising indie game to take advantage of. Large publishers are only picking up the REALLY promising games since they have a reputation that developers will trust, and they are typically better at spotting a hit than a smaller less experienced publisher. This means that the smaller publishers are left offering deals to "table scrap" games that have been rejected by larger, well known publishers (but some table scrap games are still hits, so for small publishers there's still money to be made on occasion).
So basically, if you have a really promising game, and you sign with a really big publisher, you'll make money, they'll make money, and every one is typically happy (except when the developer realizes that the publisher didn't do that much to help. But hey, half of $2M is still a lot of money, so why complain?).
And if you have a mildly promising game that gets a deal from a small publisher, you'll still fail, except in this scenario, they'll recoup all the initial revenue, and you might not see a single penny, or if you're lucky you might make a few bucks. In a lot of cases, the developers of these games could make a full time income, or at least a decent part time income from their games revenue if they didn't have a publisher eating most of the pie. It's the small devs that are hurt most, since many games, even ones making 20, 50, or 100K dollars can have their entire revenue eaten up by re-coup periods, and high rev-shares.
Which brings me to my few last points as to why indie publishing is something you might want to avoid.
  1. Re-coup periods. This may seem reasonable, since basically every publisher does it, but what does that imply they think about the games they publish? If they scrape up every/most of the money until their costs are paid off, then clearly they aren't confident that your game will be successful, and are trying to lower their losses as much as they can (since they know they'll have a lot).
  2. Bad marketing practices. Often publishers will spend money on paid advertising, sponsoring YouTubers/streamers left and right, racking up their expenses in incredibly ineffective ways. (pro-tip: don't pay people to play your game, it rarely pays off)
  3. Bad social media practices. They don't even need to be bad at social media, many are simply average. But here's the deal; growing your game on social media isn't rocket science, it just takes a little time and consistency. You can do it just as well as most publishers. The only reason the games with publishers are getting more likes on SM is because they signed a deal with a dev who already had a following, or who has a game that simply does better on SM (which is one of the things they're looking for).
  4. High rev-share. Most large publishers will take 50-60% of your revenue, simply for giving you a little bit of cash in advance. Even small publishers are highly unlikely to take any less than 30%. If you get $50K to finish your game, and it goes on to make $1M... That's a really high interest rate. Get a loan. Just get a loan, or find any other way to make money to pay for your project.
  5. If a publisher realizes before (or after) launch that the game isn't going to pay off, they'll probably just cut their losses and stop putting any form of care into the project that you might have been getting. Oh, so this game we signed is a money pit? No need to throw more money in then. And I honestly can't blame them; Why would you want to do that?
  6. IP ownership. Most publishers these days will tell you "You'll retain complete IP ownership", and while that's technically true, they still make you sign a license contract that gives them almost every/every right to do what they want with your IP (for however many years the license lasts. Could be 5 years, could be forever). You wanna sell merch on your studios site? Sorry, publisher has those rights. Dang, there's a movie producer that want's to make a film adaptation of your game? Sorry, gotta cut a check to the publisher first. Obviously the license rights that you sign over are different depending on the deal, but just be aware of this.
So are all publishers evil incarnate, sent straight from hell to steal your money? No. But more of them are than you might expect.
There's really not that much a publisher can do that you can't do yourself. Publishers aren't the only way to get funding. Publishers aren't the only way to grow on social media. Publishers aren't the only way to write a press release. Publishers aren't the only way to get your game translated. None of these things are that difficult if you do a week of research.
That's all. Take what you will from this. I'm sure some things I've said aren't completely correct, but after 8 years doing this, it's what I've observed, experienced, and heard from friends who have worked with publishers (Also I might as well mention that I do have friends who are happy with their publishing deal/s, but that's not the default scenario). Just be overly careful that when dealing with large sums of money and potential business partners, because you're the prey in these situations.
TLDR: just read the post
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2022.01.28 19:03 a_constant_rewinder Swatkins Moorea Masa "Lost & Alive" (Official Video)

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2022.01.28 19:03 Belgarion111 Still a work in progress , but I think I nailed "Fuck you, Fight me" Red.

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2022.01.28 19:03 SadSavage_ Best 10mm rifle?

Looking for a carbine/rifle in 10mm. I know of the cmmg banshee which is pretty pricey. Also of the high poin carbine, but I’m skeptical about it because high point’s bad reputation. Any other suggestions?
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2022.01.28 19:03 weakasstea Sedgwick sent the wrong paperwork

I requested an LOA for a week to care for my mom after surgery. I received my packet with paperwork I need to fill out. I’ve no issue with that, however all the paperwork I need filled out by the doctor is in the event that I’m the one receiving medical care and when I’m healthy to return to work. Not my mom. I’ve tried calling, email, setting up call backs to no avail. Any ideas here? Or do y’all happen to know if a better number to contact them?
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2022.01.28 19:03 mm0p Nzxt x73 Constant 90c during gaming

My 5900x is always sitting at 90c during gaming. I get great performance and almost always 144fps running ultra settings in most games.
Pbo limits Are default and i have fine tuned Max curves for each core to make it stable. Some cores -7 and some cores Are at -25.
I have re-seated the aio 7 times including reapplying paste.
I get about 22k cb score 30min.
Gpu is rog strix 3080 running at 100 percentile in userbenchmark. Cpu is running 94 percentile. B550 gigabyte vision d-p card and 32g crucial c16 3.6gh mem
All the rest is default.
O11d with 9x Corsair fans.
Should i be worried about the cpu always staying at 90c?
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2022.01.28 19:03 kookyloon69 Has my testosterone dropped and if so why

I 18m noticed that my back acne has gone away when i usually have a ton, my libido is super low and i have a siper hard time getting an erection. I also workout and i have been getting weaker and plateauing on some of my lifts for the past few weeks. I have also been in a worse mood than regular. I am thinking it could be vitamin d deficiency since i am in winter in sweden so it is pretty much no sun out and i am dark skined as well. But i don't know since i have been fine untill 3 weeks ago or so. What else could it be i dont smoke or take any meds. I am also in a good bf%(13-15)
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2022.01.28 19:03 Brave_Ad_1931 New video out as a salute to my Leo kings and queens - also if your not a Leo, I’m pretty sure you have Leo friends that act like this 😜 check it out if zodiac signs are your thing and thank you so much for your time!! 🤗

New video out as a salute to my Leo kings and queens - also if your not a Leo, I’m pretty sure you have Leo friends that act like this 😜 check it out if zodiac signs are your thing and thank you so much for your time!! 🤗 submitted by Brave_Ad_1931 to Zodiac [link] [comments]