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The NFT Art World Wouldn't Be the Same Without This Woman's 'Wide-Awake Hallucinations'

The NFT Art World Wouldn't Be the Same Without This Woman's 'Wide-Awake Hallucinations' John Lennon and Beatles History to be Auctioned as NFTs -- Julian Lennon to Keep the Originals Related Stories They have particularly gained prominence in the art world, with Grimes recently selling one of her NFTs, a 50-second video, for $390,000; Steve Aoki’s “Dream Catcher” limited art collection ...

2022.01.28 18:32 Desecr8or The NFT Art World Wouldn't Be the Same Without This Woman's 'Wide-Awake Hallucinations'

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2022.01.28 18:32 Lalosman Valkyrie

What is the Best Equipment for Valkyrie?
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2022.01.28 18:32 spelacchio r/cucina Best of 2021 - Vincitori

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2022.01.28 18:32 CheshaGurimu Guild members fight Hermitaur for Magnamalo purple orb discovered in Sandy Plains

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2022.01.28 18:32 kratomkat79 Where can I download free 4k-8K 360 videos?

I'm looking to test the resolution of the Oculus, and feel the compression on youtube vr is severely hindering things. I'm looking to find a place to download an HD 360 Vid in its original format and copy it onto the Oculus for viewing. Any websites you would recommend?
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2022.01.28 18:32 jwatson5650 Lover valentines merch arrival

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2022.01.28 18:32 SurferbabeAmy getting horny during workout is my weakness

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2022.01.28 18:32 Jayjay-4321 Big Bump on our cat throat

We have a 17 year old cat and we have just found a massive bump on our cats neck (throat) it’s probably 5cm by 5 cm, he keeps sneezing serval times in a row, and also makes wheezing noises and done it for the past week. Does anyone know what this could be?
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2022.01.28 18:32 hiddenhugels I was just reminiscing about the beauty of musical talent Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) was/is and realized that Woodstock 94' is farther away from us (27y) then Woodstock '69 was of '94 (25y).

Her performance at woodstock '94 is the closet one to the version I often find myself remembering when the nostalgia hits. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5WIUFsGB3c)
Her cover of go your own way is another go to for me. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlw4NohB678)
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2022.01.28 18:32 Tough-Sherbet8292 Please find her

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2022.01.28 18:32 Effective-Magician-1 [PS4] W:B2525 enclave flamer H:Legacies

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2022.01.28 18:32 Budweister Platform where shares are actually on my name

Hello everyone! I have recently started investing and I started using Trading212. I have just read that the stocks I buy are not actually on my own name, but held in custody by Interactive Brokers.
Are there platforms where I buy shares on my name? Would you consider the shares not being on my name an issue?
Also, what platform are you using and why?
What is your general opinion on Trading212?
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2022.01.28 18:32 Miikalsen New G15 - feels like the temps are way to high.

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2022.01.28 18:32 akashicwiki On this date, January 29th. It's Ayane Sakura's birthday! (The VA for...Glenn Radars?)

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2022.01.28 18:32 New_Swim_1396 Sleep for dinner it is, again.

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2022.01.28 18:32 Particular-Bobcat198 Orgy party in long island ,feel free to pm for more information

Hosting this evening at the suite. Wanna attend a sex party and fuck the hell outta somebody or get fucked the hell outta. Well its happening later this evening. Party starts around 5pm. Got booze and weed and toys, can bring whatever you may need too, we decide if it goes in or nah. All you have to do is bring yourself over. Only one rule, no violence. Security tight. And of course there is a charge, but I don't know who wouldn't want to be in a squeeze game. Hit me up. Let's have fun.
Note: party time 5pm till dawn
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2022.01.28 18:32 TATT-TOOl to those of you that said i just shook up the can

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2022.01.28 18:32 bbywaist What if Sarada, Mitsuki, & Shinki had encountered Urashiki alone?

I’m all caught up with the manga so I finally started watching Boruto from the beginning since i skipped all of it and started watching it from the Kawai arc. I’m finally at the Chunin exams where the Otsutsuki came and interrupted the exams. It was interesting to see all the adults like Temari, Ino, and Sakura with some other genin save the civilians from collateral damage.
I noticed during all of this Mitsuki & Shinki were more than willing to step in and fight but ultimately got taken out of the fight for their reasons (Gaara telling shinki no and Urashiki snuck Mitsuki).
So this had me thinking, what if instead of that happening Shinki and Mituki with Sarada ended up in front of Urashiki, what would happen? I added Sarada to this because Boruto ultimately ends up fighting Momo along with his dad and the others. I thought it would be nice for Sarada to get some shine too but back to the discussion.
I’m not necessarily asking Sarada, Mitsuki, and Shinki vs Urashiki who would win because we know Urashiki would. But with this encounter do you think they would come out of it alive and manage to escape? Or would Urashiki just plain out kill them? I feel like this would be good development Sarada, Mitsuki, & Shinki (if they come out alive) because they are looking death in the face. This would encourage them to continue to train and force Sarada to step up and stop Boruto later on if Boruto ever let Momo take control (like she discussed with her dad)
anyways what are some of y’alls thoughts with this?
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2022.01.28 18:32 Kitchen-Rain-9986 For uninitiated, new BBG video on 03333 from the OG Rebecca Chong

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2022.01.28 18:32 z3mcs [Mayo] The Washington Wizards have suspended Isaiah Todd for one game because of conduct detrimental to the team. Todd, who is currently on assignment with the Capital City Go-Go, will serve the suspension for tonight’s game against the G League Ignite.

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2022.01.28 18:32 bkemp1984Part2 Most city employees 'bout to (maybe) get paid - one time bonus

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2022.01.28 18:32 TeadyBear12 shopping (kiana x mei)

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2022.01.28 18:32 Corvo1226 22[M4F] Looking for people to grow with :)!

Hellooo :)
I'm looking for a long-term relationship with a Christian girl that I can call mine :D! I'm looking for someone I can grow with and grow closer to God with. I'm looking for someone that is understanding, adventurous, honest, open-minded and that loves deep, personal and intellectual conversations. I want something real. I just want to love fully and see someone smile.
Two truths and a lie:
- I have been chased by an ostrich
- I have never been stung by a blue bottle jellyfish
- The only thing I like vanilla is my ice cream.
I'm a passionate, affectionate, intimate and ambitious person. I can be a hopeless romantic. I tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, even though it hurts me sometimes. I have a dark sense of humor and a dirty mind. I am into DD/LG relationships too and I can be quite the tease in general. My main love languages are physical touch and quality time. I can sometimes be impulsive (in a good way) and I have ADHD. I am on a journey to be better every day and I try to never judge. I have an INFP personality type. God is important to me.
Playing video games, watching anime and K-dramas, writing, creepypastas, true crime, exercise, spending time with God and doing various adventurous things are just a few of my interests. I love different cultures and languages.
I love late-night voice/video calls that lead to deep and fun conversations. I hope to travel soon. I love nature and the outdoors in general. I would love to watch anime with you and maybe even play something together on PC. I love learning about and trying new things. I always try to be open-minded.
Feel free to text me if you're interested :)!
Stay amazing :D!
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2022.01.28 18:32 SD_MindlessMe Star Control: Winter 2022 Status Update

Star Control: Winter 2022 Status Update
It's been awhile since we've done an update so I figured it would be a good time to tell you where things are.
Before Covid, we had started porting Star Control: Origins over to XBOX One. However, all that went out the window when the pandemic hit since you can't take the kits home and everyone was working from home.
However, this past Fall we were able to get restarted on it and we now have the game in pre-certification for XBOX One. The plan is to release that this Spring or Summer and then see how demand goes. Assuming it does well, we'll move to a PS4 version of it and potentially even a Switch version (though that might be tough since our engine was based on x86 assumptions and the Switch uses a completely different hardware set).
We also have the tentative design for what is internally referred to as Star Control IV. Now that all the IP disagreements have been cleaned up we can design a new Star Control game without any uncertainty as to what is and isn't kosher. Future Star Control games will come out for PC and console at or near the same time which allows us to have a bigger budget.
Right now, our studio has its hands full with 3 different major game projects in progress including Galactic Civilizations IV and two unannounced games that you'll hear more about later this year. So it'll be a bit before we can return to Star Control but we have toyed with the idea of putting out a stand alone new Star Control fleet battle game if there's interest.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here.
Original Post: https://www.stardock.net/article/509866/star-control-winter-2022-status-update
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2022.01.28 18:32 DugThePoug [deleted]

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