Tanaka gone... where is Katana?

2022.01.20 20:46 skrilmps Tanaka gone... where is Katana?

When Tanaka attacked me, I killed him. This was before I learned I wasn't supposed to do that.
I understand his brother, Katana, will show up and give me a second chance. But I haven't seen him. I've returned to Delta Gorno several times, with several months in-between, but no sign of him. Do I need to return with the Maidens for him to show up? Or just wait longer before coming back? Or does he appear somewhere other than Delta Gorno?
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2022.01.20 20:46 thetathunberg CPA advice needed: FIRPTA withholding

I’m trying to sell a home in the DMV area in which I was told that there will be a 10% withholding from the sale as I’m not a US citizen or a green card holder.
However based on my time spent in the US, I’m qualified as a resident alien which would not be subjected to such withholding. The title company won’t budge even with all the proofs though and want a CPA to write an opinion letter for them.
Does anybody know a CPA that would do this? I have also sold another home with no problem but this title company is giving me problems. Thanks!!
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2022.01.20 20:46 liftonark Nike Daybreak Type "Black": Sale Price: $56.97 (Retail $90) - FREE SHIPPING

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2022.01.20 20:46 sicksadboy We’re going on a bear hunt [Pentax Z-10, Ektar 100]

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2022.01.20 20:46 safariman123 Bug with achievement (PS4)

I just was on my way for the last trophy. Bringing the relationship with dohalim to max. But the trophy didn't pop up... Anyone have a solution? :(
Even loaded an older save and did it again... Still no achievement
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2022.01.20 20:46 Apple0range 20-second video of launch from Site Alpha silo — with more detail on the missile!

On Youtube.com, here.
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2022.01.20 20:46 Bottle_Routine Arlington Catholic Diocese Pro-Choice on Masks in Schools

Sadly, not surprised this would happen. Sigh.
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2022.01.20 20:46 StarryStarlight42 I often forget what day it is :)

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2022.01.20 20:46 Weightlosstipswomen Every zodiac sign deals with the loss of a liked one differently. Some look for convenience in friends and family, while others take out as well as recover from within. Some need months or perhaps years to grieve, while others bounce back in weeks.

Every zodiac sign deals with the loss of a liked one differently. Some look for convenience in friends and family, while others take out as well as recover from within. Some need months or perhaps years to grieve, while others bounce back in weeks. submitted by Weightlosstipswomen to TheThoughtCatalogs [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 20:46 Bobrapedme notify me

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2022.01.20 20:46 Intelligent-Bottle22 Why do some people who see normally while awake dream only in black and white?

Not all people obviously. But a few people who can see color while awake dream in black and white only. Why is this?
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2022.01.20 20:46 cvj0802 Help

Hello! I tend to post here often, but I’m hoping for some advice. I stepped into a class in January, so for the second semester. I’ve had to be very stern with my specific class because they are quite rowdy (all teachers have mentioned it’s odd they weren’t split up and were grouped into one class). I’ve been trying to SEL and use positive reinforcement. But overall I’ve had to be very very stern. Today two students (who I took recess time from the both of them for both recess and lunch) said things were “easier with Mrs…” so I guess I’m just wondering if I should lighten up?
They would come in from recess and continue playing, didn’t raise their hands, got out of their seat for any reason, roughhouse with one another even through class.
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2022.01.20 20:46 Kyzuki [JP] Vayne Intertwined Wills LUFENIA/SHINRYU Info and Strategy Thread

Ardyn and Golbez
A man clad in black looking for redemption and a political strategist with a settle to score against the gods... Leon and Vayne or Golbez and Ardyn? Who will win is up to you...
As always, thanks to u/phantasmage and the YouTube, Discord and Reddit communities for helping with all of the info.
Lufenia Orb

Lufenia Orb Status Conditions
Trigger Battle Start
Cancel Never
Increase by 5 (max: 15) when breaking Ardyn
Decrease by 1 when player takes a turn
Decrease by 2 when enemy takes a turn
Fatal Yes
Enemy Force Gauge
Force Gauge Status Effect
Increase After any playeenemy action
Freeze During a player Force Time activated by a FR ability which deals Melee BRV damage.
≥20% Enemy party gains BRV after their turns.
≥40% Enemy party has reduced Action Delay
100% Ardyn instantly activates Force Ability [Phantom Rise+] - cleanses all debuffs, recovers from break, unbreaks player party, followed by an AoE Physical BRV+HP attack.
Force Time Active Enemy party cannot be reduced below 1HP (the effect still activates for Golbez even if Ardyn has been defeated).
Force Time Duration 8 enemy actions. Force Gauge will become empty after Force Time ends.
HP% Force Gauge Charge Speed
>80% 1.5x
50-80% 2.0x
<50% 2.5x
Battle Mechanics
  • Ardyn uses Non-Elemental Physical attacks.
  • Ardyn can grant himself the framed buff [Aura of Darkness] which lets him warp to the front of the order after every player action and activates a BRV+HP follow up attack after each of his actions. [Aura of Darkness] can be dispelled by breaking Ardyn.
  • At 79%, Ardyn's stats will increase.
  • Ardyn is heavily resistant to launch (Cid Raines/Selphie take multiple turns to launch him).
  • Golbez uses Physical, Magical, Dark and Ice attacks.
  • Golbez can grant himself the framed buff [Dark Pulse] which grants Dark Enchant to the Enemy Party and inflicts a Dark Element imperil aura to the Player Party.
  • At 79%, Golbez's stats will increase and he will grant himself [Dark Pulse]
  • At 59%/19% Golbez will instantly use a ST Ice BRV attack that inflicts Paralyse. (I'm not sure what the targeting priority is for this move.)
  • The enemies have 90 million (?) HP each.
  • Turn requirement is 80 actions
  • HP damage requirement is 8,000 HP
General SHINRYU Info
  • The Enemy Force Ability is still subject to debuffs - e.g. Freeze will prevent the enemy from gaining any BRV to attack with.
  • The Enemy Force Gauge will not increase during BT/Summon phases but will increase on the turn after they end.
  • Activating the appropriate Player Force Time during Enemy Force Time will negate the effects of the Enemy Force Gauge/Force Time (in some cases, it will reset the Enemy Force Gauge completely). The Enemy Force Time will still decrease in duration on their turns, so this is a useful strategy to combat it.
Example Clears
No native FR:
No native BT/FR:
My clear
  • Machina BT+/LD (Cid Raines LDCA)
  • Desch FLD (Lyse LDCA)
  • Beatrix LD (Seymour LDCA)
  • Ifrit Summon
  • 33 actions
Happy to be able to bust out my favourite team again. Since the majority of dangerous attacks are Physical, Desch can nullify all the danger the fight poses. Beatrix is also super helpful in dispelling all the buffs as soon as the enemy grants them.
Remove all speed passives from everyone to maximise Desch FT and counters. Use Machina BT+ ability and sub out Beatrix for Kain just before Desch FT. Get Kain in the air ASAP. As soon as the enemy paralysis wears off use Machina BT phase. Enemies shouldn't have much health left by the time Beatrix comes back and it's a pretty smooth run to the end. I got lucky in that Golbez's Paralysis attack was aimed at Kain in the air so I didn't have to deal with that either.
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2022.01.20 20:46 Big-Escape-9178 Canadian looking to renew Japanese passport

I was born in Japan to Canadian/Japanese parents, but have been living in Canada as a Canadian my whole life. Both parents have Japanese + Canadian passports. However they both became Canadian before I was born, but also managed to keep their Japanese passport. I used to have a Japanese passport, but it expired long ago. I went to get my passport renewed, I gave them my koseki touhon and everything. But they insisted on me providing them my parent's citizenship information. They want to know the date that they became Canadian. Since they technically became Canadian before I was born, I am not a Japanese national at birth. I was able to get a Japanese passport when I was younger, but now they are really digging into my parents information, which I can't even provide at the moment. Any advice?
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2022.01.20 20:46 Agreeable-Ad-3286 NYC is about to turn into a smart city. Way to go.

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2022.01.20 20:46 Weightlosstipswomen Libra: Libra despises being alone. Among the largest things she worries about is being alone, although she never shares that fear. Until she discovers The One, she appreciates surrounding herself with individuals that make her feel enjoyed and also important. Libra

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2022.01.20 20:46 frenchy3 Tips For Studying for Kanken

Last fall I decided to start studying for Kanken and my goal is to pass level 2 by the end of this year on the computer test or the first text next year if I do the paper one. I started with level 8 and bought the Step books. I've been going through them, writing all the kanji and compounds in a notebook (https://imgur.com/a/AF7owWb) and doing the exercises. Then I do the review book with previous tests and review all the ones I get wrong. I just passed level 5, but I don't think my study method will work so well as I start to get to higher levels.
I recently bought the DS game but didn't start using it yet. I wanted to wait until I pass level 5 since I was almost finished the book. Does anyone have any tips for studying for higher levels?
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2022.01.20 20:46 DomnSan Chesapeake School Board votes to remove mask mandate with a vote of 7-1

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2022.01.20 20:46 johnsackfromnyc Why has my gilt fund increased in value today?

I always thought that higher interest rates meant lower bond prices and higher bond yields. My gilt fund has increased in value today by .56%. A small amount and I am still facing a loss over the past 6 months but I am interested to know why the bond fund increased at all.
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2022.01.20 20:46 DrDing1eberry Make a FAQ for this sub with terminology and definitions regarding builds and commonly used acronyms, as well as other information for those who are new

I'm new to the sub and play Crucible on XBox and PC quite often. I've been getting more and more serious about it and thought it would be a good idea to check out some subs where the skilled and experienced players congregate so that I could learn from them. Unfortunately, I've found the barrier to entry is kinda steep and I don't understand most of the terminology used in several posts. I've been a casual player since Year 1 in D1 and D2, but never really got involved in the community and I feel that having an easy-to-access space for information would really help noobs like me and help grow the community. Sorry if I seem kinda bitchy or as if I didn't try to learn first, just seemed like a good idea for this sub. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.20 20:46 Weightlosstipswomen Being loyal is far more than just being faithful. It is being one hundred percent devoted as well as dedicated to your charming partner. It is sticking to your promises, having your liked ones back at all times, and never deserting them when they require you.

Being loyal is far more than just being faithful. It is being one hundred percent devoted as well as dedicated to your charming partner. It is sticking to your promises, having your liked ones back at all times, and never deserting them when they require you. submitted by Weightlosstipswomen to TheThoughtCatalogs [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 20:46 GALACTON Could someone recommend a meditation pillow to me?

Its too draining to sort through all the options on amazon and I'm hoping someone has one they bought and can suggest.
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2022.01.20 20:46 TonyDcarlo (NO ALCOHOL) What are you drinking?

I'm drinking Sweet Tea!
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2022.01.20 20:46 DadJeansAndJokes [44/M] In Search of That Friend I Connect With

I find myself without any depth or excitement and I feel like someone out there feels the same as me. Are you in need of a friend or confidant? Someone light-hearted and funny? Someone who knows the difference between there, their, and they're?
About me:
married, kid, the whole deal. Positive, thoughtful, respectful.
In shape, attractive, and have my hair.
Great career, educated, and well traveled.
Home life is fine; not looking for a life raft or escape route.
Want to find a friend, someone to talk with regularly and, if the feeling is right, meet.
Into outdoors stuff (for real), gardening, travel, philosophy, college football. I love to learn and try new things...
Only want one friend. As Ron Swanson said "Don't half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing."
About you:
Married/attached or single woman preferred, sorry guys had too many weird responses/disrespectful ones on here from guys.
Have a tendency towards the bright side. Don't have to be bubbly, but just don't be a downer.
Have interests too! They don't have to match mine but I love to learn from others' interests.
Thank you for reading and hit me up if you'd like to connect!
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2022.01.20 20:46 Saqquara Insecurities :(

I just wondered what other people’s opinions are on this, I recently discovered my boyfriends recommended videos on you tube are all of women wearing very little, I know how it works so that’s obviously what he’s looking at.Its made me really insecure, I have no interest in checking out other guys, I know guys are visual and I know he loves me, but to me this feels disrespectful. It’s made me feel insecure in myself and it hurts .
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