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Need help or im gonna get crazy

2022.01.28 19:31 Kaixuu_ Need help or im gonna get crazy

Yo, I'm katarina main since 2019. I really love this champ her playstyle and everything about her. Last season i achieved d2 with her. But since middle of last season i feel like im getting worse, and worse. Im doing nothing or im dying without any value. Is there any sense for me to play her? (sry for bad eng).
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Obi Wan Corgnobi Here is my ESA hard at work. My Obi baby.
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2022.01.28 19:31 itsanari Kismet - Easy, Easy Tonight

Arrivals - November
Sinatra sipped his drink, pulling his leg up onto his knee as he watched the other guardians dancing with one another. It was more amusing than anything else- no different than watching a crucible match. He watched a particularly drunk warlock stumble over themself and laugh as their companions hauled them up.
No different indeed.
He awkwardly swirled his plum-flavored drink in his cup, grimacing as he took another sip of the overly sweet beverage.
“First time I’ve seen this many people at the farm since the Red War,” Don muttered at his shoulder. The titan sensed the positive tone in his voice and smiled to himself.
“It’s nice to see, yes.”
“Never said it was a good thing.”
“Look at them, making absolute fools of themselves.”
“They’re enjoying themselves.”
“Pah, wasting time. There are dark things on the horizon, we should have our attention there.”
“Look at it this way, Don. We’re here, and you get to make fun of them to your heart’s content for as long as we stay.”
“So long as you don’t drag me into it.”
“You’ve known me long enough to know this isn’t exactly my thing.”
“Alright, you- you I’m not so worried about. It’s the ones who dragged you here that have me concerned.”
Sinatra instinctively glanced around for Goldie and spotted the hunter with another cluster of guardians, bobbing with a drink in each hand. The titan sighed deeply and brought a hand to his face.
“A fair assessment. Do you have your eye on Velvet?”
“Haven’t seen her yet tonight- just your emotional support hunter. But then again with her, who knows. I’ll laugh if she doesn’t show- serves you right.”
“Serves me right for accepting an invitation to an evening to enjoy myself with friends? You said it yourself- we don’t know what’s on the horizon. Let me be about it.”
“Never said we didn’t know- it’s Darkness. We can all feel it. And with these kinds of antics, you get lazy, you get lax, you get in trouble.”
“And I’ve got a fireteam to back me up-”
“Yeah, when they’re not off their gourd, or schmoozing up to you, or slinking in the shadows doing hell knows what.”
“-And I’ve got you,”
“Now that’s more like it,” Don replied, his more pleased undertone returning.
Sinatra smiled at his ghost and returned his otherwise quiet stare to the other guardians in their revelry. He watched Goldie say something to the cluster he was with, power through both drinks in his grip, slam the empty mugs down on a barrel, and felt his stomach drop as the hunter began to make a beeline to where Sinatra himself was sitting. The human was unsteady on his feet.
“Enjoying yourself?” the titan asked, raising his cup and taking another sip as he approached.
Goldie came to a stop, wavering for a second. Sinatra wondered if he was going to land on his face then and there, but the hunter cleared his throat and offered a hand. “You look like you need a better time than what you’re having,” he slurred, “And so, here I am.”
“I am content to sit here and watch, thank you,” the titan returned. “I do appreciate your offer, however.”
“Pffff, where’s the fun in just sitting like a bump on a log? C’mon, please?”
“Pretty please?”
“Where is Locke?”
The hunter waved vaguely. “She’s, ‘round.” He seemed to get distracted by his hand as he gestured, flicking his fingers before holding it back out to Sinatra.
“And let me guess, you won’t leave me alone until you get your way?”
“You’re a sad, sorry sack of it, Goldie,” Don muttered. “You smell like a bar’s floor in dire need of a mop.”
Sinatra ignored his ghost and finished his own drink, standing and gently setting his cup down where he had been sitting. “You know Goldie? I’ll humor you.”
The other guardian was unable to sandbag his surprise as the titan moved past him. Sinatra put a hand on the hunter’s arm and tugged him to where the larger cluster of guardians had amassed themselves in a tight ball of energy. Fragments of light spun off everyone as they danced, illuminating the farm with their warmth.
He did feel the slightest edge of a buzz, watching everyone around him carefully and being caught entirely off-guard as Goldie pressed in closer, resting his chin on the titan’s shoulder. “Hi.”
“... How many drinks have you had?”
The hunter brought a hand up, in excruciating slowness counting before slurring his monosyllabic response. “Yes.”
Sinatra sighed and brought his arm up, guiding Goldie away from the other guardians. “Take a seat, let me go find Locke for you-”
“‘Natra, I, gotta say-”
“-Don’t,” he felt himself tense, “Just… Stay here, I’m going to get you water and your ghost-”
He half heard Goldie’s drunken confession behind him and felt a hitch in his step before forcing himself forward. He turned the four words over in his mind in thoughts that nettled and conflicted in an attempt to deflect the meaning behind the phrasing. He made it to a low table and filled a cup, bringing water to his lips and clearing discomfort from his throat.
"... Sin."
He ignored Don and gulped down a second cup.
"I don't want to hear it from you. Just… Go… Go find Locke, okay?"
Don's boxy form hovered firmly for a few seconds before he gave up, darting off into the chaos of the party. And after taking a shot of something strong from the table, Sinatra found himself steeling courage that had seen foes never so daunting as this, and with water in hand he returned to Goldie. He sat with purpose and passed it over. The hunter seemed half cognizant but drank in silence.
"... I don't think I heard you from over there," he lied. It was plain on his face, he knew it. But if it was, it went unread.
"Huhm. Oh. I can say it again, if you want," the insufferably flirtatious tune of Goldie's cadence bounced along.
Sinatra was agitated. "Just to make sure I heard right,"
And the hunter repeated it- "I love you-"
It would've been easier if he'd put his dagger in the titan's gut and twisted for good measure-
"-You're drunk-"
"-I needed to say it-"
"-Goldie," he had to cut him off before he went any further, before any more words came to light, "I, I’m flattered-”
The hunter’s expression immediately began to crumple. “There’s- there’s a but-”
Sinatra reached out and held Goldie’s shoulders. “I can’t. I’m flattered but I can’t- I…” He felt lost looking at his friend’s face, wishing there was something he could say they could both live with. “There’s too much going on out there, and you deserve better-”
“But you’re the best,”
The titan sighed, chin dropping and brow creasing as he tried to drum up the right words. “I promise you that I’m not,” he whispered. “You have a view of me that is just a small piece of the whole-”
“Then let me in-”
“Goldie, I can’t. I don’t… I’m...”
Sinatra watched the hunter’s stricken look shift in a vain attempt to cover what they both knew, eyes gleaming as he reached a hand up, brushing over the scar on his nose before scratching at his eyebrow. He wasn’t surprised when Goldie stood, and he couldn’t bring himself to follow.
The titan sat there a good while, pulling his cup from where Goldie had set it on a nearby barrel and finishing the contents with a grim expression. He was only half aware when Don reappeared.
“No Locke. Where’d-”
“I don’t know.”
“What did you-”
“-What do you think, Don,” he grumbled, leaning back against the building behind him. “I screwed up.”
“No. You didn’t. Not this time- I can tell you that much.”
“... Think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
“I’m not finished,” he continued, coming to float a few inches from Sinatra’s nose. “Doesn’t change that someone you consider a friend is blitzed off their gourd and wandering loose. And it IS on you to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid-”
“Don. I don’t think I need to tell you that I’m probably the last person he wants to see.”
Sinatra leaned his head back against the building behind him, brow still creased as he stared up at the moon. It was too distorted to pick out details, too fuzzy- he brought a hand up to rub his eyes, sniffing at the slight sting.
He startled, sitting straight and looking up to see Velvet in front of him, drink in hand and expression worried. “What’s wrong?”
“Obviously not-” She moved to sit next to him, and he began to stand.
“Don’t want to talk about it.”
The titan felt her catch his hand, and looked to see her shoulders drop. “What’s going on, Sin? What happened?”
“Goldie said something he shouldn’t have because he’s too blasted to think right,” Don said, tone bordering on sympathetic.
“What did he say?” She asked, raising a brow. Sinatra didn’t reply, and though it took a moment he watched realization spread across her face, smoothing her features. “Ah.”
Don piped up again. “Yeah, ran off. Dunno where Locke is, either.”
The warlock sighed and held out her hand, Pearl appearing next to her cup and giving a little twirl. “Hey, you heard the situation- go find Goldie, or Locke- bring them back here, we’ll get this sorted out-”
“I’m going back to the Bifrost,” Sinatra muttered, waving a hand and starting to walk away. “I… Just need a bit of time.”
“Bull. Don-”
“Well I’m not staying,” the ghost replied defensively. Pearl was already zipping off into the throng as Velvet continued to hold Sinatra’s hand.
“Hey- you can talk to me about it, alright?”
“You’re probably just about the last person I want to have this discussion with,”
“On what level?” She replied, tone a bit curt. She seemed to catch herself before continuing, shaking her head instead.
“If I see him on the way out, I’ll let you know.” Sinatra gently tugged his hand from hers. She let go with little resistance, looking to Don and giving a slight nod.
“Just… Don’t be… Dumb.”
“No promises on his count,” Don replied to her. Sinatra began to walk, not catching the back half of their conversation.
He scrambled for his headset when Velvet’s code read out, adjusting the mouthpiece as he pressed the output to his ear. “Yeah- yeah I’m up-” he pinched away the twinge of a hangover, listening to the response.
“Goldie made it out to Io, of all places,” Pearl’s voice rang clearly, tone immediately conversational, “Left poor Locke all alone at the party, we brought her along.”
“How is he?”
“-Oh, well that’s not even the start of it,” she continued, barely giving him time to get his question out. “We got there and Ashur’s hollering about the absolute madlad tearing the place up on his Sparrow, blasting through anything that was getting in his way- and we get there, he’s curled up under Ashur’s desk- can you believe it-? Clinging to a chest-piece from Ashur himself like a pillow, snoring like a baby.”
“But how is he?”
“Unconscious still, passed out and wouldn’t budge. It was funny watching Vel’ try and pick him up to get him back to the Caster- it isn’t that he’s heavy, the two of them probably weigh about the same actually- ACTUALLY Vel’ may weigh more these days- He’s just all limbs you know-?”
“Pearl. Focus.”
“Right-! Where was I?”
“You two got Goldie back to his ship?”
“Oh-! Yes-! Right-!”
“And then?”
“Oh. That’s about it. Um- actually, I think Locke said she wanted to talk to you, or maybe it was all of us-? Ah, mentioned when we were chatting after we got him to bed,”
“Of course she did. Are you still in orbit around Io?”
“Yeah, have the Shrike tethered off, but it’s a liiiiittle cramped in there so Vel and I are holding out in the Caster’s cargo hold for the moment.”
“I’ll be there soon.”
Sinatra was already pressing at controls, pulling up the preset to Io. A slight twinkle caught his eye, and he looked up, staring for too long at the charm on his window divider.
“How many times have I told you, green light means punch it?” Don said, tone teasing. Sinatra shook himself from memory and pushed the throttle.
It was not difficult to find the tethered ships, and before long he’d linked the Bifrost to the chain as well, joining Velvet, Pearl, and Locke in the hold. Goldie’s chainsaw snores punctuated their conversation.
“Okay. I’ve gotten the broad strokes from these two,” Locke deadpanned, shell flaring as she approached Sinatra. Pearl and Velvet watched on. “Now I want to hear from you. What exactly happened here?”
The titan scratched his ear. “Honest truth? It’s hazy. He asked me to join him in dancing. I did. He was clearly too drunk, I walked him back to the benches. I want to know where you were-”
“You’re not finished,” the ghost snapped. Velvet cleared her throat.
“I’m going to, ah, go make sure he’s… Got food, for tomorrow,” She reached up and pulled Pearl with her into the other room. Sinatra was left with Locke, and he could feel his face heating up.
“He decided it was the perfect time to confess his feelings.”
The ghost emulated an exasperated sigh. “Of course he did. And you let him down easy?”
Sinatra nodded.
He balked as she rose up, nodding forward just slightly to cut him off. “And I don’t want him to try and guilt you into reciprocation. Because you have your reasons-” He opened his mouth and she cut him off again, “Whatever those may be. It’s not my business. What is my business is what’s best for him. And sometimes, he doesn’t always know what that is. Read me?”
Sinatra nodded. Locke huffed, rotating her shell in contemplation. “I can’t tell you what to do, Sin’. But my suggestion? Pretend it didn’t happen. He’s going to wake up with the second worst hangover in memory-”
“Story for another time- here, just… Listen. Chances are, he’s not gonna remember this anyway. He’ll throw up, he’ll get some food in him, and he’ll move on. He’ll still have those feelings, but he’ll at least THINK before approaching you about them next time. Or be able to think, at least.”
“So I can let him down again?”
“Yes. Exactly. And next time, he’ll be sober, and hopefully take it better.”
“Hopefully.” He repeated it, feeling his chest tighten. She drew closer, giving him a gentle headbutt.
“Like I said. Don’t let him bully or guilt you into something- be it because it’s never going to be the right time, or it isn’t the right time… Right now.”
Sinatra was quiet for a few seconds before nodding, reaching up with a fist. She bumped it lightly. “I… I appreciate it, Locke. Thank you, for the talk.”
“Now, your personal skills- those we need to work on, for pity’s sake. Because whatever ‘gentle’ is to you landed him in this state.”
“Nah, he’s just over-sensitive,” Don shot back, appearing at Sinatra’s shoulder and giving the approximation of a big stretch. “Like a lot of people.”
“Tsk- Don, you wouldn’t know sensitivity if it hit you in the eye,” she returned the serve, and Sinatra rolled his eyes as the two ghosts began to bicker back and forth. His look drifted over to the curtain blocking off Goldie’s sleeping quarters, and the titan held himself back from going to check on him.
Part 18 of Kismet
Full Kismet Series Here (External Ao3 Link)
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2022.01.28 19:31 JustMediocreAtBest Hope the boys are enjoying the remainder of their birthday MONTH! (also hope they can still hear ok...) #HBDRikard #HBDJiva

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2022.01.28 19:31 Superb-Opportunity-2 Any Muslims on hinge? How has your experience been?

Is it worth getting on it?
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2022.01.28 19:31 MangieAngie1961 1st place, 5⭐ and 2 unlocks. Redesign came in 1st place too with 1 unlock. I liked this bedroom!

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2022.01.28 19:31 beansoup420 how do i get from here to there

reading everyone’s experiences is amazing - but what steps did you guys take? obviously it’s not a 7 step recipe, but what kind of changes, actions, learning etc. lead to where you are today?
not in a mean way but can you try not to be all mystical and cryptic - even if it’s just “meditation” and being nice to people, if it’s okay i’d like to know
thanks :)
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2022.01.28 19:31 reddotscope7 Finally hit Plat 1 with HEROs only, from start to finish! Went 17-0 til Plat 5, (with a Blazeman-fusion pump-no UR crafted deck). No Maxx C used. Feels so satisfying!

Finally hit Plat 1 with HEROs only, from start to finish! Went 17-0 til Plat 5, (with a Blazeman-fusion pump-no UR crafted deck). No Maxx C used. Feels so satisfying! submitted by reddotscope7 to masterduel [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:31 rasparentes How to check messages sent in "contact us" form?

I'm using the light version of WPforms for my contact form. I don't know where those messages go, and if it's the default admin@ email i don't know how to check that either.
It seems like i need to set up a mailer for this. There are several options and one of them is gmail (which i want to use), but the process to set it up is complicated and I can't seem to get it right. I don't mind paying, but are the other mailers going to work with gmail? My personal email is gmail and that's where i want everything to be sent).
If i pay for WPforms will i be able to check the messages right from the dashboard and not have to set up a mailer?
I have no idea and I'm confused. I'll appreciate some help
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2022.01.28 19:31 boris2r I think I just got banned from the discord for seemingly no reason

I joined the discord earlier today because i was having trouble installing eclise, I found help and managed to get it working but when i looked back a couple hours later I was kicked out the server and trying to rejoin only got me an error. I dont remember doing anything that could be considerd rulebreaking so I was wondering if I could at least get an explanation for what happened.
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2022.01.28 19:31 grassytree3264 For those of you who have legends arceus, how should I plan my team?

So in typical Pokémon games I plan my team ahead based on the gym leaders and I always use new Pokémon from that region. But, with the little amount of new Pokémon I’m not gonna do that second part. Also, I haven’t watched all the trailers and as far as I know there are no gym leaders. But I think that those new Pokémon with the crazy eyes are in place of gym leaders but I could be wrong. Although if that is the case I may just base it around those Pokémon. Anyways, if someone who’s played it could help me out on how I should plan out my team that would be great! PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SPOILERS!!!
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2022.01.28 19:31 Boyboypizzaboy Anybody in the Bay area or specifically San Jose? I'm 21 and looking for some local like-minded friends. I use a Shapeoko Pro XXL.

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