Feedback Requested - AV Training Path for Entry Level Workers

2022.01.20 19:42 freakame Feedback Requested - AV Training Path for Entry Level Workers

Hi Everyone,
As always you are a shining light of helpful, kind, and knowledgeable people in our industry that can be a little rough sometimes. I think we can be the source of a solution to our biggest problem - one that has been growing for years and getting worse. We do not know how to effectively train and bring new talent into the industry. There are hundreds, if not thousands of jobs open in the industry right now and nobody to fill them. You can only steal talent from your competitor for so long.
Every time someone asks "how do I get into the AV industry?" the answer is always "well, what can you do already? I guess do something like that and learn as you go." Inevitably there are big gaps in knowledge that are a barrier to entry or to advancement. There is also no way currently to get help from local job training centers or other agencies to run people through an education path to get them ready for hire.
Here's the question: Would some of you like to get together and help decide on a learning path that would get someone ready to be an entry level installer, entry level support tech, and entry level event tech? I don't think the path to either is that complex, but it will require getting creative when we look at what's currently available for training.
I think with a clear path forward, we could help build the industry workforce and provide good opportunities for people that are job hunting.
In a practical sense, I do have at least 1 person right now that's willing to plow through some coursework to get up to speed in prep for an entry level support role, which is how this came about - I couldn't answer in a clear way what courses were required to get this person up to speed.
FAQ (I'm guessing here and will update with real questions later)

  1. Doesn't AVIXA already do this? Sure, sort of, but over the years they've managed to cobble together some generic courses that are rarely updated. While some of their entry level classes are helpful, they're painfully dated. They've also shown a lack of desire to make this a priority despite years of requests.
  2. Will this cost anything? I think considering paid sources on Coursera, Udemy, and other locations is absolutely on the table. I think if we get into the thousands, this will not work, but there is room for paid classes in this effort.
  3. Are event techs our responsibility as an industry to get trained? I struggled with that one - maybe it's not right for what we're looking at, but it's worth at least having an initial discussion.
  4. What about project managers/engineers/sales/etc? Those are secondary skills to basic industry knowledge. I think if someone knows AV then can learn project management and there is already a good path forward with a CAPM. Other disciplines have similar paths past entry level work.
  5. Isn't (insert company here) already doing this? If they are, I'm not seeing much output. But I'd love to start with something instead of blank slate if there are current training initiatives.
  6. Who will own this? It'll be open source, open knowledge. The idea that we can't train someone because a competitor might someday steal them is an attitude that has hurt the industry.
Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but I have someone I need to take through this info and instead of creating a curriculum on my own, I thought I'd reach out to the collective brain of this sub and see who has ideas.
Ya'll are fantastic, thanks for the great information you've shared over the past few years as this sub has grown.
Your mod,
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2022.01.20 19:42 danteculpepper Valve Cover Gasket - replace or continue to add oil between oil changes?

I have a 2009 Buick Regal with 190k miles. It has burned oil since I bought it, and no oil change mechanic has ever mentioned any noticeable leaks, so I’ve always just added a quart or two every 2k miles between oil changes. At an oil change this afternoon, the mechanic suggested replacing the valve cover gasket for ~$350 and see if that helps. My question is - try the replacement, or just keep adding oil between changes? Thanks!!
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2022.01.20 19:42 BigVoidSoul The adequate amount of knowledge?

So I'm just starting on the basics of Python and SQL and i was wondering what's the adequate amount of knowledge I would have to meet to start considering applying to Junior or Entry Level jobs. The thing is work a shitty job and I want to quit asap.
I don't really know how is it to work those positions? What are the most common tasks? And what should I be capable of "solving" to apply for jobs with those languages?
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2022.01.20 19:42 Tilesman Th

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2022.01.20 19:42 Potential-Argument How to make myself approachable

I’ve been going to this club every weekend for the past 3 weeks and I keep seeing the same guy that I just can’t get out of my head. He keeps looking at me but won’t do anything. How do I make him approach me? (Besides me approaching him, aint got balls for that)
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2022.01.20 19:42 iRaNdOmDuDei [USA-NC] [H] PayPal or local cash [W] GTX 970 SSC+

Looking for a replacement card for step-son’s GTX 970 SSC that’s started giving us “No signal” and check power cables errors.
I’d like something that’s equal or perhaps even better performance than the 970 SSC, but I’m not currently able to dedicate more than $200 for a replacement, let me know what you have!
Would consider AMD or Nvidia cards, can’t afford to be picky in this market. 🥲
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2022.01.20 19:42 chillseshh BBC reporter Quentin Somerville accidentally gets high from pile of burning heroine, fails to report further

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2022.01.20 19:42 LordMacragge American friend of Ukraine here. Is an invasion of your country likely?

First of all, Putin's alleged reasons for Russia annexing parts of Ukraine is batshit insane. Kiev is the ancestral capital of the Rus, not Moscow. If anything, Ukraine should rule Russia, not the other way around, based on Mr. Putin's logic.
And second of all, I worry that this could spark WW3.
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2022.01.20 19:42 RoundSparrow Google is building an AR headset - The Verge

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2022.01.20 19:42 mef720 Get ready!

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2022.01.20 19:42 SegwayCop Valeri's poetic goodbye post - Instagram

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2022.01.20 19:42 The_Starglider It's been a while, and I needed more Guardian blueprint fragments. Sentinels really aren't an issue anymore when you have a Scorpion SRV!

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2022.01.20 19:42 themoorofvenice Why did almost nobody see inflation coming?

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2022.01.20 19:42 Millenium_Star Anybody else having issue w/ ps whrap up?

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2022.01.20 19:42 Craigamus1 My favourite part of renovating ea houses is adding new doors and windows. I line them all up like a swatch set! This is the Shallow residence in Riverview.

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2022.01.20 19:42 Longjumping-Royal-79 let me kill my mind

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2022.01.20 19:42 Master_Ad_1461 Personal Financials

Hi Does anybody know how much the personal financials play into their decision on the 500k - 2mm EIDL loan modification?
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2022.01.20 19:42 irleetsounds Need Vocalist for Dark Rock Song

Song link
Tempo: 100 BPM
Key: D Lydian (with borrowed chords)
Lyrics/Melody: I have chorus lyrics and melody ideas that I think are decent plus some ideas about how verse melody could work. Open to suggestions as lyrics and melody are not my forte.
If interested please respond with, or DM me, a vocal sample. If you like this but think your voice wouldn't work, I'd still be interested in hearing what you can do since I write a ton of different stuff and always need vocals. (Also if you've expressed interest in my stuff before and I didn't respond I apologize, I've had a lot of offers that led to ghosting)
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2022.01.20 19:42 LickMyCheezBalls The Knight does not move. The Knight has always been on C3. The Knight has never been on b2. Only a traitor would claim that the Knight has ever moved. We love Big Brother.

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2022.01.20 19:42 lasvegashomo Did thors planet birth and terrestrial?

One of the Eternals said Thor won’t even return his phone calls so he knows them. Then Asgard is like a chunk of a planet. Can anyone tell me more?
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2022.01.20 19:42 Maccow2 The backpack

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2022.01.20 19:42 Caomhanach Suggestions for Video Game Meads?

Reposting because I goofed the title.
Hey all, now that I've successfully brewed my first few batches of mead, I'm going to move on to what partially inspired me to try making mead in the first place: videogames. I've already got the Skyrim meads bubbling away since I was gifted the Elder Scrolls cookbook, but the game I was playing when I embarked on this new hobby was Hades. (TL/DR below)
This is where I was hoping you all would come in with suggestions on recipes. Historically, both nectar and ambrosia, items you can obtain in the game, have been associated with honey, and one or both are assumed to be mead. By the color, both appear to be traditional meads using just honey for fermentation.
In the game, nectar is described as having "genuine lightness" enjoyed by all. This makes me think of a 6-8%, carbonated session mead.
There's also "Refreshing Nectar" you can get from Eurydice. Maybe backsweetened and flavored with oranges/pomegranate?
Ambrosia is described by the game as "the richest, most delicious substance." Character dialogues talk about a bottle's vintage with appreciation. This makes me think of a still (but possibly carbonated), semi-sweet 16-20% mead aged for quite a long time in an oak barrel (or with oak cubes/spirals, realistically).
There are a couple of additional video games meads I want to make as well.
I'm a Zelda nerd, so I'm definitely interested in a recipe based on the only alcoholic drink in the series, the Noble Pursuit from Breath of the Wild. It's supposed to be extremely refreshing, which makes me think sweet, tangy, and chilled. The picture looks hazy. The real world analogues for the ingredients are dragonfruit, watermelon, and coconut. I have no idea how to make these flavors work in a mead. Also, maybe something citrus-y could mimic the "volt" in volt fruit?
Lastly, there's Asari honey-mead from Mass Effect. u/PhuPhuSnugglyShitz already talked about it here, with a pea blossom mead, but what if it also incorporated some of the blacklight glow shown off in the Doin' the Most channel by u/phillips here? Mass Effect drinks often seem to glow in their displays.
Anyways, what are your thoughts or suggestions on what you would imagine mead recipes based on these drinks would be? Are there any others that come to mind?
TL/DR: Looking for recipe suggestions for meads based on Ambrosia/Nectar from Hades, Noble Pursuit from Zelda, and Asari Honey-Mead from Mass Effect, or other video game based meads.
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2022.01.20 19:42 rspix000 TIL about a 1961 committee of 6 ordinary Americans who were tasked with allocating the use of still rare kidney dialysis machines based on "social worth" whose decisions often favored white men

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2022.01.20 19:42 Maximum-Pea8207 I hate shopping on offer up…

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2022.01.20 19:42 warcockmachine Employer promised to set up an interview 1st week of January. i emailed him 1st week of January but he hasn't responded until now. should i email him again or just keep looking for other jobs? :(

we emailed back an forth end of December, he sounded like he wants to hire me. i was suppose to interview end of December but HR wasn't available. I feel really bummed because i really wanted that job. does him just not replying means he's no longer interested or does it mean he just doesn't have time. it's really unprofessional to just ignore me like that :(
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