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Day In The Life Of Worlds Youngest Podcaster

"With her memoir, Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds, Abedin lays out her story — the good and the bad." —NPR.org “[Both/And] is the story of a person of substance — someone determined to tell her own story . . . unflinching.” —New York Times “Candid. . . a propulsive narrative [with] crisp prose.” —Washington Post Review You lack the My Life As A Human Hockey Puck (The Incredible Worlds Of Wally McDoogle motivation to research the topic. You lack the courage to submit the original text for review. You are eager to learn from a professional to become seasoned in academic writing. In the 1940s and 50s reports of "flying saucers" became an American cultural phenomena. Sightings of strange objects in the sky became the raw materials for Hollywood to present visions of potential threats. Posters for films, like Earth vs. the Flying Saucers from 1956 illustrate these fears. Connected to ongoing ideas about life on the Moon, the canals on Mars, and ideas about Martian ... BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life delivers a breathtaking encounter with the inner workings of the human body and shows the effects of poor health, good health and lifestyle choices. In addition to showcasing the wonders of human development, the 100+ preserved human specimens – including whole-body plastinates – demonstrate the complexity, resilience and […] As radio developed as a medium for communications in the early 20th century it was also positioned for listening for contact from other worlds. While it would quickly become clear that there weren't signals from Mars, radio would play a critical role in the search for life on worlds outside our solar system. “Entangled Life is an exuberant introduction to the biology, ecology, climatology, and psychopharmacology of the earth’s ‘metabolic wizards.’”—Julian Lucas, Harpers “Nearly every page of this book contained either an observation so interesting or a turn of phrase so lovely that I was moved to slow down, stop, and reread. . . . “Entangled Life is a remarkable piece of work that manages to be at once scholarly and visionary and yet remains deeply engaging and enjoyable. Sheldrake provides a new and penetrating analysis of the fungal kingdom of life that will be a greatly enriching read for all students of the living world.” Living in two worlds: A phenomenological study of health care and end of life decisions of the Hmong (Master’s thesis, Winona State University). [ Google Scholar ] Gerdner L (2010). Two Oxford University researchers - Hal Drakesmith, a professor of iron biology, and Jon Wade, an associate professor of planetary materials - have put forward the idea that looking at the amount of iron on other worlds could indicate the potential for complex life there. Second Life is always wonderful, sometimes weird, and 100% wow-worthy. Explore Now Remote Meetings Redefined Make meetings fun again with virtual hangout spaces, classes and conferences. For over a decade, leading companies and educators have trusted Second Life for branded social spaces for events and remote meetings.

2022.01.24 16:05 nicocun123 Day In The Life Of Worlds Youngest Podcaster

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2022.01.24 16:05 D_Stiles3 Considering a 2nd WFH Job. Any ideas/suggestions for a "easy/low maintenance" WFH position?

I currently have a full time WFH job M-F 8-4p. My job is really easy and I have it mastered as far as efficiency. Its not very challenging and allows a ton of freedom throughout the day. The problem is I'm not making enough money and would like to add additional income from home.
I'm open to anything that doesn't involve me being on the phone 8 hours a day and it doesn't need to be high paying. Even if I could add 20k a year it would help tremendously. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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2022.01.24 16:05 BunchaLMOs Cursed_Keanu

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2022.01.24 16:05 Brian216_ Armored Truck Guard EDC

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2022.01.24 16:05 rebatemanyt Saw the template on HermitcraftMemes and decided to make a meme of it for us.

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2022.01.24 16:05 Distinct-Chocolate-6 Pridružite se grupi za raskrinkavanju "Genijalnog inovatora" Mate Rimca

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2022.01.24 16:05 1Reaper2 Can a wisdom tooth infection lead to persistent bad breath, bad taste in mouth and phlegm cough?

Hi guys,
I was hoping I could ask a question in which I have been puzzled over for the last 2 years.
Roughly 2 years ago I began developing wisdom teeth on the upper sets of my teeth. They grew in but apparently with an insufficient amount of space where they sat. They both cut into my cheeks when I would chew. Then there began a bad taste in the back of my mouth where they were located. No matter the frequency of my cleaning regimen the poor taste always came back.
Around the same time approximately as this began to occur, I developed a phlegm cough which would come up every second day or so in which there would be an over production of mucous sitting in the back of my throat in which I felt the need to clear. The sensation drive me to cough whenever this happened. It did not and does not feel like a normal cough.
I got the wisdom teeth removed about 3 months ago, since then the bad taste in my mouth has disappeared, or at least migrated now to somewhere much lower in my throat. There are times the taste comes back when I have to cough, and it seems like it is coming from deeper in my throat. So despite the tooth removal I am left with the cough and much less often, the bad taste.
If I was to describe the taste it was almost salty. At least before the extraction when the infection was in my mouth.
Could the excess mucous be caused by an infection which migrated from my mouth, lower down into my throat?
Obviously with Covid this may be a persistent symptom however to my knowledge I have not contracted Covid at any point. I may have been asymptomatic.
I had an MRI done on my chest for Tuberculosis for a separate issue, no signs of TB, including blood and spinal fluid samples.
Any information on possible causes would be greatly appreciated. No direct treatment has been administered yet.
Thanks guys.
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2022.01.24 16:05 Idkwhatoname72 Anyone else despise instant replays

Especially in 1s I just get people who watch the entire replay of the most simple goal and its rlly annoying and a waste of time
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2022.01.24 16:05 Cinnamon_Lavender4 Any advice? :)

Hi! So when i go to change the cast in records (for travellers hub) it never saves any of the miis I put in the roles, does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
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2022.01.24 16:05 Alternative_Lie_8826 I need a new registration but I lost my expired old one. How do I get a new one

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2022.01.24 16:05 shuffle360 Looking at 2007 4Runner

As title says, looking at this 2007 4Runner Sport 4x4. 2 Owners, seems to be well maintained. 150,000 miles.
Is this a good deal in this market? Currently driving a 2011 BMW w/ 100,000 miles. I'm sure it's due for some expensive maintenance soon. Want to get a car that is gonna last and am really interested in a 4runner.
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2022.01.24 16:05 HowardJDuck China Prepares Afghanistan Business Expo to Unleash Taliban's 'Market Potential'

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2022.01.24 16:05 Goldenpresence Are my birth control pills effective if I do this?

This might sound absolutely ridiculous but I’m still really paranoid about it.
So I (19f) started taking birth control pills 3 days ago and decided that 11 pm was the perfect time for me. Now the problem is that 9-10 pm is also the time I binge so these past 3 days I would finish purging right before 11 pm hits and then immediately take my birth control pill.
So my question is, based on what I’m doing, are the pills completely effective for me like it would be for a non-bulimic?
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2022.01.24 16:05 pleasedwithadaydream My poor little Rosemary. (I planted all three at the same time!) About to transplant... wish me luck

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2022.01.24 16:05 TheLuckO13 The $5 tip

So to start I'm not saying this is something that always happens but enough to rant about it.
My current job is my first job as a server and I really enjoy it and have a great time most days at work. But, I am in an area where people are known to be not great tippers. While there are definitely exceptions to this, what I've noticed is the $5 tip.
A lot of people seem to tip $5 on their checks. This is great on a $15-30 tab and I appreciate those. But when the bill gets up to $50+ it sucks. I've had $90 tabs and last night I had a $5 tip on a $173 tab. And I feel like I'm a pretty good server too. I get a lot of positive feedback and so I don't feel like I do a bad job.
Anyway that's my rant. Does anyone else experience the $5 tip or something similar?
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2022.01.24 16:05 DragoniteZD If Eiffel and Daft Punk made a live concert together what song(s) from them both would you think could work together?

If Eiffel and Daft Punk made a live concert together (like in Daft Punk's Alive 2007) what song(s) from them both could possible work together? And yeah I know this would never happen - but hey, it could be awesome!
Here's my recommendations:
Television Rules The Nation/Crazy Around The World/Move Your Body/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronge Blue (Da Ba Dee) Da Funk/The Edge Something About Us/King Of Lullaby Superheroes/ I DJ With The Fire One More Time/ Lucky (In My Life) Crescendolls/Back In Time The BrainwasheEuropop/Alive Digital Love/Hyperlink (Deep Down) Face To Face/Your Clown Phoenix/New Life
Please comment down below your Eiffel and Daft Punk mashups ideas :)
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2022.01.24 16:05 Stock_Ad_3564 Will my kittens get along?

I have a 3 months old British short hair kitten Today we got a 2 months old buram kitten
The older one is already aggressive towards the little one and since she is way bigger she isn't scared to attack.
My little one doesn't seem to be scared by humans but she is pretty scared of the older one.
Will they get along? And if yes how long will it take?
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2022.01.24 16:05 -The_Grim_Reaper I send a video to tink :/ this is sadge no doggo goin crazy for her

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2022.01.24 16:05 SnooOranges9730 my plants made an appearance :) [over 18]

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2022.01.24 16:05 Human_Software_1476 Design lab ideas

I want to make a design lab controller, but I’m having a hard time coming up with one that looks worth paying that kind of money for. I have in mind something with orange and white or orange and teal because Im a Miami Dolphins fan. Any ideas would be appreciated!
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2022.01.24 16:05 Zeddblidd Munster, Go Home! (1966)

2022-044 / Zedd MAP: 17.70/100
IMDb / Wikipedia / Official Trailer / Our Collection
Oh boy ((shakes head)) my expectations were low but this dipped even below that standard. I sat here for a while trying to decide what to say… do I talk about the unique events that lead to The Addams Family and The Munsters premiering within days of each other in 1964, forever linking them in the collective unconscious? Maybe talk about my ignorance of this film, a reunion TV movie in 1981 (which is playing in the background as I write and is even worse than this movie), a rebooted series, The Munsters Today (1988-1991) that ran longer than the original (by 1 episode), or that it spawned TV movies of its own? What about 1995’s Here Comes the Munsters - yet another reboot I was completely unaware of?
Maybe I should talk about another failed reboot, this time we were aware of, Mocking Bird Lane (2012) - it wasn’t half bad if memory serves, Jerry O’Connell, Portia de Rossi, and Eddie Izzard - they should have picked it up. Then there is Rob Zombie’s Untitled Munsters Reboot currently in production.
The fact of the matter is, I watched The Munsters, like most GenXers in syndication on TV, bought the show on DVD about a decade ago, and put it on the shelf. While resetting the media racks last year, I rediscovered we owned it, decided the time was right, and brought it down for my morning coffee viewing slot. My daughter had watched it shortly after I’d bought it but hated it so I was expecting it to be bad and figured on culling it in this year’s coming purge. The truth is, the show was fine - not great, no, but just a silly sitcom. The show was pulled from the TV schedule after only two seasons and Munster, Go Home! went into immediate production. I thought, perhaps, the show handlers were trying to end the show off right but after watching it I think it more likely they hoped to make the jump to the big screen. The movie quickly falls into a horrifyingly stupid story and the worst sort of campy jokes. I hadn’t planned on counting it, thinking it was made for TV but no - it was released to theaters, its biggest gimmick being a chance to see the family in vivid Technicolor - they were better in black and white.
Ok, that’s way more discussion than this film deserved - I think most people would have simply skipped this and the 1981 TV movie but the completionist in me required I watch it at least once. The only question left is what I TV on to from here.
Side note - if you’re wondering about Mrs. Lady Zedd’s MAP, she got up and left the room under the guise of needing to do some cleaning (suddenly). Who’s she fooling? When I pressed her on the issue she said I might need to watch things to the bitter end but she didn’t sign on for this sort of self-inflicted pain.
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2022.01.24 16:05 AwkwardBarnacle1845 8 DPO very faint BFP???

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2022.01.24 16:05 projectseinfield17 Free haircuts

How’s it going everyone, my work is opening up a new barbershop on renfield street in a couple weeks. I’ve also just moved to glasgow and thought this would be a good way to find models!
I’ve got 6x training slots this week that I need to fill. The cut will be free and shouldn’t take longer than a couple hours max. Give me a message if you fancy it and we can see about you coming in:) any questions please fire away.
-gender doesn’t matter. -hair long enough for some scissor work preferably.
Times are; Tuesday afternoon Wednesday afternoon Thursday afternoon.
Thanks for reading🙏🏻
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2022.01.24 16:05 QoachYaiath Rich Shiba💰 10 minutes old Stealth Launched 2000$ marketcap, Liquidity is Locked for 1 month,Ownership is renounced,Active Community.

Our vision is to make Rich Shiba the most valuable and most rewarding token for holders and for users to earn benefits. Rich Shiba is a project that enables both commercial organizations and non-profit ventures to get exposure for his or her services, products, or initiatives through natural social marketing campaigns that are operated by the creative power of a worldwide community influencers, marketing professionals, and almost anyone with a web presence that desires to participate during a democratized marketing campaign. Rich Shiba is a Low Market Cap BSC GEM The team will be locking liquidity of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract and rug-pull or cause malicious intent. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term. Our aim is to reach the wider audience and becoming well known across the globe as we expand . Marketing will be laid out on all platforms , with a professional marketing team who is capable of expanding this token to a worldwide platform. Great marketing and collaboration The team are looking to build Trust based around a Community. Tokenomics: Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 50% initial burn 5% Liquidity 2% Marketing 2% buy back 3% tax Ownership Is renounced Slippage : 13% 1000x POTENTIAL! Join the Community now, we are so early on this project grab a bag and enjoy this GEM 🔐Contract : 0xd3E615BE61734dC8218ef6BCFE415BD55fd082C2 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/swap/swap?outputCurrency=0xd3E615BE61734dC8218ef6BCFE415BD55fd082C2 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xd3E615BE61734dC8218ef6BCFE415BD55fd082C2 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xF732D8f9381F2bbdECD06E8954767f4FB03d6fbD
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2022.01.24 16:05 GetRekta Deep dive on the Ship Quick Disconnect Arm by @LunarCaveman

Deep dive on the Ship Quick Disconnect Arm by @LunarCaveman TWITTER THREAD LINK
Thread created by LunarCaveman, images used by StarshipGazer and NicAnsuini, all on Twitter.

Axes of motion - at least 5 different axes, possibly 7

Diagram1: Axes of motion

Image1: Bottom view of SQD arm by StarshipGazer
SQD arm has ability to deploy/retract by 60°, creating 17 meters of clearance to Orbital Launch Mount.

Diagram2: SQD arm deployment and retration angles
Claws and Platforms are deployed using common plate at the bottom of the arm. Platform halves have white contact pads attached to them that touch hull of Ship during stacking for stabilization. Grippers are part of claws, each gripper has a clamp that closes in to hold Booster upper load pins during Ship stacking.

Diagram3: Claws, platforms and grippers deployment

Image2: Upper hinges for platform+pad deployment and lower hinges for claw deployment

Image3: Deployed claws and platforms

Image4: Recently added Quick Disconnect, white pads for Ship stacking stabilization and set of cameras
Gripper is a part of each claw, which is part of QD arm extension.

Diagram4: Grippers deployment

Image5: Close-up of hinges for gripper deployment
Each gripper has its own clamp, which itself holds upper Booster load points / pins, which are used for stacking and catching operations.

Diagram5: Clamps closing / opening

Image6: Close-up of right SQD arm clamp
Ship quick disconnect sits on top of platform and is main interface for Ship's fuel, gas, power, comms and other commodities needed for orbital launch.

Diagram6: Ship Quick Disconnect on top of QD arm

Processing img a5cr0yerkod81...
Cameras everywhere, at least 5 total! One for each pad, 3 for QD plate alignment

Image8: Set of cameras for pad/Ship hull alignment

Image9: Close-up of Ship QD plate on top of QD arm, with 3 cameras visible

Image9: Speculative list of Ship on Booster stacking steps
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