Dwayne "The Grohk" Johnson

A Tier – Pretty good Paladins champions that are still viable in the current game meta While not as great as the above tiers, they can still perform well in most games.. B Tier – These are better played situationally when you want to counter specific champions and you also know what you’re doing. While not extremely bad they are also not that great, and there are far better options that ... Zagrajmy w: Paladins #4 - Grohk- Bekowy meczyk xd [Gameplay PL] denis6300 . 720p 16:47 [PL] Zagrajmy w:PUBG #5 - SQUADY - Szczupak zbaitowany na afka XD [Gameplay PL] denis6300 . 720p 31:33. Zagrajmy w: Mu Legend #5 - Smocza Przystań - Epic Dungeon [Gameplay pl] denis6300 . 1080p 13:50. Chińskie dziadostwa #1 Testujemy produkty z Chin... [Patch 4.7] D+ Support Grohk guide. by Darkonode - 5 days ago. Spirit's Grace Healing Totem. Allies inside your Healing Totem gain 30% increased Movement Speed for 1s. Level 5. Thunderlord Weapon. Increase your maximum Ammo by 40%. Level 4. Outreach Healing Totem. Increase the deploy range of Healing Totem by 45%. Grohk Grover Imani Inara Io Jenos Khan Kinessa Koga Lex Lian Maeve Makoa Mal'Damba Moji Octavia Pip Raum Rei Ruckus Saati Seris Sha Lin Skye Strix Talus Terminus Tiberius Torvald Tyra Vatu Viktor Vivian Vora Willo Yagorath ... 米Hirez社のMOBA系FPSゲーム「Paladins」についてのwikiです

2022.01.20 20:50 CHivEyO Dwayne "The Grohk" Johnson

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2022.01.20 20:50 JohnDeereAbby check me

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2022.01.20 20:50 leogg92 Anyone else do this?

Drinking a warewolf potion and runing like a madman to my current destination, instead of riding Roach.
I just wish i could get that RDR2 feel while riding on Roach.
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2022.01.20 20:50 regcmdr Mega Aerodactyl raid 6797 0717 1961!

Please show online
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2022.01.20 20:50 DraGOON_33 Physiotherapist recommendations West end

I have a herniated disc in my spine. I'm an old fart so I didn't really believe in physio. I'm in the 'walk it off' generation. However I have learnt my lesson this time. It's not healing and I am in a lot of pain.
I live in Kanata so if anyone knows any good spots please let me know.
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2022.01.20 20:50 revcheno Adult ADHD: 4 months in, Bupropion 300 XL

So I’m four months in. Originally, I was taking Zoloft for ~3 months but it caused me to sweat non stop. I’m not kidding. I’d be soaked. I’m a runner and I’d leave a puddle in my car if I drove to a new trail or something. Otherwise, it helped!
I talked further with my doctor and he decided on bupropion. I have adult ADHD and the pandemic really intensified the symptoms. I was reluctant to take anything at all as I hadn’t taken medication for ADHD since high school.
Getting off of Zoloft was a pain. I felt like my head was in the clouds for at least two weeks, even with tapering the dose. One thing I noticed is that the adjustment period for Zoloft was easy peasy. I even had that initial surge of euphoria.
The adjustment for bupropion was a solid bitch. I was irritable, had a headache, and wasn’t a fan of the world for a couple weeks. Then…it all lifted.
I can focus again. I’m realizing now I was delusional about having ADHD under control. I can read books without wanting to crawl out of my skin. I’m not always overwhelmed by a million and one things my brain insists on thinking about. It’s wonderful!
I still have to figure out the balance with caffeine. I used to drink insane amounts of coffee — now I have a very clear limit of two or three cups or my heart starts pounding and I get panicky. I also stopped drinking alcohol and haven’t even tried with this — though I do miss a glass of bourbon here and there.
All in all, I’m glad for this change. No side effects. I feel very grounded. The focus is brilliant.
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2022.01.20 20:50 Iammrnatural Evergrande offshore bondholders warn of legal action over lack of engagement

Now the fighting over the remaining assets starts to heat up.
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2022.01.20 20:50 Nawarko90 IWFTR

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2022.01.20 20:50 jasonl952 I just finished my new setup for the 320

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2022.01.20 20:50 Livioroxas Electrical pallet Jack (Presto) not lifting up or down. HELP!

Hi everyone,
I'm new to posting on here so please be patient with me. I've scoured the internet for forums to help me resolve this issue we have a work. We have an electrical pallet Jack here at my work. Brand name is Presto Lifts. Model # PPS2200-62NAS
The problem occurred slowly but got worse over time. Lowering the lift arm within the safety section of the torso of the operator causes no issues. At first the pallet jack stacker would stop randomly for a few months. Then after a short while it progressively worsened. The operator could sometimes swivel the arm of the back and forth (left/right/up/down) and you hear a clicking noise (sometimes repeatedly in quick succession). Then it will work for a short while. But even though would refuse to go forward and reverse. It will still always lift and lower even when this issue arises. We tried to have technicians come fix this but they never solved the issue when they claimed it was "fixed". Our company already wasted a lot of money so now it's up to me to be MacGyver.
The technicians replaced both batteries and cables to the arm. However this did not fix the issue.
I found and was suggested to me from a technician friend of mine to replace the Miniature Snap Action Switch, Lever, Roller, Short Actuator, SPDT, 3A @ 240V AC.
However, I'm still fishing for any other suggestions. Please help and I appreciate it!
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2022.01.20 20:50 dylbop37 Sid

anyone gonna be at spybar tomorrow?😵
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2022.01.20 20:50 KhadimLo Rate the bald fade.

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2022.01.20 20:50 Lucanator23 Rats - Let's play Cuphead episode 9

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2022.01.20 20:50 RL_CaptainMorgan Pricing: DTorch + keys for Storch?

Howdy. I have a DTorch with 12/18 and am looking to see what this plus keys can get me for a decent STorch. Something comparable like a 12/18 or 15/15 STorch.
Would 1x3 set of keys and the DTorch be good? 2x3?
Thanks! Just got back into the game since Oct.
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2022.01.20 20:50 honeymegan13 Check

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2022.01.20 20:50 2Bit_Dev silly suiter catches tail

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2022.01.20 20:50 shadowva1905 Looking for people that enjoy K Bands (15-25)

Hello! I’m looking for people that have an interest in Korean bands who will be willing to watch kdramas and movies, play online games and just generally chat about things with me.
I like a wide range of music so I don’t really mind if you’re into ballad, pop, rock, heavy metal or classical.
I’m fine with people being outside of the age range as long as the age gap doesn’t feel too awkward.
This is purely for friendship, any romantic or sexual advances will result in a block.
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2022.01.20 20:50 befgfghgfhg SIONIX - $SIONX - New Gem💎 Presale on 24.01.2022 | 16PM UTC 🔥 Low Marketcap 🚀 Heavy Doxxed Team ✅ 8,888 NFTs Ready 🖥 Dashboard fully developed and Ready 🔥 Passive Income💰 Real Use Case / Utility 🚀 The most transparent project 🎮 Game in development


🔥 Presale - 24 Jan 2022 | 16.00 UTC
🚀 Doxxed Team
✅ NFT Collection Ready
🖥 SIONIX Rewards Dashboard Ready
💰 Real Use Case / Utility
🎮 Game in development

SIONIX is a utility token for what’s going to be the bridge between crypto and charity. Providing an easy connection for investors to engage in a movement that will change the world.
Unique sytem with multiple rewards available through our own unique dashboard. Dashboard is fully developed and ready at launch.

📅 Date: 24.01.2022
🕐 Time: 16PM UTC
📍 Platform: Pinksale

Softcap / Hardcap: 30 BNB / 60 BNB
Min / Max buy: 0.1 BNB / 2 BNB

Presale rate: 475.000.000 $SIONX / BNB
PCS: 450.000.000 $SIONX / BNB

Into Liquidity: 90%
LP Lock: 1 Year

✅ Buy | 8% Tax
3% Marketing
2% Liquidity
2% Reflection
1% Charity

✅ Buy | 10% Tax
4% Marketing
2% Liquidity
2% Reflection
2% Charity

-🔥 Tokenomics-
Total Supply: 100 Billion (100,000,000,000)

✅ Team Heavy Doxxed
✅ Low Mcap
✅ Liquidity Locked
✅ Real Use Case / Utility
✅ 8,888 NFTs Ready
✅ Game Development Started
✅ Active Marketing Campaign
✅ Charity Donations
✅ Max Wallet: 1%

-🖥 SIONIX Rewards Dashboard-

What is the Rewards Dashboard?
We created our dashboard to make it easier for our holders to claim their rewards. It's easy and user-friendly.
Instead of having to choose one token as a reward, we decided to leave that choice open to our community. Our contract is made in a way that we are able to add any other token unto our ecosystem. The main reward will still be SIONIX

Being able to add any other token as a reward creates lots of possibilities.
- We can follow trends/hypes and do special events whereas a certain token can be chosen as a reward for a limited time.
- We can do collaboration with other project. Adding their token as a reward will connect our project to their community.
- Create a diverse crypto portfolio using SIONIX.

Not only will our dashboard be used for the rewards but we have plans to implement our other utilities into this dashboard.
- Adding crypto donation button for charity
- NFT Minting
- NFT Marketplace
- Easy swap your SIONIX
- And more

Website: www.sionx.net
Telegram: https://t.me/SIONIX_Official


-Majestic Deers NFT-

General Information
Total Supply: 8,888 Deers
Traits: 150
Cost: 0,04 ETH (+gas)
Launchdate: TBA

Benefits of holding a Majestic Deer

  1. At least 1 companion NFT + 1 Limited NFT available for FREE for deer holders.
  2. Unlock Giveaways + Events through roadmap activation.
  3. Members are eligible to claim 50 $ANTLERS / per day.
  4. Royalties from the NFT market will be invested back into the project.

Utility token that fuels the Majestic Deers habitat.
$ANTLERS will also be used in the game as a currency to evolve your Deer or trade/buy items in the marketplace.

Total Supply: 100,000,000
Airdrop: 60%
Liquidity: 30%
Community Wallet: 5%
Team: 5% (Locked)
Specialty: Double Rewards (BNB & $SIONX) *For holding $ANTLERS you will receive double dividend

Royalties: A share of the royalties from the NFT Market will be used to increase the overall value of the tokens.

Our upcoming game with Play2Earn features. Epic, fun and addictive. Just like our community. For our community.
Battle your fellow deers to become the most majestic of them all. Evolve your deers to become even stronger and take the throne.

Evolve: Merge 2 NFTs or use $ANTLERS to evolve/upgrade your deer and become even stronger. These evolved deers will be given to you as a NFT too and are even more valuable because of their increased rarity.

-Golden Deers + $10,000-
Mint a golden Deer and win $10,000 instantly. A golden deer is guaranteed to appear within the first 350 mints

Golden Deers Available: 5
Chance to mint: 1/500

Website: www.majesticdeers.com
Discord: discord.gg/AVBF4TrPrC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MajesticDeers
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2022.01.20 20:50 prettieparrot Uchi UR 3 this week and no interview

Are we getting donged tomorrow?
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2022.01.20 20:50 BeeEither646 I was exiled to Puerto Rico than moved and this is what happened when I moved back lol

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2022.01.20 20:50 politicly1 Treason Trump's January 6 Cover-Up Is Unraveling Faster Than You Can Say "You're Screwed, Donny-Boy"

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2022.01.20 20:50 grapejelly6 Just thought I would do some Sudoko to get my mind off the anxiety and guilt of drinking some coffee and bam more weight loss stuff in my face :/

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2022.01.20 20:50 Lucanator23 Rats - Let's play Cuphead episode 9

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2022.01.20 20:50 awaffle4life 3DGVaddeeinprr

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2022.01.20 20:50 VikingDelights With Emilia Clarke

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