Getting some snow atm, should have gotten out my canon 5D though.

2022.01.28 20:17 Neb-hehe-xd Getting some snow atm, should have gotten out my canon 5D though.

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2022.01.28 20:17 MadmanRB [In Progress] [8,329] [Science fiction] Rise of The Teknabunnies

So here it goes:
I am transforming what I originally envisioned as a cartoon series targeted at kids ages 7-14 but now I am applying it to people all ages 7 up.
Since I suck at art and cannot draw for beans, this is the best option for my project.
The current goal is to novelize this idea first to draw an audience, then turn it into a comic.
Currently, I am more aiming for adults, as it's the adults who have money and resources I need to kick this thing off.
I have the first two chapters complete, and I am working on a third, still it's nice to have another pair of eyes on this.
Now note I'm trying to aim for a fast pace getting though the main story and characteuniverse setups in my first three chapters, so nothing major happens until chapter four where the story begins proper.
Title: Rise of the Teknabunnies
Wordcount: 4097 words (1st chapter) 4292 (2nd chapter) 8,329 words combined.
Blurb: Set on the alien world of Lapinia, two friends become cybernetic superheroes to save their city from destruction.
TW: mentions of death and warfare.
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2022.01.28 20:17 QPILLOWCASE Does Abbey remind anyone else of Joey from Grand Army??

I do wanna say I know they're not characters, but her look and her personality reminds me of Joey - did anyone else think this?
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2022.01.28 20:17 missioncadre PDX Coin - Permissionless & P2P Crypto to Fiat Instant Payments Solution | It's XRP but way better 🚀
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2022.01.28 20:17 HotWa5a61 He Wants Me Dead, my art capturing the experience of being tortured and attacked by my own father.

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2022.01.28 20:17 sirplantlady83 Imma fight whoever put numbers in math

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2022.01.28 20:17 DekusTea I'm changing my Gamertag and it says "You won't be able to change it back." What does that mean?

Does it mean

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2022.01.28 20:17 TheDaleksofDownton Following the news of a returning character, I'm considering giving Fear another chance...

I've recently discovered that Madison is set to return to the show. To be honest I gave up after they seemingly killed her off, along with Nick. I was not the biggest fan of S1 and S2 - although they have improved on my rewatch. I'm currently on S3 and I'm loving it just as much as before. It really pisses me off that after all of the hard work, they messed it up in S4.
I've heard that S5 was not much better than S4, but S6 improved greatly. I've not heard anything about S7 yet. Are you able to confirm if it is worth watching S4 and S5, or can I just jump straight to S6?
With Madison's return incoming, I'm hoping the current showrunners stick to the original showrunner's plan of having her become a villain, akin to the Governor and Negan. It would be the perfect way to tie up both shows by having her attack Rick's group. Or, following the end of that show, have surviving characters crossover to have conflict for both groups. Fans of both shows would then be conflicted on who they wish to win.
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2022.01.28 20:17 Prestigious_Run_3428 Should Spain (and rest of Europe) return the artefacts they took during colonial days?

I know some are still being researched and analysed to this day in museums and universities. But would it make sense that they are housed in LatAm universities and museums?
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2022.01.28 20:17 TheArtofWax Kicking off the weekend with some Clash.

Kicking off the weekend with some Clash. submitted by TheArtofWax to vinyl [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 20:17 sirepizza Lost a knife 6 years ago and it reappeared?

This story might fall more on the trivial side, but it never fails to blow my mind when I think back on it. Back in 2015, I had purchased a throwing knife out of the blue thinking I’d take some time to acquire a new skill.
Later that same day, I was practicing in the back yard with a makeshift target. I threw the knife and watched my shoddy throw bounce the knife off the target and land in the grass to the left of it. I had just mowed earlier that day so the grass was relatively short and I had noticed where the blade landed, so I walked the 15 or so feet to where it should be and it simply wasn’t there…
I scoured the yard bewildered that I had managed to lose a $50 knife in a span of 20 or so minutes. I gave up my search after an hour and accepted defeat. A few months pass and I began to forget it happened.
Fast forward to last Spring, just after the melt, (we have pretty harsh winters, with a good amount of snow) I was taking a walk around my property when I noticed something matte black lodged into the ground. I kneeled down to pick it up and to my disbelief, it was that same knife…
Only it was on the opposite side of my house some 40 meters away. I took a closer look and not one dot of surface rust, no wear on the coating that was on the handle nothing… it lasted 5 years of tough conditions and teleported without so much as a scratch. Not to mention the number of times I mowed that damn lawn and never managed to clip it once; the handle was easily visible when I found it, maybe 2-3 inches from the soil.
Anyways, still perplexes me when I think on it every once and a while, despite it being a small glitch. I feel like that’s a commonality in the experiences shared on this thread - it’s often an item or event that is only meaningful or recognizable to a select few.
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2022.01.28 20:17 BTI_Era Im 13

Why tf is this happening to me i was so happy listening to music and feeling euphoria everyday and one day i felt nothing and was so confused and just thought it was a phase but two years later i feel the same (plus this sub is talking about antidepressants and thats freaking me out i want to die)
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2022.01.28 20:17 Pipey187 NKD! HARSEY 3.25 DAMASCUS.

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2022.01.28 20:17 Kyujaq Experience with "professional" DMs ?

I have been a DM for years, haven't been a player for years. I want to be a player, but im a picky DM (I can't DM joke characters or too much silliness, they throw me off and it takes me a bit to get my momentum back) and I think I'll be "somewhat" of a picky player.
Not too picky, I think... I like to DM or play with the "third party observer" strategy, if someone would witness, see or read our adventure/game without our character sheets, would he understand what the characters are? Is this a rogue with a hatred of dwarves and a love for wine when he puts his dagger down? Or is just John playing John with rogue stats.
If our adventure became a novel, if someone would read it, would it be entertaining? Or would the suspension of disbelief get broken too often that the reader would lose interest...
All that to say, I'm thinking of looking into those paid DMs in hopes that I can find a group that I imagine would take the game seriously, since theyll pay for it too, and easier to be picky and leave if anything (harder with irl friends).
Part of my pickiness is also I'm not 20 anymore and since I haven't played in so long, I want something that is fulfilling and not just game to game.
Any thoughts on those services?
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2022.01.28 20:17 JuliaLilly9773 Tier list

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2022.01.28 20:17 LOwOrbit_IonCannon Of Dragons and Humans

So, after u/Trysinux made a post about humans in dragon stories, I felt obliged to make my own. While the post left some question marks, I guess i have to make so that humans won't ruin everything for dragons by trying to genocide them. I.e: I have to get the two to be on equal footing.
Why humans stronk? As a D&D player and DM, I can tell you:
The F-ing action economy
Indeed, the crux of solo monsters in D&D is that they can do less per turn than your average party. When coupled with shutdown and debuff spells that have one obvious target, they really don't stand much of a chance unless they're ridiculously tough, like the tarrasque.
This is the problem with dragons as well. They're few, while humans are numerous. A dragon can only focus on so many places at once. So, a coordinated strike will still be effective, unless the power disparity is GoT-level where dragons are closer to living thermonuclear weapons than anything grounded adventurers could deal with.
If the dragons are closer to humans in number, things might be more equal, but the issue then becomes the food supply, unless dragons are reduced into scaly humans or filter out unobtainium from air.
If they are enough to fend off an army together, the issue will be holding ground. If dragons operate with concentrated precision strikes, they won't be able to hold on to territories as they can't leave a garrison behind.
Solutions Outsourcing the battle
A boring but practical way of leveraging humans and dragons is by making them not the focus of battles. I mean, it doesn't mean if you have a dragon-killing ballista if the dragons send mechas, piloted by half-orphan dragonets, after you. You must respond with your own mechs in kind, and that will create a new battlefield where dragons and humans might have an equal footing.
This solution is limiting and unsatisfying. You signed up to read about dragons, not "Get in the dragon robot, Qibli, or Winter has to do it again!"
Again, still relying on technology, but this time as a way to complement the dragons themselves. Adamantium claw gauntlets, back-mounted gun turret, sensor arrays, drone helpers, and laminated UHMWPE armour with MR fluid filling.
This will limit wild dragons, however.
Reframing the scope
Za warudo is a large space and its history is a pretty long one. Some stories might opt to using that to create a subspace in it for their stories to take place in.
I'm not talking about just time periods, but also locations. If I want a story about a dragon who hunts, lives in a cave and also wears no armour or anything, I can do that by saying this story takes place in a sovereign dragon nation, protected by the aforementioned armoured drakes and dragonmechs. Also, in this nation, hunting for food is the norm for "average" dragons.
No clothing is even simpler. I mean, dragons are more resilient to the elements and they might not care if their "pride" is on full display. *ahem, Black Collar.
Humans are orcs
Spicy take: Orcs are indeed meant to represent black people... and whites, and arabs, and latinos, and asians, and literal chimpanzees. For some reason, a lot of primates like to brutally murder each other for petty reasons. Maybe, there's a setting where humans could conquer all the world, but are too busy murdering each other, and other races want to keep away from them.
There is another
In my case, the mannequin army. Cyborg clones with a hive mind, tailored to be the ideal soldiers. This third party keeps dragon-human conflicts from occurring by the virtue of being so extremely scary. Indeed, my first planned appearance for them is the mannequins effortlessly wiping out a monster-hunting order who used to terrorize earth dragons.
There's something oddly satisfying about watching people who once gloated over how badass they were when they beheaded that earth dragon get mercilessly torn to shreds by inferior creatures with inferior equipment but better numbers and tactics. Ironic. I mean, dragonscale armour or not, a thunderspear is a thunderspear. As long as you rely on lungs for breathing, you won't survive a point-blank blast.
Conclusion These are my methods to keep humans from being the (only) major villain and overpower dragons. I can't say it will solve every problem, but that quite frankly is an exercise in futility. If you have any ideas, comment down below.
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2022.01.28 20:17 chachajun Is it possible for aroaces to date?

Hey! I’m just curious. I’m not part of the aroace community but I have a classmate who says they are aroace but to my knowledge, they have dated and is currently dating someone.
May I know your thoughts?
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2022.01.28 20:17 Rob0Theo They can't understand

You've lived a good life
Too bad it's gonna get worse
You don't know when it will happen but...

When you're in it, there's no escape
You go down the wrong path, not seeing it
and when you realize that you made the wrong turn, it is already too late

Many people seek out help
While they find it weird
You get left in the depths, only going closer

When you think they are done, you are finally at the end
Oh boy, do you have alot to learn
this is just the beginning

Now you're dwelling in the depths, not knowing how to get out
Many people end their path here
as it was just about

But you are still here, holding on to that rope
Now you're dwelling in the depths, praying to get out
You see others finding that light, oh boy it is not very bright

As you're still falling, the rope reaches it end
and after you have gotten to that end
there is still more to fend

It will only get worse, it will only get more cruel
But you don't see the light anymore, so you need to make a prayer

You're at the end, the rope won't go any longer
but for you my friend, won't need it
You can continue without it

As the rope is about to get cut, and you will fall without ever being able to get back
You wonder to yourself, what can I do now?

You reach the rope and begin climbing, climbing higher and faster than ever before
it is no use though, because they are too blindsided
they can't understand, they won't understand and they leave you

You realize that this is your end
And give up all prayers
you see the rope is falling
and you are going with it

Now you have no where to go
You're going towards the end
It's ironic isn't it, how this is how it went

You wonder how they can do this to you
You wonder why you had to be chosen
But you realize it is too late now, it is already over

You reach the singularity
a sigh of relief falls over you
it is over
you can finally be free
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2022.01.28 20:17 Race_Game_Evolution Is there any way to filter out YouTube Shorts videos from the analytics page?

Obviously YouTube shorts can get a lot more views than regular videos and I've found this skews the analytics. Is there any way to filter out Shorts so that I can see how my regular videos are performing (key word searches, impressions etc) without having to check each video individually?
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2022.01.28 20:17 UnKnown_Tree_Stump The reason I left OTR only 4 months after schooling.

I left OTR because of winter. I was raised in WV and I know that snow, Ice, and it's variants are not to be taken lightly in any type of vehicle. After 4 months of OTR I left and got a local job driving Class B instead of A. The money was good so I took the offer. I got a phone call today from my dad while at work and he tells me that my little sister, her mom, and my sister's boyfriend got hit by a semi truck because he was going to fast to slow down on FUCKING ICE! The mother has broken ribs and a broken collar bone. My little sister got off lucky with minor injuries, hopefully. They haven't found any broken bones. My little sisters boyfriend however is not doing to well. The poor young boy has already had to have is liver removed and is in very bad condition with several major bones broken. I don't know the whole story myself. My point is this is why I got off the road and into a normal gig because of the brainless retards who don't take a truck that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds seriously. Winter is dangerous but there are some idiots who make the high ways and byways a death match. Whoever you are driver know that I hope this sticks with you for the rest of your life.
Be safe out there drivers.
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2022.01.28 20:17 bigbobo33 Republican lawmakers plan legislation to break up MPS, expand vouchers to all students in a proposal to overhaul K-12 education

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2022.01.28 20:17 SIGH15 L O N G B A R R E T O

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2022.01.28 20:17 CuriousInvite6553 Tarkov suddenly unplayable on new computer, need help.

At the start of December I upgraded my pc to 3070, Ryzen 7 and since then it’s been running at a solid 80 FPS no lag and loading the raid in about a minute every time until about a week ago. Suddenly quite literally like someone flipped a switch it went from running perfectly to utterly unplayable. Now it takes 5 minutes just to load loot, when I get into the raid it completely freezes and I have to re log, once i’m finally back in it completely freezes every five seconds, constantly on 15 FPS and every time I get into a fight just crashes. Even when I finally extract it crashes and just this morning it corrupted the files again and I had to re install. I’ve tried graphics drivers, windows updates (windows 10), lowest graphics settings and a lot of other solutions online but none seemed to have changed anything. Does anyone know anything that might help at all because it’s unplayable right now?
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2022.01.28 20:17 Accomplished-Home471 What are the cons of donating a kidney?

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2022.01.28 20:17 ihasadumbquestion Why do Mormons have to resign from the church?

I see people talking about resigning from the Mormon church all the time here on reddit. It's a term I've only ever seen with that particular denomination. I've never heard of a baptist or catholic resigning from their church.
So why must mormons resign? Why can't they just stop participating?
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