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2022.01.20 21:02 Idont-knowstocks Hello, nice to meet you (: 23 Latino M 😎

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2022.01.20 21:02 Dresdenlive Interesting details from the original Matrix Reloaded script

Hey everyone. I picked up the scripts for the Matrix trilogy, and I figured it would be fun to type a short summary of things that I found interesting that (at times) totally differed from the theatrical cuts.
I recently read the working script (this is what the actors had in hand) for The Matrix Reloaded. I’ll leave my notes here. If anyone wants to ask questions, let me know, and I’ll do my best to answer them. [Attachments at the bottom of this post]
Interesting details from the original script of Matrix Reloaded:
1. Neo tells Trinity about their first encounter
When Neo and Trinity go back to their room (during the Zion party scene), Neo tells Trinity that every time she walks towards him, he remembers the first time they met. He then mentions “you scared the shit out of me when I first saw you”. Trinity whispers back “me too”.
2. Neo faintly sees Smith behind Bane’s eyes Little detail I found interesting. The script points out that, for a millisecond, Neo knew something was up when Bane approached him as they were leaving for the Matrix.
3. Chinatown merchants described as peddling “the ultimate simulacra” [Page 46] When Neo heads to the tea house (where he fights Seraph), the script makes mention of the religious imagery being sold on the stands. I thought it was interesting to see the Wachowskis describe this as “merchants peddling the ultimate simulacra, spiritual and historic symbols; once powerful images now reduced to plastic, laminated, bric-a-brac”.
4. Seraph’s code Seraph’s code is described as being “written in the negative, or rather with the absence of light”
5. The Oracle’s code The script notes that the Oracle’s code is identical to Seraph’s gold code.
6. Neo can’t understand “Oraclese”
The script makes note of Neo being a little perplexed when the Oracle says “You didn’t come here to make a choice. You came here to understand why you made it.” It even describes him being dumbfounded listening to her “Oraclese”
7. Neo is tired of being the One On page 53, when the Oracles says, “because you’re the one”, it starts to mention that Neo is starting get tired of hearing this.
8. Neo asks about the first “One” On page 54, Neo asks the Oracle why the war didn’t end when the last “One” made it to the Source. The Oracle replies that “he did what he was here to do. His path is not your path, Neo. Your path, I’m afraid, is much harder”.
9. The Burly Brawl There are so many cool things mentioned in the Burly Brawl. A lot of it did not end up in the film.
- During the fight vs. Neo, Smith absorbs a red pill who is desperately trying to climb over the wall near the basketball court. - When all the Smiths jump on Neo, at the end of the fight, they actually try to copy him as well.
- The ending of the fight is so different. I couldn’t really understand it, so I’ll upload a scan of the page to see what others think. (See attachment right at the bottom)
- Smith copies a passing woman near the end of the fight as well.
10. Meeting the Merovingian
- The scripts describes the Merovingian’s building as a “Cathedral of Commerce”, with people all dressed in the “status quo”.
- Neo tells Trinity to remember that the Merovingian (and everyone around him) are not human. - It’s confirmed that the exiles beside the Merovingian (except for the Twins) are vampires (described as “blood drinkers”)
11. Chateau Fight - When the Merovingian busts through the door to encounter Persephone betraying him, everyone immediately pulls out their guns (including Trinity and Morpheus). Everyone except Neo.
- The car park where the Twins fight Morpeus and Trinity is described as the Merovingian’s personal car collection.
- On page 80, when Neo bleeds during the fight vs. the Merovingian’s henchmen, it describes him as getting into the same state of mind as he was when he fought Smith in the subway. - Neo does a hadouken. Yes, you read right. During the fight. It’s described as: “That we glimpse in Matrix code, his hands swirling the code, exciting it, heating it into a bristling ball of electricity which, he hurls at the incoming attack. A cannon ball that blast one of them back, burying him in the opposite wall”
12. Car park fight/Freeway chase - When Neo flies towards the city, Link says “Man, that up, up and away shit still freaks me out” - When the Twins say “Drop your weapons”, Morpheus originally replied with “I’d rather drop you”. [which I thought was so funny/cheesy lol] - Morpheus’s original line to Trinity, before entering the freeway, was: “Then let us hope I was wrong…for all our sakes.”
- Link prays “there’s gonna make it….they’re gonna make it” during the chase.
- Morpheus is described as using the samurai sword to puncture the wheel of the Twins’ SUV. As it blows up, the script says that there’s a shot of Morpheus floating above the explosion, holding his samurai sword “like a dragon”.
- When Agent Johnson is fighting Morpheus, he tells him: “You have caused too much damage” near the end of the fight.
13. Morpheus’s speech with the Keymaker - Little interesting note. Neo is described as feeling “tremendous pressure” during Morpheus’ speech.
14. Meeting Smith in the hallway
- Morpheus’s original line to Smith, after saying “I want what you want…I want everything” is: “Would that include a .38 calliber slug?” (instead of “Would that include a bullet from this gun?)
- Morpheus empties his gun into the Smiths when they charge at him (to no effect)
15. Neo meets the Architect - I found it interesting that one of the “many Neos” that screams from the TV monitors says: “God is dead!”
16. Neo stops the sentinels - Neo’s move is described as an “individual EMP” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
And that’s that. I’m planning on doing Revolutions soon if there’s interest. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Attachment 1: Cover Attachment 2: Original End of Burly Brawl

The original end of the Burly Brawl
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2022.01.20 21:02 ChrisTheFields I know it's a controversial take, but it's obviously the best FE.

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2022.01.20 21:02 Maatjuhhh I love my nieces and nephews so much that I would do anything for them but secretly I resent them.

I don't know how to explain this but I'll try my best. (Also I'm trying to obscure many details as I can just in case).
I come from a big family and last Octobre, one of my siblings got another child and I was over the moon in meeting this new little person. But since this was the child numero (insert your number), I've found myself somehow to not care? Care is not a good word, but maybe indifferent? I've spend a lot of time trying to rear end each child when the circumstances were there (for example, if my nephew came close to a table, I'd watch if anything happens and that stuff), and trying to build a good relationship with each child.
But each birthday party, not of the children but also on my sibling's parties, it's always Uncle Maatjuhhh this, Uncle Maatjuhhh that, uncle! uncle! uncle! Sometimes I want to yell shut the f* up and leave me alone. Or rather, be nice, say hello and just sit besides me without pulling my arm or playing pranks whatever. Just shut up.
But if I ever say something akin to this to my siblings, I'm suddenly the bad one because how dare I? They are precious blah blah blah. And when I have babysitter's duty and I do one thing wrong (as each sibling has their own rules or upbringing), they look at me like I should have known how to do. They breeze through their daily things in comparison to me. I still struggle with diapers, even though there are like 8 of them from the ages of 9 to 3 months and I've changed them all. They don't know or realize whenever I'm babysitting again, time has passed inbetween and each child has grown considerably that my tricks to entertain is running out and that I have to scramble to think of another one. Parents don't realize that when they get their child, they have somehow a selfdesigned imaginary manual that is a few pages thick and each day a new page is added. Easy for them to learn and evolve from it. But whenever I'm babysitting, I find out that there is a new part added to what's already a saga from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter whatever the current trend is. Like when your teacher says that there is an exam tomorrow and you have to read Chapter 5 to 88 to do well on the exam. I'm exaggerating but it just feels like this.
My siblings life are also very consumed by their children. When i come over to visit for a cup of coffee in the evening mostly as this is the time that the children will be (probably) in bed then. But what I get is a tired sibling who doesn't have time to ask me anything, how I am.. It will take at least a few years until I get my siblings back. When my latest sibling told me she was pregnant, my first thought was, oh great, our night games are gone again (we just started getting into a routine of biweekly game with wine or beer and her latest child was just 3. (after age of 3, the child routine is getting more spaced out in regards to eating, playing, sleeping)). It's also very different to have your own set of children and sometimes to care for other children (as your live has already a routine to it) but for me to juggle a child or 3 each time (sometimes on rotating as I will move on other sibling's children to babysit)
There is also another undercurrent reason why I resent them, but somehow my siblings more: My siblings have been popping/getting babies here and there, whereas I have none. I'm currently without partner and I'm getting older. Funny thing, I was the first one of my siblings to want a child (I'm the second youngest). Even more, when I was 12, I already had 2 names ready for each gender. Financial, circumstantial and lifestyle are making this hard. As I am getting older, I am fearing for my life that I have to accept that I will have no children.
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2022.01.20 21:02 Wall234 Thoughts on team all trade able except Cancelo

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2022.01.20 21:02 AjaxGuru If someone misrepresents the trailer weight, but the trailer gets damaged, who pays who?

I had an accident at a fuel island due to the island being improperly designed, and the trailer got damaged due to the error, Would the trailer owner have to go after the gas station, or the person driving the trailer on a class D license?
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2022.01.20 21:02 SamSamSamLHSam Walmart version of the previous seasons?

No spoilers, quite simple. Is it just me or are they way less attractive this season, both guys and girls…
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2022.01.20 21:02 JustThinkenStudios I had to, now you have to.

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2022.01.20 21:02 Accurate-While-1366 Gallery in Sims 4

I downloaded sims the mod way. I’ve done the origin way and everything. Whenever I click something into the gallery it says “cannot save content because it was created with a newer version of the game.”
What can I do to fix this.
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2022.01.20 21:02 jasonl952 My 320 setup

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2022.01.20 21:02 inforthewin32 How do I correctly do LOA??

I thought manifesting was bs, until I realized that we are all energy, vibrations, souls that are stuck in a sack of meat. I believe this stuff but I never seen results.
I feel like the reason I don't get results is because my depression and traumas, I'm always in a fight or flight state, always paranoid and live in fear not to mention i feel disconnected from my body anyways. Can LOA still work regardless?
I'm broke asf right now. I hate being broke. I look at my rich cousin passively humiliates me for being broke, my family circumstances are not great right now. how can I manifest wealth to shut this cocky motherfucker up?
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2022.01.20 21:02 jrutd Congratulations! You just won the $500,000,000 lottery! What do you buy first?

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2022.01.20 21:02 DieMo1004 I was thinking about ordering my own costume made flag, what do you guys think

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2022.01.20 21:02 Finlay288 Reject modernity. Embrace tradition

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2022.01.20 21:02 drhuehue At this rate we are just hours away from flipping Solana in total DeFi in TVL

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2022.01.20 21:02 Ok-Garage-9204 Patron Saints

What is the Biblical support that the Cathos, Orthos, and Luthos (and Anglos) provide for this. I'm separating this discussion from the veneration of saints.
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2022.01.20 21:02 xayahda Eureka (Primal)

Hi, I am looking for a DC server for BA clear or something similar since these days there are not enough ppl to do it with me
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2022.01.20 21:02 monroeguitars Finally got a new plotter. Say goodbye to waterslide decals! No halos around the letters, or water. Can even use gold or silver leaf. So much better!

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2022.01.20 21:02 sbags [FRESH ALBUM] Reptaliens - Multiverse

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2022.01.20 21:02 RyanD1211 Which Farcry game do you think had the best map?

Which map do you think was the best in terms of most fun to explore and how nice it is?
I personally think that the Farcry 6 map is the most beautiful but in terms of wildlife and how lively the map felt I think that Farcry 3 and 4 were the best. So what about you?
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2022.01.20 21:02 KamakaziJoe3809 Don't you dare say it

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2022.01.20 21:02 lcorcs23 Anxiety

So I posted a day or two ago and the anxiety just keeps coming. It feels like my thoughts never stop. I have nothing to worry about with him posting my pictures since I paid him and he hasn’t bothered since. I feel like I will get in trouble for making weird payments to other countries. But idk what to do the anxiety just keeps eating me alive.
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2022.01.20 21:02 KeithCGlynn Alvarez : It gets worse guys. I looked up the name Kane and it turns out he is a striker that plays for Tottenham Hotspur. A team that wear all white. Might as well dress him up in a klans man hood. Fed racist!!!!!

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2022.01.20 21:02 m00nbum Dillards: $22.20 (Reg. $37) Origins Men In Merry Essential Men's Regimen Set

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2022.01.20 21:02 conlewr Who is the most awkward celebrity?

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