🔥a crime scene.

2022.01.20 19:47 HeyItsNakedMe 🔥a crime scene.

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2022.01.20 19:47 Wheyprotein200 Hmmm

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2022.01.20 19:47 GreatGetterX Things to expect from the eventual Book 3 TT story.

Just something to discuss take our minds of from CYL(I certainly need it)
Due to Fire and Ice, I'm pretty sure plenty of people are expecting and/or waiting a Tempest Trials story revisiting Book 3. And I just came to share some of the ideas I had on what to expect from it(not a good storyline for certain). Outside of the "Chibi Playhouse" and Eir music video(that are at minimum guaranteed)
For the main story premise I se 2 possibilities:
The first one: Eir and Lif are racing against each other to claim the empty throne of Hel and become the new ruler of the dead with different goals in mind. Eir as to become a more "mercifull" incarnation of death, offering release instead of darkness and suffering. And Lif with a false belief that he can use that power to restore his timeline. Both aided by the Dragons of life and death respectively.
The second one and the one most probable: Surtr already took the power of Hel and by extension the realm itself, and has a new army of undead puppets along side a new group of 4 generals. Reading himself to overtake everything on his wake. Eir, whit her new powers given by the dragon of life and a group of members from the order of heroes decides to go and stop the resurrected ruler of flame before it's to late. Meanwhile Lif decides to hesitantly involve himself since he wants to be the one defeating the allfador.
New OC's:
The dragons of life and death are a given. Eir was said to originally be born from the Life dragon and the heart that we used to defeat Hel belonged to the death one. I expect them to be both flying, with the life dragon being colorless and tge death dragon as green(Matching both Eir and Hel respectively) I'm not guessing gender but you can place your bets.
I could also se Gustav as a possibility. He'll need a massive overhaul on his weapon but there is a chance.
And this one is just wishful thinking but maybe Helverg xould appear as part of Surtr's army. And maybe give some insight to her previous relationship with Nifl.
Ascendant alts:
Eir is guaranteed. For her I would keep her flying movement and replace her daggers with a staff. And the staff could have 'Fatal Smoke' built in as to represent both sides. She can heal(life) and negate healing(Death).
Lif is a nice candidate. I would suggest Thrasir to but I know it won't happen. I could see him becoming a cav unit with either an axe or a lance. The axe to reference Gustav, and the lance could be called "Vengefull Gradivus" as a reference to his FB with Dimitri.
And for the possible Surtr alt. I'd still keep his armor movement and give him a sword or a red tome. The sword to reference the norse mythos where he wilds a sword called Levatain(yes I'm not kidding) and the tome to ference the Book 2 opening movie, where he creates a literal sun FMA style.
(As for the heroes helping Eir and the 4 generals. I tried picking heroes to make a "rivals" line up of sorts. Keyword tried. On the one side are Alm, Seliph, Eirika and Edelgard. And on the opposing side are Berkut, Julius, Lucina and Dimitri. I know Lucina and Eirika seem out of place, but just take it as a voting gauntlet callback. I didn't think of units for them cuz I'm lazy, leave me alone)
So, what do ya think? Leave your own guesses on the co.ments bellow.
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2022.01.20 19:47 sungod003 The problem variant forms and such. Pros and cons and A deep analysis on a bigger problem with pokemon.

Hello! So with all this buzz about the leaks and the new game coming out in 8 days there are many new forms. Some good and some not. But as we can see the pokemon games have been on a decline. Gen 6 being easy, gen 7 being milquetoast (and a godamn broken meta) and gen 8 being kinda lazy. And i feel like this is an issue game freak was bound to hit.
I dont like regional forms for 2 main reasons. For one, i feel like it destroys the sanctity of the original pokemon. Take alolan raichu. I love raichu to death. Fast and speedy with a cute tough design. But then its form is so jarring. Lemme explain. Raichu alola has the gen 7 design philosphy. And while its not bad per se it doesnt feel like raichu. its a new pokemon. Its not raichu. its a gen 7 redesign of raichu to make him viable. Second issue is the overshadow of its predecessor. Using raichu example when i used raichu kanto it cannot compete in ou( i always play ou cause i can use most pokemon even if the pokemon caant keep up with ou) but the alolan form with its psychic typing and fun ability makes it more viable and have more utility. Outclassing them essentially.
And this is the issue. Variant forms and i guess megas to a degree seek to revamp older pokemon and make them relevant again because there has been huge power creep in the meta and just way more complex designs the further we go. When i say design philosophy changed i mean its different. Im serious. Compare Charizard to Cinderace or Incneroar. Mewtwo to Solgaleo. Its a sharp contrast. And this happens with many long running rpg game series. gen 1 had to have simple designs to fit into a gameboy. Now as techlogy evolves so will the designs. but for those that may think im lying or something heres somebody who are doing redesigns of older pokemon using gen 7 approach.
Now i know its easy to be like "New pokemon is shit" and leave it at that. but thats not true or what im saying. Its just to prove my point of power creep and change. Older pokemon being irrelevant. Heck for example. By gen 5 charizard had fallen from serious grace in compatetive and compared to newer designs. So they gave him a mega. Now im not against megas per se. It allows some pokemon to have a chance in competetive as its filled with pokemon with BST of 600 and cool abilities like moxie and flippin Protean. Slap a mega stone, stat boost a new typing and an ability like tough claws and now charizard is not sitting in NU and he has a design of a gen 6 pokemon and maintains popularity. Im not bahing megas my point is that they serve the same function as regional forms and to an extent gigantamax. I like megas more than regional varients as the cencept is better.
So why is this happening. Well for one game freaks entire pokemon philosophy. 100 more pokemon. Gotta catch em all or Pokemon Getto Daze (get pokemon) means to constantly get new ones. Buy and consume and get and get and catch and get and fill the dex. A good line for buisness but as massive accumulation trends the market always crashes. the quality always crashes. And so to kinda cut corners and design less new pokemon they recycle old ones as a design base and use the gen 8 or gen 7 or gen 6 design philosophy. They cant keep making new pokemon and shove it all in the games. It takes a lot of work and effort to do so and game freak is too lazy to attempt to do this in a short time frame. Pokemon generations last every 4-5 years. its already been about 3 years for gen 8. They have to make new merch. new toys and plushies and cards and the anime the movies. So the games suffer and the older pokemon we love lose relevance. What older generations did was give the pokemon an evolution. Sneasal is shit? Give it an evolution. Nosepass is irrelevant? Evolution and it works.
Its why Pokemon Home was made. Because they cant keep up with putting all pokemon in the game because it takes work and effort. So they want you to store your pokemon and wait for the next game for it to be relevant. Ofc game Freak are greedy bastards and they make you pay to have your pokemon rot away(better off leaving your pokemon in sun and moon tbh).
So why dont i like regional forms. They rip away what makes the pokemon cool. I dont see Galarian Rapidash as the same pokemon as Kantonian Rapidash. i dont see alolan Raichu as kanto raichu. so why does mega evolution and 3rd stage evolutions work? They make pokemon viable without destroying the pokemon in the process. Mega mawhile doesnt feel like a different form of mawhile but a continued evolution. Like it makes sense that if Mawhile were to have an evolution it would gain a second mouth for hair. My favorite megas are Gardevoir and Sceptile. They feel like more advanced(pun intended) versions of the pokemon. Regional forms however do not give relevance to the base pokemon. They are nominally the same pokemon. Only by name. And regional forms are made as new pokemon so they dont have to keep making new designs cause this philosophy is eating itself.
controversial Take- So i think maybe next gen pokemon should be like Legends Arceus. At least in theory. Use a new story. Something without the formula. Dont design new pokemon but mix and match pokemon. The Pokemon Home Feature should be a free thing or at least something you pay once for. Kinda like what Pokemon Ranch was. A place to Store your pokemon. Add open world like Legends is doing. Improve animations for battle like what Legends is doing and what pokemon Stadium and battle revolution did. Maybe give some pokemon a mega like my boy flygon is hurt. It could have bug dragon typing with ability like tough claws or adaptability or anything. Give pokemon stat buffs and better movesets. Gen 3 did this for many pokemon. Heracross had shit movepool and was more viable with brick break and focus punch. This isnt to say no new pokemon but stop putting in dex filler. Like take all of gen 5. Solid designs. Good starters. decent bird and rodent. But pokemon like swanna or sawsbuck or cryogonal are fodder. basculine feels like Fodder. Despite having a solid ability. (his water type moves hit so hard.) But barely anyone uses him because he feels incomplete. So i like that they arent bloating the new dex to high hell. But they need to make older pokemon relevant. Especially in compatetive. Why is it that it took game freak lazieness dex cut for torkoal to have a chance in competetive(and like hes pretty good. Strong defense to tank earthquakes. and drought ability with the move lava plume is destructuive). You get my point?
In conclusion i dont mean to be offensive or shit on peoples favorite games. In fact i like all generations except 8(maybe its cause im old and i didnt have that spark as much as i did for 4 5 6 and 7) But i think that regional forms just discard the old pokemon and use its name to boost popularity. The actual pokemon still stays relevant. Lets have a discussion. Tell me your thoughts on this.
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2022.01.20 19:47 HarryWarden1 Bingus Vs. Big Floppa

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2022.01.20 19:47 kiwicat117 Any other aces experience this?

I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere on the asexual spectrum, but this has me questioning it. Sometimes I feel hot/flustered when I look at someone I think is attractive. It doesn't happen very often but it throws me for a loop when it does.
For example, one time I saw a guy running shirtless who I thought looked good and my face started feeling hot and I wanted to keep looking at him. But I didn't feel any urge to have sex with him or do anything sexual with him, I just wanted to admire him or know what it would feel like to hug him.
I did grow up in a very conservative environment, so maybe it's because I feel like I'm doing something taboo? I have no idea.
If anyone else on the ace spectrum has experienced this please let me know because I'm very confused.
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2022.01.20 19:47 max_not_min Visiting my parents, so I had to show you my favorite mug from high school. The Finlonger!

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2022.01.20 19:47 Catsdontsmoke RED DEAD REDEMPTION

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2022.01.20 19:47 charismableu check out this 2 bed 1 bath contemporary home I built! The sofa gave me some mid-century vibes so I tried to continue that throughout the build. gallery ID: charismableu

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2022.01.20 19:47 Zealousideal-State18 black or white?! 🧐

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2022.01.20 19:47 JamesCCBMS R.I.P. Meadow. The legendary Pizza Cat.

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2022.01.20 19:47 theonlycarrot Timelords are lurking at Clean Manor

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2022.01.20 19:47 paopaopao11 Found some cute tights that I think will be perfect for Valentine’s Day❤️Is it too early to start posting Valentine’s Day items?

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2022.01.20 19:47 iceup17 He broke out the Whaler gear again boys 😎

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2022.01.20 19:47 Damien-Pain Burn trap is honestly worse that help wanted spring trap because burn trap looks like more of a non detailed cartoony dog than a gory creepy bunny

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2022.01.20 19:47 jayoday Exmormon political metamorphosis

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2022.01.20 19:47 Tayloristic Hello, this is my spooky witches corner of my island!

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2022.01.20 19:47 snkde Baby Born Surprise Animal Babies Series 5 w/ Soft Swaddle and Bunny Pouch $7.79 - Amazon / Target

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2022.01.20 19:47 Whatsupbrohowsyourma I can't help but see the Angry Birds Pig when I'm driving the Ford GT.

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2022.01.20 19:47 N0TN4 Does it actually matter if something is canon or not?

I've seen so many posts on here about wether something is canon or not canon or wether something deserves to be canon.
But... should it actually matter to us fans if something is canon? Am I supposed to enjoy swtor or kotor less because they're not canon? I think they're the ones I enjoy the most!
What does it change if something is canon or not? We can still watch or play the thing, right?
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2022.01.20 19:47 RebornSama25 Help

I just got a new monitor and i was using an old shitty monitor before(It was a tv/monitor like early 2000s stuff) and i had no lag i could play in max graphics but as soon i switched monitors i start lagging like crazy? can a monitor thats too powerful for my computer make it lag?
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2022.01.20 19:47 GoDrinkSomePiss Good Wireless headset for pc but wired for xbox

Ive been looking for a headset for a couple of weeks now and need help. What would be the best wireless headset for pc while having an aux to connect to Xbox controller? I dont need to do dual sync just where when i use it on pc it connects wirelessly to-my pc and when i use my xbox it does it through a cable Originally i was going to do corsair but apparently on xbox it has an echo with the mic. Ive tried the official xbox wireless one and wasnt a fan of those ones. If someone has a suggestion id appreciate it thanks!
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2022.01.20 19:47 cyancycler How much space is PLA going to take on my SD card?

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2022.01.20 19:47 Big_Context3043 Watch "FROGS." on YouTube

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2022.01.20 19:47 Strange_Standard_742 Just got out the clinic and thought id play some issac to relax...thanks edmund

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