Religious holidays and having a family...

2021.12.05 07:32 ApolloIII Religious holidays and having a family...

So it just came up to me - and I'm nowhere close to having a family - that one day I might get into the dilemma with my kids and religious holidays (since I live in Germany, that might be the christian ones).
If I'm not celebrating them, but my child's friend's parents are and they are gifting their younglings stuff, then my kids might be jealous of their friends.
So my question is (to the parents in this sub):
How do you deal with this particular problem? Do you gift your kids stuff throughout the year or just go with the idea of gifting on these particular occasions?
In really looking forward to your answers!
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2021.12.05 07:32 Sn1023 That kinda reminds me of something...

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2021.12.05 07:32 coljavskiyi ✊ Medabots ✊ Officially Launching Now on BSC Pad ⭐ Mobile Game & NFT Game of the Year | Millions of Fans Globally | Play to Earn | Fully Doxxed Team | AAA Devs.

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2021.12.05 07:32 LotfyTam Xqc Exposing Lilypichu 😶

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2021.12.05 07:32 NFTOlympus OlympusNFT is launching on Q4 2021 - $20,000 Worth of Giveaway – Rules in comment

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2021.12.05 07:32 idntwanttobehere Feeling unwanted in relationship. Is it cheating?

I’m a 26 year old female who’s been in a relationship with my male partner (28) for 11 years. Over the last year I have noticed my partner watching porn most days, and seeking out females on Instagram and Snapchat, as in adding them and watching their stories. I’m not aware of any messages being exchanged although I don’t see this being far off. These women are all real and some from his past and are extremely attractive. I have gained over 30kg during our relationship and although he denies it, I don’t doubt this has had an impact. The women he seeks look nothing like me. He has almost zero interest in me physically or sexually. We have spoken about this multiple times and he knows it breaks my heart, but says I just have insecurities. I want to have a family, but he says he isn’t sure and has no plans in the immediate future. This also breaks my heart.
What do I do?
Is this normal behaviour?
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2021.12.05 07:32 shanabailey Gosund SP211 16A Smart Plug for 16.66 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $16.99)

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2021.12.05 07:32 WeLikeChickenNuggets Whats an popular celebrity you hate?

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2021.12.05 07:32 Abrocoma2310 You are Naomi, on season 3 of NXT. Standing in the ring, surrounded by an unenthused and uninterested crowd, you have just been handed a microphone and told to cut a promo inspired by the word “toupee”. Without thinking about it, comment a transcript of your promo. No backspacing allowed.

Why haven’t you started typing yet you’re just standing there in silence oh god Vince could be watching this is your only chance and you’re blowing it oh god quick start typing
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2021.12.05 07:32 Bigmama898989 Incursion crystals

Hi, didn't see any post about so trying to open a new One. So.... Incursion crystals were reset... Which one do you recommend most and for which champ you aim in specific?
(For the 5* ones)
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2021.12.05 07:32 Lavrentio15 The Italian destroyer Zeffiro ("Zephyr") in Venice, 1915

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2021.12.05 07:32 Metallica_Is_Bae Just bought my first car!! Series 2 R31 Skyline GX. Got it for $400 (AUD) from my great grandma, going to pick it up next weekend

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2021.12.05 07:32 Tric7Youtube 300 Block Extension (Straight)

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2021.12.05 07:32 Jupitermochi crashing in 1.18 fabric server

I keep crashing when joining my modded server. it worked in the beginning but now i keep getting a strange crash. Client side, and works fine in singleplayer
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2021.12.05 07:32 rose_thefox23 Fun facts! Also meme template by u/gemlight_074

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2021.12.05 07:32 Memoirer Zekrom 0926 0603 0861

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2021.12.05 07:32 Antique_Search_7920 I don’t see out of my eyes

It’s like I’m looking from head
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2021.12.05 07:32 TheHof_Xa4 Shouldn't all these pins be soldered??

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2021.12.05 07:32 coinlar Day 5 - Advent Calendar 2021, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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2021.12.05 07:32 coinlar Day 5 - Advent Calendar 2021, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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2021.12.05 07:32 Info_Dept Visiting New Zealand's Biggest Antivax Protest

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2021.12.05 07:32 Drake_the_troll Iron duke/Iron duke B ship review

My stats
my stats
Games played: 32 WR: 50% DR: 0.13
Games played: 35
WR: 57.1%
DR: 1.6
Games: 24
WR: 75%
DR: 5
I haven't played regular iron Duke in ages, and it shows how I've improved since then. I'm sure the numbers will even out with even more battles,but for now I'm pretty happy with these stats
Iron duke isnt the tankiest BB for its tier, with modest HP (34k) but has excellent torpedo damage (ID: 12/ IDB: 15%) and decent fire and flood resistance (10%) to make up for it
score: 3/5
For a dreadnought, she can move at a fairly decent clip (22.5kts) and has a decent turn rate (5.1°/s), however she's let down by her slow acceleration (20.7s) and sluggish rudder turn (12.9s)
main battery
Her guns are decently sized (343mm), her reload is fairly fast (ID:22s/ IDB: 21.5s) and she has decent HE damage (1K) and fire chance (12%), but is let down by a slow traverse speed (4°/s), relatively bad AP (1.2K) and short range (11km).
I would like to note that her HE seems to have improved pen, seeing as I've actually got a citadel crisis on a poor omaha previously
score: 4/5
secondary battery
Her secondaries are actually fairly similar to her main battery, with long reload, high damage and good fire chance, but slow traverse speed and short range. They're also in casemates, which means theyll get ripped off pretty easily
score: 3/5
AA her AA is decent. Nothing particularly good, but I does the job fairly well, with standard range (3km/1.5km) and slightly above average damage (72/85)
You're actually fairly sneaky for a BB, with one of the lowest concealments for your class in the game (ID: 10km/ IDB: 9.9KM), but at the end of the day you are only a BB, so youll still be spotted by a DD long before you spot them
Score: 5/5
skills: iron duke
Iron duke has access to 2 charges of RR1, which improves his base reload by 3.3s, down to 18.7s. I've never been that impressed by MBRB on battleships, but I suppose it is an on-ramp to the improved RR the higher tiers get
score: 2/5
Skills: iron duke B
Iron duke B has access to 2× speed boost 1 and 2× precise aiming 1
Speed boost: using this increases IDBs speed by 1.6kts, up to 24.1kts which makes her the fastest BB in her tier for a brief period
Precise aiming: at base you get 1 improved shot, but upgraded with the captain skill you get 2 shots from her improved guns. The upgrade itself is noticable, and helps take shots from a long distance.
iron duke, and especially black, excels at kiting, staying at a midrange and pounding everyone with HE. A skilled player will swap ammo types, but you can still put up decent numbers with just your HE.
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2021.12.05 07:32 Tric7Youtube 300 Block Extension (Straight)

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2021.12.05 07:32 PenaltyAccording8800 OTIUM TECH BUY CONTEST! 🤑 | Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨 | Low MC at TGE: 100x Potential 🚀 | BUY $OTIUM ON PANCAKESWAP!

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2021.12.05 07:32 Mr_Minij Differences between PC and Switch?

Hey all, I just completed the story mode on switch, this has been my first time playing the game as well and it was great. But I just hopped on here and see content I never saw on the switch. Can someone break down the differences between the versions? I’m thinking about picking up the PC version if I’m missing a lot.
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