2021.12.05 07:59 mix_th30ry Yes

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2021.12.05 07:59 PerkyCat2758 Guard Duty

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2021.12.05 07:59 seicaratteri I have to give a price for an artwork by tomorrow and I have no idea - please help! :)

Hello all! :)
I am a generative artist working deeply with AI. Yesterday I had an exhibition and the owner of the space would like to by my artwork. It is specifically a 15 minute 4k audiovisual piece entirely generated by AI, and it took around 160 hours of work. You can see it here: (if you're wondering what you're seeing, is the AI generating the images based solely on the input text of the first chapter of the Bible)
I have honestly no idea how to price it because it's quite a long piece, is both audio and visual, and uses really the latest advancements in AI technologies to be created.
I would appreciate a lot some help! Thank you so much in advance! :)
EDIT: in real life, this would be my first artwork sale, and I am based in Berlin, Germany
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2021.12.05 07:59 Available-Machine604 Looking for a team mate

Im from finland i can speak english Im looking for long time team mate i dont care about the kd or wins i just wanna find long time team mate
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2021.12.05 07:59 mariekecreative Help, feel like I'm starting to dislike the game

I really really want to like this game. Started two weeks ago and had so much fun, but I feel like I'm getting stuck and am just running around in circles. I looked up some minor spoilers, like >! how to get into giants deep core and how to get to the observatory on brittle hollow !< and they're 1. Something I would have never figured out on my own 2. Extremely hard to execute, and since you have to start over when you die, it becomes a bit tedious and not much fun. Am I doing something wrong? I know it's possible to finish the game without these things but I just feel stuck and frustrated
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2021.12.05 07:59 MuratkaNeSoset Is it true that LOONA will perform at a concert that will take place on the Polish-Belarusian border? Lmfao

Like.....what? Of course, this is rather doubtful, but the very fact that it is written in the media is surprising. It says not just LOONA, but "Koreans LOONA".
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2021.12.05 07:59 SpongebobsBoner Bodyweight routine suggestions to supplement yoga and swimming routine

Hey everyone, I've been doing the RR for over a year and really enjoyed the progress I've made. Recently, I've noticed a slight pain in my right shoulder when doing certain exercises, so I backed off bodyweight to let it heal and replaced it with a routine of 30 mins of yoga in the morning and a swim at lunchtime most weekdays. On the weekend I'll do some yoga on one of the days. My shoulder has started to feel better from this. Additionally, I've found the routine much easier to maintain and other stressed areas of my body (hips and lower back) also feel much better.
I'd like to eventually reincorporate some bodyweight elements back into this routine as I don't really want to lose strength, but I'm not overly concerned with gaining loads of additional strength. The exercises I'd like to maintain are pull ups and pushups mostly.
So I'm thinking I will either do a short routine to do after yoga on three of the days. I'd like to keep this routine to about 30 minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to structure this exercise? As most of the routines on here are over an hour.
I'm thinking perhaps a really short split routine.
Day 1 - Push Archer / planche - 3x8 Diamond - 3x8 Dips - 3x8 Decline - 3x8
Day 2 - Pull Pull ups - 3x8 Bodyweight bicep curls - 3x8 Rows - 3x8 Isometric pull up holds - 3 sets
Day 3 - Shoulders Handstand practice Pikes - 3x8 Pseudo planche pushup - 3x8 Scapula push up - 3x8
I'm thinking of just including some squats and lunges in the rest periods and the yoga is decent core exercise for what I'm after.
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2021.12.05 07:59 Knowledge-Important Cosa ne pensate? La faccio spedire?

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2021.12.05 07:59 renegademaster9090 What's a good way to not strip your arse of skin on a cycling machine ?

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2021.12.05 07:59 H00K3RSQURL Something a little different. If you could turn your passion into a career and be happy doing it.. What would it be? Mine would be streaming full time on twitch, however it’s not viable as it’s .02% can make that happen. But I want to hear yours.

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2021.12.05 07:59 aisaiaisa What S.A. Corey-isms have you noticed when reading the books? I'll start:

I'm basing this off Tiamath Falls in particular: - I love that characters are constantly going into inner monologue, but time around them goes on. Most of the characters are constantly zoning out because of this and have to be reminded what's going on around them. These paragraphs of introspection do add another dimension to the story, but it's always funny to see characters having to be snapped back to reality. (or rewinding the tape they just watched)
- White stubble looks like snow. Multiple times.
- Space is fucking big... and the distances on the holograms are only an approximation of what's going on. This is obvious but has been absolutely drilled into my brain by now. I guess it's a good way to remind people the Expanse doesn't do the old sci-fi trope where ships behave like jet fighters or submarines.
- There's always a scowl on someones face.
- People vanish. That can mean a lot in the Expanse, and it usually gives me an adrenaline kick reading it because I think someone may have just been eerily snapped out of existence by the unknown aggressors. It turns out the screen their face was on just changes picture... This also applies to "the world ended around them" when something like on-planet PDC fire happens - but it immediately makes me think of something else. I assume this is intentional, because the last books always float the idea thathumanity could end in an instance.Only the number of pages left to read indicate that that's likely not what happened.
I'm sure u/DanielAbraham is even more aware of some of the repeating tropes in this fantastic universe.
Anyone else notice some particular S.A. Corey-isms, maybe even some obscure ones that stood out to you?
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2021.12.05 07:59 Professional-Air6320 My body produces lots of mucus & sinus pressure about 90 minutes eating. Why do I get almost narcoleptic drowsy & have to sleep when that happens? I know my many food intolerance issues trigger this nasal detox process but not why it makes me SO sleepy. Clearing sinuses sometimes helps drowsiness

My body produces lots of mucus & sinus pressure about 90 minutes eating. Why do I get almost narcoleptic drowsy & have to sleep when that happens? I know my many food intolerance issues trigger this nasal detox process but not why it makes me SO sleepy. Clearing sinuses sometimes helps drowsiness submitted by Professional-Air6320 to sinus [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 07:59 Caratteraccio Matera

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2021.12.05 07:59 JohnBoone Random picture of our cat taken by my wife with her mobile phone. Turned out pretty well !

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2021.12.05 07:59 BandicootMost power of simpness

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2021.12.05 07:59 Famous-Camera-2903 Dire straits - Iron Hand Cover

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2021.12.05 07:59 Aromatic_Can7589 tweet by gelyunenko#8979
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2021.12.05 07:59 No-Support-9800 It is true though ngl

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2021.12.05 07:59 BoredLilKid Join the void

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2021.12.05 07:59 Leeroy8321 We are all hurting right now with constant attacks. Here’s what I propose

Every saitama holder spread positivity across their social media platforms. We are down but not out. This was not a knockout blow. We will rise from the canvas and deliver our own knockout blow to those who are trying to bring us down. #Wolfpack
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2021.12.05 07:59 matteo174 What OS do you guys use?

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2021.12.05 07:59 rhphase پشمام چقد‌ کسنمکین

هر ۱۰۰ پست ۹۵ تاش میم بی نمک ۲ سال پیشه نصفه نیمه ترجمه کردین مث فلج مغزیا میخندین به هم😂😂😂اون پنج تا پستم مورد مدرسه گریه کردین که خنده دارن ناموسا.
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2021.12.05 07:59 leskowhooop What’s your code pharse for taking a shit?

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2021.12.05 07:59 neworgnldave There ARE good jobs out there! But down with capitalism!

I work for a good company. They say "we're a family" but they're 30-40 workers and actually mean it. I work remotely, get paid alright, and my bosses are human beings. For instance, I had to cancel my quarterly visit to the office a few states a way, which is a MANDATORY trip to talk to benefits people and have a Christmas party. I had to cancel to help take care of my pregnant wife and our family, and they were like "OK sure no problem! we'll still reimburse the cost of the ticket and set you up on Zoom. Family first!" And this isn't even the first time that's happened working here.
Here's the thing though. There's no ethical consumption...OR EMPLOYMENT...under capitalism. No matter how grateful I am for a good boss, why should I even have to be? Why isn't this kind of basic human decency just the NORM? I work hard, but I honestly do not work as hard as a McDonald's worker. Mine is an intellectual job, and I perform very well and get paid for it, but the amount of actual "EFFORT" I put in at my ergonomic desk in my home office can't really be compared to someone who stands up all day and deals with angry customers with a smile and gets paid pennies for it. My viewpoint on this point is a bit slanted by physical disability, but still.
But even with that rant aside, there's no ethical consumption or employment under capitalism. I know that even with my decent wage, OK benefits, bonus, bosses who are human beings, etc., the folks on top are making bank off my work. It may be less bank than your average person, but it's still profit off my labor, meaning I'm not paid 100% of what I'm worth and neither are my co-workers. If this were a co-operative with 100% profit sharing, run the exact same way, every employee (except the bosses) would share a higher take-home than I currently have, and probably even BETTER working conditions.
Here's the argument that always comes up..."but the owners put up the capital and take all the risk." NO THEY DON'T! If the company fails, where will YOU be? Looking for a new job, burning through savings, maybe evicted, maybe bankrupt. If the company fails, where will the owners be? Defaulting on a loan that the business (not them personally) is responsible for, is where. Applying for more loans to start another business. And most people like this already HAVE multiple "businesses" and can often just step into C-suite jobs at other places. And even if they don't, they have the capital and the credit to make more. Our financial system is literally geared toward putting people who already have capital in very low risk. It's exactly how Trump has stayed rich (or at least with a rich lifestyle) despite multiple bankruptcies and business failures.
Which really sticks in my craw. Drain the swamp? The swamp is capitalists like Trump who repeatedly do everything they can to not to even pay their workers the peanuts they agreed to. But anyway.
We need to communicate with others in my sort of position. It's great to get all the minimum wage earners motivated, but we need real worker unity. If I were to talk about a union with my fellow employees, they would be like "BUT WHY, WORKING HERE IS GREAT." What about the bigger picture? A union could help others in similar jobs who have crap conditions. It could help keep our current good environment if owners sold the company, or died, or decided to make it crappy. If the owners were to convert to a co-op, things could be even better. Not ever going to happen, but they could.
And we must always remember that even though I'm "middle class," even that is a myth perpetrated to divide our society. Someone making $300k (I DO NOT MAKE NEAR THIS MUCH) is really only half a step away from someone making $25k. Life is easier in a lot of ways, but you're still a few insurance-denied medical bills or a long-term disability away from poverty. Or if something happens to you, the primary earner, your family is out on their butts. Or, or, or. You're in a better spot, for now, but you're still part of the struggle.
/rant over
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2021.12.05 07:59 pranavyanturu How much does link building cost?

How much does link building cost?
Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?
What’s good value for money when it comes to link building? What’s a fair deal when it comes to link-building pricing? We break down the different factors and reveal what a good price point is for link building.
Pricing Scale
The price of link building varies greatly between $100 – $20,000 per month depending on quality and volume. You’ll be better off trying to figure out a price point per link in the long term when judging your costs for link building.
Here’s a pretty typical pricing scale for overall link building costs if you’re considering an outsourced link building campaign.
DR and DA dependent pricing model
Another popular pricing system set up by link-building vendors and agencies is price dependent on DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority). It’s an imperfect system, because these are 3rd party metric scores that do not always reflect the true quality of a website. However, it’s a well-known fact that people across the industry use these scores as a benchmark system to gauge the quality of a website, along with other factors such as organic traffic.
The prices might range from anywhere between $100 – $600 + depending on quality.

Visit Seotoolskit for more exciting and free SEO content.
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