How do you communicate with demons?

2021.12.04 03:52 Dianaa20 How do you communicate with demons?

That’s a question i always wanted to know. Like do you guys actually speak and see them like the way u would communicate with a human being?
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2021.12.04 03:52 Ying_anSanren ...Of Jin Ling's little mischief

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2021.12.04 03:52 GracefulWave (25M) Looking for new friends so here are some of my thoughts - I think Boston Legal is better than Suits, Yes, Prime Minister and Friends are better than Seinfeld and Person of Interest is better than Blacklist !

Hello there !
I would love to make some new friends and instead of leaving a generic introduction about myself (which is quite diffult to do), I thought I'd leave some of my thoughts about something pertaining to popular culture and we could get to know each other after trading thoughts on it !
I would like to say that I am not trying to spark off a debate nor am I interested in setting into that kind of energy. These are just some of my thoughts and they serve more as an ice breaker than a newshour debate.

Boston Legal appears to have a tone of comedy and Suits appears to have a serious tone. However, their treatment of the law is in stark opposition of their tone. Suits hardly ever show a courtroom argument. When they do, the argument is seldom compelling. Most of the cases are won by the team which can blackmail the other team more. Boston Legal is also abreast with underhand techniques. However, almost every episode features a courtroom scene and the legal arguments are quite moving. There were many times when they almost convinced me to a ridiculous premise. I'm also told that some of the cases they take on are actual cases that were discussed in the Supreme Court of America. (I'm not American).
Every time I watch Friends, I feel a sense of warmth emanating from the show. More than humour, it's the warmth of friendship which shines through. Don't get me wrong. Seinfeld is also a show that gives me a great deal of comfort while watching it. I am not sure why but watching television shows that have the video quality of the 90s and before give me great comfort. I'm not sure how it achieves this effect. My main bone with Seinfeld is that a lot of the dialogue is so redundant and annoying. They go out of the way to keep repeating the same sentence over and over again and hope that enunciating the same words again and again would make the premise funnier. I don't find it funny. I find it annoying when someone keeps repeating the same thing again and again. And although I do derive comfort from the show, there are episodes of this show that I find painfully unfunny.
One of the arguments about Seinfeld is that the situations are much more relateable than the other shows. For example, not being able to find your car in parking or not getting a seat in a Chinese restaurant. I fully agree with this. However, purely being relateable doesn't mean it's funny.

Person of Interest and Blacklist are more similar than you realise ! Although you could say one is about science fiction and the other is a crime drama, both shows involve a source of unlimited intelligence and catching criminals who usually fly under the radar with methods outside the textbook.
While I enjoy both shows, the agents in Person of Interest are far more competent, the action scenes are blazing and the source of intelligence is more believeable. (An omniscient AI is more believeable than an all-knowing human being with leverage and information on everybody in every country in the world.) I also find the overall quality of Person of Interest storytelling superior. They tie in multiple story arcs with multiple characters with an end game. To be fair, both shows do this. However, I believe a good story should proceed by creating a question, answering that question and giving rise to new questions and move on. I don't think it's a good storytelling practice for an entire story to hinge on just ONE mystery. And quite an insignificant mystery. We should not be wondering who Raymond is to Elizabeth for 8 years ! It's a question that should have been answered in the first or second season and should have lead to further questions. Every season, they give us such a tiny bit of information. It's just so frustrating. And the fact is that it's been built up so much that it's almost impossible for the final answer to not be underwhelming.
Person of Interst was an incredible show. The only problem is that the ending was very rushed. I also liked that there were no superfluous romances. It was a wonderful show.
If you'd like to talk more with me about this and other things, drop me a chat or message !
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2021.12.04 03:52 KPayAudio What food wasn't as spicy as people said?

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2021.12.04 03:52 yisan1 Newbie here! Semi automatic vs super automatic

Hello everyone !
I’m noob to real coffee coming out of the instant coffee life. I am unsure of what machine would be the best to buy. Please enlighten me! My mornings are a bit fast paced with little time to do some too elaborate sometimes with the need of just one cup to multiple cups for the family. I have been looking at the JURA ENA 4 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine and at the Gaggia Anima Prestige Super-Automatic as possible options, but I’m still unsure. Looking for something not to big on size, or too complicated to use or clean!
Open to any suggestions. Ok with buying a separate grinder too! Thank you!!!
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2021.12.04 03:52 TheDroneExperiment Northern Nevada - DJI Air 2S - Drone - 4K

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2021.12.04 03:52 kmoran1 Need guidance with T-Mobile One plan and bogo deal for iPhones

im talking about this deal:

BOGO $800 off Buy one iPhone 13 series device or iPhone 12 series device and get up to $800 off a second via 30 monthly bill credits when you activate a new line or lines.
I'm on the T-mobile one plan from a long time ago it's 2 lines for $100/month.
Can I add a line to my current one plan which is grandfathered in? How much would it be? Or would I have to switch to magenta max? Can a new line be a tablet line? I thought about switching to Magenta Max and getting the third line free but over the course of two years that would be $960 difference from my current plan. Which would negate any savings from a bogo deal as years later i'd be paying $480 extra over my current $100/month plan.
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2021.12.04 03:52 Sw0rdInTheSt0ne [EVENT] Maria, Alone

I remembered those cold days when my husband died. Hans was a newborn, Fritz was five. I was strong around my sons, around the neighbors, around the townsfolk. I wore black to church and mourned for as long as time allowed. I am glad for only one thing: that mourning is not looked down upon. What else can one do? When fatal fortune strikes, when life is taken away and the cold sets in, what could possibly be expected of you? I am now truly alone. Even when Fritz went to war, I still had Hans. But even sweet, brave little Hans...
I remember when he was six. I saw him fight off Klaus, the bully, from hurting his friends. He was scuffed up, and I had to deal with Klaus's mother, but I was proud of him. My strong little boy.
He and his brother would help in the fields, both sowing and reaping crop. They would fish, play ball, sing, dance, laugh...
I can't help but look around me. It is midnight, and the church is empty. I come here during the day, and give recourse to Mary and the Lord. I am the image of the pious wife and mother, never moving on, never forgetting, always cherishing.
I mourn. But I cannot say that the day holds my true feelings, my true desires.
And so I ask...
Why? Why must you take everything I hold dear?
Have I transgressed? Have I sinned? If so, take me. Don't leave me to suffer where the ones I love might be embraced by You, and I become unworthy. I stew in my pain, in my growing iniquity, and lose sight of your love.
My sight blurs.
Please God, don't leave me here. Please please please. I...want...
Oh God. I...
I just want to die.
I just want to see my husband.
I just want to see my sons.
I just want to not be alone.
My body writhes. I vaguely feel pain in my fist as I hit the pew.
My cries echo throughout the vaulted church. If I were listening, it would seem that a choir of demons were singing a lullaby.
I wipe away the tears from my eyes. I can barely stand.
I stumble outside, and look into the sky. The moment is etched into my memory.
My scream empties into the void. The starry night was a vacuum for my anger, my sadness, my pain. Never before have I felt so small.
I cannot know why God has done this to me. I will never understand. But I must carry on. I love them so very much...
They are waiting for me to join them. And I have a lot to do before then.
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2021.12.04 03:52 Ayeshen_M PLEASE HELP. Bug spray on my speakers and video lights

Hi ,
I sprayed bug spray on speakers and video lights cause i had a shoot yesterday and there were a lot of bugs. However i spray it like 50cm away from the components. Do you think it will corrode ?
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2021.12.04 03:52 Wise_Mulberry3568 [WP] You don't know why the doctor looks so pale. Or why they keep calling you 'Subject Seven'. Or why the red crayon doesn't float like the rest. But you're glad they finally gave you something to play with.

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2021.12.04 03:52 MrProph24 Jelly jars with cartoon characters

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2021.12.04 03:52 HydeParkerKCMO A man walks into a bar...and walks out with....

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2021.12.04 03:52 MusicalCatBLOX Trading (looking for items around 200)

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2021.12.04 03:52 Professional-Lynx841 NEED PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH!!!!!!!!!

I love this game... when i have someone to play with lol. im 21 btw, not that age matters at all. drop your names below
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2021.12.04 03:52 godolphinarabian Anyone else ignore makeup expiration dates?

After an initial decluttering, I’ve focused on not buying new things and wearing out everything I have. Accordingly, I completely ignore makeup, hair care, and skin care expiration dates.
One, because a lot of them are a gimmick to get you to throw away perfectly good product and re-buy it.
Two, because even something with an active ingredient isn’t (usually) harmful when it’s old, just less effective (so I just use a higher quantity).
Three, I keep everything clean and have never gotten pink eye or an infection from old product.
Four, I do have a few exceptions where it makes sense, like sunscreen.
Five, “wear it out” mentality is more eco-friendly and less wasteful.
Six, I’m fickle with beauty products. Some days I like a lipstick, the next I won’t. Sometimes my hair loves Loreal and sometimes it loves Tresemme. So I’ve stopped forcefitting myself into a minimalist box where I can only use one shampoo. Which means I often have multiple. Thus, most things will “expire” before I can use them up.
Anyone else ignore expiration dates on personal care and beauty items?
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2021.12.04 03:52 Hungry_Programmer801 it's a picture of among us socksfor1 it looks really nice, i'm a bit confused

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2021.12.04 03:52 pooper_meister_ Do you guys consider Chris Chan to be “representation”?

As in a similar vein to something like 100 gecs, where they are a trans person in the public spotlight
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2021.12.04 03:52 138040799 Anyone down to cum all over this college gf slut's cute face? If so send me a chat

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2021.12.04 03:52 Dredgen_Memor Words coming in they were apprehended in the basement of the aforementioned building.

Damn that was getting dicey. This entire story is so fucked up, these two are taking the fast track to pariahville.
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2021.12.04 03:52 deep_sea213 Portia sketch I made for warm up!

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2021.12.04 03:52 Deterministic_Object Daily chart from April this year. Monthly chart at this very moment. They look the same. Last one is what happened on daily after the scary dip. Buckle up 🚀

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2021.12.04 03:52 berserker10023 Heluvcoco ashkaash corinna kopf and Hot4lexi teanna trump mega files $5 each dm me

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2021.12.04 03:52 Kcv273 Borderlands 2 run for beginners

My cousin wants to co op in Borderlands 2 to get into the franchise. I want to take her throught the story plus dlc’s whats the correct order to play each one, its been a while since i have done them?
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2021.12.04 03:52 angiosperms- Sources: James and Jennifer Crumbley arrested on Detroit's east side

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2021.12.04 03:52 Kubuu Seeking stories about how games helped get you through hard times.

Hey my friends,
I’ve been thinking a lot about the way society applies labels to people and uses those labels as an excuse to treat certain members of society as “less than”. In particular, I’ve thought about how this applies to individuals who are incarcerated/formerly incarcerated and have been exploring ways in which I can play a part in helping remove those labels and humanize people who are typically treated this way.
I’ve been toying around with a lot of ideas, but the one that I’ve landed on, is creating a podcast that explores how formerly incarcerated individuals might have used games to help get them through their time served. When I say games, it can be anything that someone might do in order to simply pass the time, whether it’s a counting or memory game you made up for yourself, games played with other individuals, etc. As a fan of games myself, I’ve always been interested in how people use them to get through hard times and I would love to hear any stories that you may have. Big picture wise, I really want to hear your entire story (as much as you are willing to share and allowed to share) because my goal is to humanize individuals through story-telling and through a popular common interest, which is gaming.
Above all, my goal is to make sure that whatever I create, is respectful to the individual, serves the story and moves the needle with regard to removing societies’ proclivity for using labels to dehumanize people.
I also want to make it clear that I am not insinuating that your time during incarceration was cozy and that you got to play games. I'm just very interested in the ways in which humans can create activities in order to pass through hard times in their lives, games being one of them
I would appreciate any feedback and am looking forward to hearing your stories. Additionally, even if you did not play any games or anything, I would still love to hear your story and if the interest is there, explore any interest in gaming that you may have.
I thank you for you time and look forward to hearing from you.
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