Why Stablecoins are your best crypto-friends next to Bitcoin, a review

2021.12.05 08:11 Jxntb733 Why Stablecoins are your best crypto-friends next to Bitcoin, a review

Modern money is a combination of public and private money, Public money being central banks-issued cash and digital claims, Private money being deposit claims against commercial banks. 95% of money in developed economies is private. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to a stable asset, typically the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio. They are not subjected to the same volatility as other cryptocurrencies, hence the term STABLE, are relatively private, and one USDT or USDC will always be worth one dollar. You can invest large amounts in stablecoins and never loose your initial (sans trade fees). Some apps even offer a 1:1 transfer ratio!
This is gigantic implications beyond 'buying and selling' aka swapping Bitcoin at the top for Tether before 'swapping' back in and avoiding having to actually 'cashout'. Don't get me wrong this is a HUGE part of stalelcoins, bypassing banks not allowing withdrawals outside the banking hours, and avoiding cashout taxes. Amazing digital dollars on the apps that I can swap in and out of as I daytrade crypto!! Awesome, but they have so much more potential beyond this.
APY: As of January 2021, Celsius app (any others) pay on average 10–14% APY on the dozen supported stablecoins. They also pay their APY out WEEKLY! meaning every Monday I watch my BTC bag grow in-kind. -- This is not a shill post for Celsius many other platforms offer similarly large APYs and weekly payouts. -- at 10% that means my bag will DOUBLE IN 7 YEARS! -- How is this possible in a world where banks pay less than 1% apy? (My American bank pays 0.4% I think, don’t care, doesn’t matter really does it) --- Answers; low company overhead, APY goal driven company missions, large stablecoin utilization, and an exploding space of crypto, all of which expand opportunities for companies to loan and lend and yield from their base. This is how banks should be. This is what new world banks look like.
Terra: Terra is an algorithmic stablecoin, it makes use of an algorithm incentive to stabilize value over time by minting and burning supply in response to market conditions. When Terra is trading at 99 cents instead of 1 dollar, an arbitrage hunter is incentivized to buy Terra then swap it to LUNA giving them a 1 dollars’ worth to capture a 1% arbitrage return. This can be done over and over again, but recurrent buying would lead buying pressure which the algorithm would notice, and the price would stabilize back to the peg of 1 dollar thus eliminating the 1% arbitrage opportunity. Now where does LUNA come into play? Luna is a volatility absorber for the price of the Stablecoins minted on Terra. It’s complicated but you can understand mechanisms can get set up around arbitrage pegging. This will continue to lead the crypto-economy to be incentivized to use stablecoin and utilize staking mechanisms.
Loans: A crypto-backed loan, sounds scary, it isn’t. Using cryptocurrencies as collateral and customizing your loan terms to get funds without selling your coins is the new normal. Annual rates can start at just 1% (at least on Celsius, (they can go up to 8.95%) but they claim to have the lowest rates in the industry). Instead of waiting 30 days for a bank wire transfer, you can access funds directly the app that day. Customers can borrow as little as $100, for emergency purposes this type can be lifesaving.
Example Loan: A $1,000 loan for 12 months, at 25% loan-to-value and 1% annual percentage rate; repayable in 11 payments of $0.83 and a 12th payment of $1,000.83. Estimated total cost = $1010.
The ends of cash: The era of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) has begun. There is no going back once the switch to digital money has been made. CBDCs are backed by a central bank and represent money in direct liability of the central bank. The pandemic has facilitated this switch quicker than expected. The Bahamas recently announced the integration of its digital Sand Dollar into a stock exchange. China, Japan, Sweden and Nigeria have commenced CBDC trials, with the Bank of England and European Central Bank preparing their own. U.S. Federal Reserve remains hesitant but are heavily researching the possibility. Unlike the glorious decentralized bitcoin, CBDC are controlled by one entity (a central bank) and therefore wouldn’t be considered a cryptocurrency per say.
CBDC pros: Giving poor people around the world with nothing but a $50 cellphone access to a bank account and digital payment system, a true portal for basic banking services and property rights. This technology scales to countries who need it more than the western world; there are two billion people worldwide who cannot access financial services according to the World Bank's latest report nearly. 6% of all U.S. households (14.1 million American adults) are unbanked. VISA and bank wire rails exist but are slow and analogue compared to crypto rails. People in a hostile country can download the app and immediately store her wealth in a stable asset stronger than their local currency. Bitcoin will not replace USD as the world reserve currency, it will run in tandem with it. It will be so easy to have Argentinians dollarize their assists if they can have an app with USDc or USDt instead of keeping their money in the Argentine peso (that has an annual inflation rate of 25% in 2017). US central banks will LOVE to expand their reach like this for almost no cost! FDIC insurance on your SCs comes later down the line.
"I think the US dollar is going to spread to 5 billion people. I think that this decade is going to see the explosion of the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world. It will be the digital currency; it will be on every iPhone and every Android, in every country in Africa and Asia and South America. And it will move on Bitcoin Rails– the Bitcoin open monetary protocol is what [will allow] the US dollar to spread to billions of people. In an inflationary environment, money breaks down into two forms. There’s a medium of exchange, that will be the currency, and that will be controlled by governments and the US is probably going to be the most powerful one. And then you need a store of value, that’s an asset, and Bitcoin is the most powerful store of value on the Earth” -Michael J. Saylor
CBDCs cons: It's still central banks in control. Imagine the exact opposite of monero, every single transaction and wallet is monitored and mined and confiscatable. it's possible for the CB to turn off the servers. No one can turn off all bitcoin servers. I fear they will have the same issue as Tether, unable to provide audits for their reserves while continually printing millions, because THEY will decide who audits them, it will be the exact opposite of a public ledger, and they will probably just Brrrrr when they want. This will be them using crypto rails and claiming that they 'have our best interests in mind'
While pros and cons of stablecoins are debatable, their rise isn’t, but I don’t even think the U.S. is aware there is this HUGE global race to adapt. Some are even predicting an Exponential Demand for stabelcoins in the future. We are moving from a analogue brick-and-mortar worlds to a wireless cloud connected one. As governments are triggering high inflation instability in their currencies - citizens have begun to look elsewhere for a STABLE alternative.
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Hello, just wondered why my posts for z ilch keep being removed? Its a very legit UK only offer.
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Hi, I’ll be spending a night in Houston on Monday or Tuesday. I hate lonely nights in a hotel, and I hate dining/drinking alone. Would love to meet with someone for casual dinner, chat, laughs, etc. Don’t care how you look or how old are you. PM me please.
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Global Luxury Suites at Crystal City, Arlington Global Luxury Suites at Crystal City, Arlington https://global-luxury-suites-at-crystal-city.usa8.info Offering a terrace with a view of Washington, D.C., Global Luxury Suites at Crystal City is located in Arlington, just 1640 feet from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Free WiFi access is provided. 220 20th Street South, Arlington, VA 22202, United States of America
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2021.12.05 08:11 gilly107 Galaxy M12 - Latest Security Update?

What is the latest security update for this device?
Out of the box, mine is on July, anyone got anything newer?
I understand it's on quarterly updates.
Thanks :)
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2021.12.05 08:11 AgadhAgadh Road to No Way Home watchlist

So it's Spider-Man season and I decided to watch No Way Home in a theater. I'm a big Spiderman lover, and I'm not theater goer(it's become hedonistic, yeah) so it's kinda a big deal for me. Now we here are aware of the rumors and leaks surrounding the movie and they are pretty lit! Absolutely hyped!
The biggest, single most rad leak made me want to watch the movie in a theater and also keep my memory fresh of all the shenanigans of the big screen outings of the various Spider-men we've had prior to No Way Home, so that the culmination evokes poignant nostalgia, hits harder and has a lasting impact...
Im making this list provided one has already watched Wandavision, Loki and Into The Spiderverse. For this list I've tried be selective, because I wanted to watch better with fanedits but I had to choose ones which didn't turn movies upside down but which elevate the actual theatrical releases by a good notch.
I wanted to start with the Andrew Garfield iteration because Webb's movies are the most hated and I believe they are a bit too hated. No wonder that these movies are not the best and have some controversial elements and poor writing at many places. But the thing is that Masirimso17 has done a solid job at improvising on the premise of these movies; what are known to be underwhelming movies are now really doable. I highly recommend watching the untold editions of TASM by Masirimso17 over regular extended editions because of great story decisions, making the story seem better stitched and more coherent than ever. Conversely, regular extended editions contain all tey deleted stuff which may seem like overstuffing an already boring affair.
So we start with-
1, The Amazing Spider-Man Untold Extended Edition fanedit by Masirimso17
2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Untold Finale edition fanedit by Masirimso17
One can also watch TASM 2 Spark of Life edition fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt; it gets as streamlined as Tasm2 can ever get.
Next up I've lined up the Raimi movies. Honestly, the Raimi movies are pretty great and they don't need fixing per se, although the final installment is the most ragged one (I pretty much enjoy the 3rd one just because of the nostalgia factor; i simply treat it as the silliest Spidey movie🤷🏻‍♂️).
3, Spiderman 1
4, Spiderman 2.2 fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt (improves the brilliant spiderman 2 )
5, Spiderman 3.1 fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt (reason I chose this one over other potential good ones like Spiderman 3 the Editor's redemption, S3 the enemy within, S3 the definive cut, etc because I wanted to retain the original cheesiness of the movie, it's just me, no apologies. Other cuts can be looked up as per different tastes and likings)
Now can be a good time to watch Into The Spiderverse, and I especially recommend the ultimate comics cut by Bobson Dugnutt, because it adds in some good stuff from the alternate universe cut of the movie.
6, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man homecoming fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt (The Holland Spidey movies are pretty well done from a story perspective but some argue that homecoming tries to hit very hard with its jokes. So this particular edit does well by ommitting some corniness and making Spidey seem more responsible)
7, Spiderman Far from Home Elemental expansion fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt (Far from Home was good enough, just that this edit contains the more of the elementals)
So that give us the list-
1, TASM untold extended edition
2, TASM 2 untold finale edition/ spark of life
3, Spider-Man
4, Spider-Man 2.2
5, Spider-Man 3.1/any other edit that suits your preference
6, Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse (optional as it isn't live action)
7, Spiderman Homecoming/ Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
8, Spider-Man Far from Home Elemental expansion
And that's it. So, i hope you excuse me from this long read. I hope enthusiasts find this list helpful. Edits, comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope that you like this list of Spidey movies. Here's to having a good time🥂, and, hope that No Way Home becomes the absolute banger that it's shaping up to be!❤️💙
Ps-(i can try arranging the links of the fanedits listed above)
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2021.12.05 08:11 Brave-Mind-363 In your opinion, what movie/video game remake do you think is better than the original?

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2021.12.05 08:11 jjjwwt Has anyone noticed any garbled texts in game especially in rune panel.

this isnt that much of a support request but i noticed when using "first strike" rune in game rune panel stats showed garbled numbers; the numbers in hover was fine, only the panel itself had problems. Also noticed the scoreboard in game showing predator marking on my boot while using first strike. It doesnt seem to affect anything else.
i forgot to grab screenshots as it was in middle of game.
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2021.12.05 08:11 devil_kin ZFS send snapshots to storage VPS?

I'm looking for a way to send backups to a host somewhere else (eg. cloud) and I was wondering how bad an idea it would be to send these to a storage VPS?
In general these are VPS' with a huge amount of storage attached to it. Underlying it's usually KVM, and some form of hardware raid that I have no clue about (the one I'm looking at - alphavps claims to use RAID60). I'd look into getting a VPS with atleast two disks (whatever they might be underneath) so I could use the ZFS mirroring.
I could also go the physical server route, but the cost is about 3x as much for a physical box vs getting a VPS.
Is this just really a Bad IdeaTM, or might this be a feasible solution?
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Buraya ufak bir not bırakmaknistiyorum, bakın ben etkileşim için ya da komiklik olsun diye atmıyorum canımnsıkıldığı için atıyorum siz kouunlar aMIk nOrmiE eĞ BIrah Eğ demeniz boşa beni görmek istemiyorsanız engelliyin ya da yaşam faliyetlerinize son verin :) submitted by baykallll to zfam [link] [comments]