Looking for a friend with flavors

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2021.12.04 05:18 Brown_Boy62 Looking for a friend with flavors

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2021.12.04 05:18 WellingtonFroelich New Episode is Out

Go check out the latest episode I released called Manna from Moftics!
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2021.12.04 05:18 lilith_is_lame Living car free, along Marine Dr. VS Lonsdale?

Hi folks. I'm looking for my new home and having a strong preference to northvan as I always love the mountain vibe. Two clusters of available condos are along lonsdale ave. and along marine dr. I like the latter more but not sure if it is as convenient for car free life
I saw some history discussion here says lonsdale is good to be car free but NVD is more or less car dependent. What about the condos along Marine Dr? Groceries and foods next door, 24x and R2 stop downstairs, will it be (nearlty) as good as along lonsdale ave for non-driver?
I'll get an e-bike when I finally move here. looks like everthing is well within a comfortable biking range too.
(I work in downtown but highly likely I won't be onsite more than 1d/w once pandemic wfh is over. so I'll take 240 to work I guess. )
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2021.12.04 05:18 RahulNobel What???

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2021.12.04 05:18 MnsrDarling Gwen restyle

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2021.12.04 05:18 AquaticFurryHatBoi HoYoFest PH! Got to go for Honkai and Gensh (no ToT sadly)

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2021.12.04 05:18 adventuwe Really feeling more confident about how I look: both my body, and my aesthetic. I didn’t think HRT would do much for me, but heck—I was wrong. I’m one happy boi for sure :) (they/them)

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2021.12.04 05:18 newest-low Got my boy a new toy and I think he likes it (ignore the messy floor he tore up my sofa seat and I'm still finding foam bits)

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2021.12.04 05:18 BiedakZBiedry Alert to all Demonic FNF Creatures! The Slayer has entered The Community! But seriously, it's been over a year, why isn't there a mod about Him?

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2021.12.04 05:18 Crazy-Penguin I don't know if I can handle going winless again

2008 was bad enough with the pain and humiliation. If it happens again it will be devastating. I can't imagine how demoralized the players would be, how bad it would affect free agency chances, and how bad it would reflect in the coaching staff. Not to mention the embarrassment borne by the fanbase.
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2021.12.04 05:18 Ionshatter Painted my BF's favorite tower of metal for christmas.

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2021.12.04 05:18 CompleteBuy3985 Suggestions for models

The first model I did was a F8 crusader and I fell in love with building models, does anyone have any suggestions for a model that’s challenging and in the $0-35 price range?
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2021.12.04 05:18 unavailabelle How to study from an anki sub-deck?

So I just downloaded this anki deck for vocab which is MASSIVE (800+ words). The deck is subdivided into chunks of sub-decks with 30 words each. I want to do a sub-deck each day, while revising everything I've done so far. Is it possible to save the sub-deck again as different decks to learn then and then use the whole deck for complete revision? I've literally just discovered anki. Could someone assist me with the same? Thanks is advance :)
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2021.12.04 05:18 ladyschizoid Anyone interested in stimulant adhd medication? I have extra that I don’t need. DM me.

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2021.12.04 05:18 yimhl Some fan art I made as a Zelda main who's regular smash partner is a Dedede main

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2021.12.04 05:18 tyler_2330 I recently stumbled upon my old GBA from when I was younger and decided to replace the shell because the other was absolutely disgusting due to years of neglect. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Now I just need to do an screen replacement and it’ll be perfect!

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2021.12.04 05:18 Distracto69 Can someone explain how the consimption section works ? Seems as if nothings happening

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2021.12.04 05:18 -Zeneryth- Absolutely Stunning

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2021.12.04 05:18 VortexianAy Do players playing alone from the Epic launcher only play with other people playing from the Epic launcher?

I don't think so, but I'm not certain. I'm just asking to see if anyone knows for sure.
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2021.12.04 05:18 Borsewastaken Idc what they say the off-season is a good album

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2021.12.04 05:18 Thelolster420 Tag niyo na

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2021.12.04 05:18 jitra_trader How do you catch other players for some pvp?

Me and some irl friends started playing a few days ago. We had a nice large ship with 4 man crew and decided we will hunt down some smaller ships for profit. Fighting npcs is pretty lame so we started looking for other players.
We had giant sails, empty cargo holds (just a little bit of wood and cannon balls) and 4 people to man the ship. After 2 hours of sailing and looking for other players (world felt really empty, most ships we saw were npcs) we found 1 small ship in the distance. We got really excited, loaded all the cannons, checked our equipment and sailed right at him.
What happened was super disappointing. When he noticed us (it was just 1 player) he just turned around and started sailing against the wind. We tried shooting cannons at him with chain shots but he was way past our range. Then we decided to follow him.
For some reason ships can sail straight against the wind. They aren't moving backwards, they just keep magically sailing forward. Our target kept sailing straight against the wind, and we couldn't catch up. We tried to tack but that only made it worse and we lost some distance. Then we kept following him, magically sailing straight against the wind. The distance didn't change.
After 1,5 hours of chasing him we just gave up and logged off. How can a guy keep escaping 4 others players by just simply sailing forward for indefinite amount of time? He might as well be afk.
So how do you pvp in this game? How do you catch other players that decide to run from you? Are there any factors that increase your ship speed or decrease their speed?
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2021.12.04 05:18 hipp0l0rd Tis' the Season [Bronica SQ-A, 80mm f/2.8 S, Cinestill 800t]

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2021.12.04 05:18 Helrend All of this and no pan I wanna die

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2021.12.04 05:18 boidudebro13 Arcano, legendary hero, user of arcane energy

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