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Need help finding a place in Sacramento that will allow my American Staffordshire Terrier! Where do any of y’all that have the same dog live or would be a good place to go? Just me, my gf and our dog.

2021.12.02 18:25 TiredOfBeingAFuckup Need help finding a place in Sacramento that will allow my American Staffordshire Terrier! Where do any of y’all that have the same dog live or would be a good place to go? Just me, my gf and our dog.

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2021.12.02 18:25 Mobadreen [H] 88%PayPal [W] Apple gift card

Rate increased
I need +$1000
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2021.12.02 18:25 robotrocket1 Is the 3060 TI or the RX 6600 XT better for my system and just generally better in quality?

I was planning on upgrading my PC, but I wasn't sure which part I should do. The CPU seems to be needing an upgrade first, but is complicated and risky, and the RAM is only single channel when I should be running dual, but then I found a place that has 3000 series cards and 6000 series cards near MSRP, and considering the mass shortage, and high price mark ups, I thought it may be worth prioritizing the upgrade of my GPU. (They only sell the parts to people who have purchased a pre-built from them) I've tried my best to do research, but I've hit a bit of a road block and was looking for advice from a more educated person on which GPU I should get, the 3060 Ti, or the RX 6600 XT (prices listed below), which is the best for my specs and for the price to performance ratio, or should I just not bother getting one?
CPU ; Ryzen 5 3350G
PSU; 350W (Already planning to upgrade along with whatever I get, probably to 650W 80+ gold)
Motherboard; ASUS Prime A320K - M
Storage (probably unnecessary but I'll list anyway); 512GB Sata SSD, 1TB HHD
Monitor; 144 Hz, 1080p
Currently, my PC uses around 120W, though Ill probably re-check on some (dodgy) calculator website.
I originally bought my PC for Minecraft, however, I want to start moving into more high end games, such as a main example being Forza Horizon 5.
The 3060Ti costs £556 on the website, with the 6600 XT being £421. (Including VAT). Our budget, including a new power supply at around £80, is £500, though if the 3060 Ti is good enough, we may consider going out of budget to get it.
Thanks to anybody taking the time to read through and reply in advance! If there's anything I need to include or improve on in the post I'll be happy to do so.
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2021.12.02 18:25 mouse-droid [LF] Recipe for Scifi Wall [FT] see post text for options

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a Scifi Wall recipe.
I know this is a bit of a long shot, but my friend got one from Celeste, then the game screwed up and they lost it. I'd love to get it for them and surprise them.
What I have to offer: - Any amount of bells. I am not really willing to go above 1mil for this but we can talk. - DLC items. If you've seen a cool item from the DLC and it hasn't cycled through your shop yet, let me know and I'll order it for you. Also includes glowing moss, vines. - Customization kits. I will buy so many of these for you. - Customized items. Do you have a lot of items to customize, like streetlamps? HMU. I'll sit through each individual cutscene so you don't have to. - Produce and other crafting materials. Just let me know how many you want of whatever you want.
If you want anything else that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm willing to be flexible. I will be watching this post closely because this is something I'd really like, so unless it's marked as closed, trade is still on the table, HMU.
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2021.12.02 18:25 GoodLifeTravel [S] [USA-WI] December Daily Deal #1! 28mm f5.6 Summaron re-release

Will add timestamp in a moment...
PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING, FULL INSURANCE, AND PAYPAL GOODS & SERVICES FEES. (Price is in US$.) Price is FIRM. No offers, thank you. But I’m open to trades, especially for user copies! See below about what I’m looking for…
Rated 9+/open box—very, very clean, $2290
Images of the lens: https://imgur.com/gallery/KtWlwkk
I’ve bought and sold a bunch on FredMiranda for over a decade as acjeske. In addition to my feedback there, I've bought and sold a fair bit here this year. Please see my note below about how I do things.
NOTE: I will ask you to prove you're a real person, with history and visibility online (provide a portfolio site, a message from a LinkedIn profile, seller references somewhere, etc).
IMPORTANT FINE PRINT…You pay the price here, nothing additional! I hate when something looks like a good price, but you add 4% and then insured shipping and it’s $300 more than the price listed. So I do it as one all-inclusive price.
I'll cover CONUSA shipping. If you buy multiple items, I’ll drop a bit for the shipping savings. I have a preference for US buyers, but feel free to ask. Overseas buyers have to pay extra shipping and are on their own customs etc. I report actual value of items on customs forms. I only accept PayPal G&S, so don’t ask about anything else.
I am a photographer who is has entered Leica Land, trying things and keeping what I like. (As people often ask, I’m currently most enjoying small, brass lenses’ handling: an M3 and 50 Summilux v.3, a Kanto M2 and Kanto 35mm Summicron Asph v.1, and an M-A with Ricoh 28/2.8, along with an MM246 for instant gratification and low light capability…)
I search for what I consider good deals and am happy to pass them along to the community here. Cameras come with usually come with body caps, lenses usually come with front and rear caps, all unless noted. Some stuff has boxes. More photos forthcoming, and I'll reply as I'm able. I want to sell at these prices, or else I'll just hold them. Also, I have stuff going on, so please keep your pants on, or I’ll just sell to someone else.
I reserve the right to know you're a real person on the up and up and to walk away if you can't convince me. You're welcome to do the same.
TRADES I’M LOOKING FOR, with a preference for USER CONDITION--glass is pretty good and function is great, but it can look quite…used. If you want to trade for something I have, but don’t have one of the things below, mention it. It doesn’t hurt to ask. LTM is as good as M...
Actively seeking:
-M10-D -M-D 262 -35 Summilux pre-asph v2, titanium or silver user -50 Summilux v1 or v2, silver or black -Nikon LTM lenses (try me) -that Pentax 43mm LTM -24 Elmarit in silver -50 Elcan -silver 90/4 macro (the new one, preferably user copy) -M4 rear door in black paint -protective filter or adapter or hood that fits 50/1.5 Summarit (the old one) -silver 50 Summilux Asph or v.3 pre-asph user in silver or black paint -Konica 28, 35, 50, 90 -other weird M/LTM stuff: Fujinon, Kobalux/Avenon, Minolta/Chiyoko, Zeiss-in-LTM
Thanks, y'all!
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2021.12.02 18:25 self_reflectionist Hotbar issue

Hey all, it seems I'm having an issue where icons disappear from my hotbar. I think it happens after I zone. It only seems to affect slots 7-10.
Any ideas?
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2021.12.02 18:25 Miniappolis Most pointless screw ever? From an iPhone 12 Pro Max charge port

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2021.12.02 18:25 Mean_Childhood5370 elpep

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2021.12.02 18:25 smegmakiss 88 octane

Is 88 octane a safe/better alternative to 87? Any details on how this will effect the 2.5T engine helps. I have been using 93 but it's getting a bit too pricey for me. (3.80ish/gal)Thank you!
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2021.12.02 18:25 movin4call Where does Son Heung-Min rank among pure finishers in the world?

Every time I watch the Spurs, I'm amazed how few chances Son wastes when he has a clear shot at goal. Dude rarely misses one-on-one.
Really makes me think how many goals he could score if he was on a different team that created a ton of chances.
Where would you rank him, purely on finishing ability alone?
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2021.12.02 18:25 _meme_crusader Not to get political but...

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2021.12.02 18:25 DD_da_Artist Take these two drawings of Fizz and Verosika because why not :D

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2021.12.02 18:25 OGjonxi Back To The Future Film Tee is now live

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2021.12.02 18:25 fastfunfriendlydad Someone created a video of all the November Twin Cities car crashes

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2021.12.02 18:25 CoolHwhipMike Think I'm about done

This probably doesn't belong here and is just a very short rant. I drive around and inspect certain sites. We used to go to the office to pick up a full many vehicle before we went in the field. Finally got remote work and took the vehicle home.
Now it's constant micromanaging and straight crap. Our quota is about 40 inspections per month. I got called out for only doing 60 so out of spite I did 150 the next month. Then I did about 90 along with a bunch of other things that took up about half my time in the field.
And today, my team gets told that we need to be in the field at our start time and make sure we're aren't done early because they might start verifying our work hours with the GPS trackers in out vehicles. I get that I have to work but if I can double my quota and be home an hour early what does it matter.
These supervisors are useless and are freaking out that they can't track our every move. I'm about to snap and quit my job even though I can't afford it.
I'm done venting now, thanks for reading and I'll take this down if it breaks rules or something.
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2021.12.02 18:25 Longjumping-Ask-2122 Painfully cold feet/hands

I’m not diagnosed. I spent about an hour reading everyone’s symptoms here. No one specifically said cold hands/feet.
My hands, especially my feet, are always cold. Most of the time my toes are so cold that they hurt. I have to sleep with socks on and an extra blanket over my feet and sometimes my toes are still cold. The only time my feet aren’t cold is when it’s warm outside and I’m walking for 10+ minutes or in the shower for 5+ minutes.
That’s my main symptom along with a handful of others. Does anyone experience this?
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2021.12.02 18:25 NationYell Jeep Scrambler with a Banks 3.0 L V6 Turbodiesel

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2021.12.02 18:25 HP-Munchcraft Is Erik wearing shorts today?

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2021.12.02 18:25 Ignis2303 What is something you can do but most people cant do?

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2021.12.02 18:25 Brandon_Monahan Almost fired from Ralph’s in high school

It’s my first job and I’m 16. I’m a bag boy and there are miscellaneous other tasks as needed attached to bagging groceries: taking out trash, collecting carts, helping customers to their cars, etc.
One night, apparently the evening meat department butcher had to leave early and didn’t clean the blood and guts off the machines. Pretty sure this didn’t qualify as my job but I’m young so when the assistant manager tells me to clean the meat department, I agree. Ten minutes in, I cut my finger on one of the saws. She puts a bandage on my finger and wraps it in a condom so that I can continue to clean the meat department without worrying about the dirty water getting in.
I was told later that the assistant manager told the manager to let me go but the manager was probably worried about litigation and moved me to a much nicer grocery store on an upscale area. It turned out well but man, what a wasted opportunity to get PAID.
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2021.12.02 18:25 ProfBingeWatcher hello darkness, my old friend

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2021.12.02 18:25 nikto123 Most Progressive V4 Country

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2021.12.02 18:25 Amazing_Arachnid1638 I just dropped my debut album “Pacifier” it’s got rock/alternative rock/grunge vibes. If you’d give it a listen I’d greatly appreciate it!

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2021.12.02 18:25 Delfinov Gorgon

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2021.12.02 18:25 Techboy07 so apparently tests in the us are very easy

because is all just multiple choice
and yet you guys still complain about failing
BITCH listen up in europe we stopped doing that shit in 1st grade and is been pain ever since because we have to actually write down the answer and explain why we think is the answer
so stop bitching and moaning about how your tests are hard
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