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2021.12.04 05:07 navel_buffet 🐕🔥Wildfire Inu! || 🔒 5 YEARS Liquidity Locked || 20% Burned on Every Transaction || 1% Reflections || 2% Liquidity

1 Week Old, Sleeping Giant, LOW MC, 5 years Locked Liquidity! 23% Buy/Sell Tax ➡️ 🔥20%🔥 of every transaction is burned forever ➡️ 1% of every transaction is reflected back to holders ➡️ 2% of every transaction is added to liquidity for price stability ca: 0x1b3c385c8c64ce8a512a7c041246f1cb2156bac8 https://t.me/wildfireinu 🔒Liquidity Locked for 5 Years!🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa7D142d0382DdB1bBBBC3397553e5C1EDA7946F6 
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2021.12.04 05:07 AgentRed29 racist discord admin renames korean kid to 456

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2021.12.04 05:07 8Mihailos8 People who already have Ruby and/or Marius be like:

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2021.12.04 05:07 Striking_Size_2103 Crate and Barrel - Which to Buy??

After weeks of research and trying out sectionals, I've settled on 2 options, both from Crate and Barrel. Their configuration will be 2-piece Left Chaise.
Option 1) Gather Deep
Option 2) Lounge Deep
I sat on both multiple times and can go either way. Price and Fabric choices are similar so those aren't being considered.
The biggest difference I've found, and please feel free to confirm, is their construction. The Gather I believe has a sinuous spring foundation and the cushions have pocket coils (like a mattress). The Lounge has the spring up flexolator system with foam cushions.
Based on this information and your experience:
1) Which sofa you would recommend based on the suspension and/or cushion build?
2) If you have either, how have they held up? How long have you had them?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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2021.12.04 05:07 cannachemist- Is this keratosis? have always had these bumps somewhat but just recently started on forearms, typically flares up after work but want to make sure it’s not something else

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2021.12.04 05:07 Maximusincredibilis So I’m getting ads for a zombology teacher pack, but it doesn’t show up in the shop

Is it my wifi or something?
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2021.12.04 05:07 Ancient_Antelope_821 Another edit for someone!

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2021.12.04 05:07 lightdeath11 ITAP of a bus driver next to a street lamp post

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2021.12.04 05:07 TheraKoon Evidence of a Pedophile Network Part 4A: Introduction to the DNA

On January 15, 1997, shortly after the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey, the analysis of specific items including Jonbenet's panties and underneath her fingernails returned. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, or CBI for short, undertook such testing. To ensure the testing was accurate, the DNA was sent to a separate lab as well in February, which confirmed the findings.
The results were then sent to a DNA expert at the time who concluded that the DNA was from the same source. CBI had come to the conclusion that the evidence had enough evidentiary worth that if a match of this magnitude was made, that it would eliminate the Ramsey's as contributors to said DNA, and also, as the likely perpetrators of the murder.
One would think that the DNA evidence is slam dunk. Unfortunately, in the world surrounding the Ramsey case, even slam dunk evidence is picked apart to become arbitrary and meaningless. When the theory comes first, the DNA poses a horrible problem for those who espouse RDI theories, particularly who's DNA is it, exactly?
The commonly regurgitated theory is that it comes from a Factory Worker. Others argue that there are many sources of DNA, and that what we have is actually a composite of two or more separate individuals. Still others claim that it's the result of mishandled evidence, likely from someone in the investigation. The most commonly stated theory, however, including famously (or perhaps infamously) in The Case Of documentary was the DNA must have come from a factory worker.
In this Chapter we will discuss the DNA evidence. Did the Case Of thoroughly debunk the idea that it had to have been from the night in question? Was it in fact just an artifact? Were there multiple DNA samples acquired, and does that defer from the main sourced DNA sample's worth? Finally, we will conclude with what this means for the theories we have presented and how the DNA evidence fits with each theory we have presented.
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2021.12.04 05:07 drhyde1987 hi i'm fred i hope to meet a nice, friend....odd is okay i'm odd tooooo

hi there im just trying to meet some new friends, im a male 33 and looking for anyone as a friend 21+
my interest are video games, horror movies, foods of all different cultures and odd random things like collecting movies games and different types of cannabis (live in a legal state) i have a open schedule and am bored often
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2021.12.04 05:07 weddahex73 Projekt ALBATROS: Aluminium-Ionen-Batterien als alternative Speichertechnologie für stationäre Anwendungen

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2021.12.04 05:07 1501121f4i695 Free pass join

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2021.12.04 05:07 Mirremba [Repost][Academic] Men's attitude towards children (Men, 18+)

Hi everyone! I'm a postgraduate student at the University of Stirling. I am conducting a study to identify factors that influence how men interact with children. Participants will be asked to complete several questionnaires and then upload a photograph of their face.
The study will take approximately 20 minutes.
To participate in this study, you must be a man (cis) of at least 18 years of age.
There will be no payment for taking part in this study.
To take part, please click on this link: https://stirlingpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5ApBSe4YB7xlQ5U
For questions, please contact Ronja Bartlome ([rob00155@students.stir.ac.uk](mailto:rob00155@students.stir.ac.uk)) or Dr Anthony Lee, project supervisor ([anthony.lee@stir.ac.uk](mailto:anthony.lee@stir.ac.uk)).
The ethical approaches of this project have been approved through the University of Stirling General University Ethics Panel. Ethics Approval Reference: GUEP 2021 1821 1626
Thank you very much for taking the time and supporting our research!
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2021.12.04 05:07 ben81PRO Beijing, Shanghai Hit as China’s Covid Outbreak Picks Up Steam. wait for it.. Beijing and Shanghai detected one and two new cases respectively. Inner Mongolia, where the latest flare up is concentrated, reported almost five dozen infections, according to the National Health Commission. wow, strict

Beijing, Shanghai Hit as China’s Covid Outbreak Picks Up Steam. wait for it.. Beijing and Shanghai detected one and two new cases respectively. Inner Mongolia, where the latest flare up is concentrated, reported almost five dozen infections, according to the National Health Commission. wow, strict submitted by ben81PRO to China_Really_Chinese [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 05:07 ilikemenithink Christmas

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2021.12.04 05:07 KibaTeo In celebration of megumin, me flexing my megumin collection.

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2021.12.04 05:07 Fzfy Pre-searing Charr kit

Hello Guildianer,
I am farming char Kits since 1 Week. Asking in ascalon. Bit nobody have or offer one.
Is here anybody with a charr kit to sell?
Love you und wish you all the best.
IGN: Isaac darkwood
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2021.12.04 05:07 SimpleAncient394 Novel

I want novel like swallowed and spiritual enlightenment of minghe .I liked many thing about it. I want novel which have one of these given below.
1)Main character has clone/avatamultiple body
I liked that the main character has clone which have their own speciality. Like one clone can comprehend gold law (Golden horned beast) and other can comprehend space law (mosha) with ease. As well as clone which has most amount of energy (remote ocean body) so even if two clone died hundreds time he can still create clone in seconds like spiritual enlightenment of minghe his true body is ocean which is blood of the creature of the world so he has endless supply of energy as 5here is alway a fight as well as he has 3 clone with same realm, 49 clone at one realm lower and 480 million clone two realm lower or lord xue ying 10081 avatar .there are other example like er gen novel where mc have clone to study different type of cultivation, or like coiling dragon where all his clone have different law and mc depends on bloodline, or king of gods where mc has different bloodline for clone. Martial world avatar. There also single clone like in ancient godly monarch or primal twin of desolate era, immortal slaying clone of sage monarch or warlock of the magus world
2) mc growth and bloodline
I liked how after getting Golden horn beast body even if he doesn't cultivate he can still reach sector lord as well as his clone mosha can reach domain lord so I want a novel where after doing some things or reaching high talent where even if he doesn't cultivate he can reach it.it doesn't mean that the main character leave Cultivation due to this. I liked how the bloodline of swallowed star is told like human have billion of bloodline which help them reach different level with ease or their bloodline has speciality like mosha clan and there are trillion of race. I like other novel like martial world, king of gods , warlock of magus world, coiling dragon.
3)world creation
I liked the how mc have to ability to create universe like in lord xue ying mc can create universe as well as multiverse . In swallowed star after reaching a realm the mc can create a dimension then later on it become a mini universe.i found this thing in novel like er gen novel persuit of truth and IET novel like stellar transformation and coiling dragon, a wizard secret, the spiritual enlightenment of minghe, immortal mortal, godly modal creator, last wish system, otherworldly evil monarch and small part of carefree path of dream
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2021.12.04 05:07 loneboi1024 Am I caught ??!

I guess I'm caught in the recovery cycle I broke my 4 day streak just an hour ago and I didn't get any benefits in these 4 days ! How long does it take I'm ready for the change
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2021.12.04 05:07 BenJammin007 My friends think I look like u/benjammin007…. Thoughts?

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2021.12.04 05:07 BonerBeans If you knew the future, and were a Native American who saw the settlers arrive, what do you do?

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2021.12.04 05:07 FootiePalz Free FootiePalz token for all!

Free FootiePalz token for all! Want to start your #FootiePalz collection?
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2021.12.04 05:07 SikandarBN I am back at day one

Need some assistance here, I am extremely lonely and always end up watching something I should not. PLEASE help me
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2021.12.04 05:07 Aggravating-Gur-900 spookyswap and spiritswap dont have wtrtl in their list

how we can trade wtrtl? thats not in list
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2021.12.04 05:07 Remstersade From 14 Kids…a time when the Duggars were pro mask and (redacted) getting in everyone’s face with his creeper cam.

From 14 Kids…a time when the Duggars were pro mask and (redacted) getting in everyone’s face with his creeper cam. submitted by Remstersade to DuggarsSnark [link] [comments]