For my cake day I offer to the reddit mob a picture of my little bean: Cabbage the hamster

2021.10.21 22:03 Blackroseofwar For my cake day I offer to the reddit mob a picture of my little bean: Cabbage the hamster

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2021.10.21 22:03 Bot_Highlights when you're mid fight, and someone else wants some | /u/whattarush

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2021.10.21 22:03 skippymcdoo How do you deal with work-related existential dread?

I just recently got out of college, and now I’m working a dead end job as a dining hall cook. I like to think that I’ll be going places in my life, but damn does this job make me feel like my whole life has just been leading up to decades of 9-5 misery. Any advice on dealing with these emotions?
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2021.10.21 22:03 softii_sakura I have this sh fantasy to rip my lungs out. I feel empty. TW : blood, gore (badly drawn!)

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2021.10.21 22:03 Bot_Highlights Unsuspecting team caught in deadly bridge trap on Taego | /u/ChaosDesigned

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2021.10.21 22:03 reddit_feed_bot Right Side Broadcasting Network - RSBN Presents Praying for America with Father Frank Pavone 10/21/21

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2021.10.21 22:03 KeyTransportation429 Idea of a Richthofen costume

I wanna dress like primis Richthofen, the blood on the clothes and the blood vials I wanna make em with real blood what do you think?
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2021.10.21 22:03 EquivalentPen2286 Last night in Corpus if anyone wants to meet up

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2021.10.21 22:03 iamdoom2004 quick sketch i did last night

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2021.10.21 22:03 elizachadwickart I’m quite proud of my resignation email from a corrupt organisation that was stealing from its clients…

I received this after booking time off for my daughter’s second birthday…
”Good Morning Person,
It has been reported back to my self that you are not completing your paperwork on shift. Nor when i asked you to clean on Tuesday morning at Elm street you in fact decided to ignore me and not do this.
Please can you make sure you are completing all relevant logs on shift, cleaning, key working ect.
I have spoken with Aysha and Jane and would also like to make you aware that in future you need to book any days off you can not work as you have only gave me a weeks notice to say you can not work Saturday evening and this is not acceptable. regards,
I replied with…
I have read your email after a lovely evening with my family and have reached the following conclusion:
I no longer work for your company,
My position is untenable given your unprofessional and abusive management style.
A full response to your email will be forthcoming once I have consulted a solicitor.
I gave ample notice about my daughter’s birthday, and you chose to ignore it when creating a rota.
I gave more notice than any recent rota has provided, which I was told at interview would be two weeks in advance.
I have always been flexible with my work pattern, despite the ridiculously late arrival of rotas and uncertainty about being paid, and have only had one full weekend off since August, so I would consider that asking for an evening off on my daughter’s second birthday to be quite reasonable, as you had the time off when it was your daughter’s birthday. I had also agreed to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day in exchange for being able to see my child at all on the weekend of her birthday.
Receiving rotas on the day of or day before, and on at least one occasion, the day after commencement is what is NOT acceptable.
This also counts for staff meetings arranged for a Monday morning, when I gave notice 6 weeks ago that I had no childcare on Mondays as I had only completed one Monday shift since August, and that was an extra where I covered for your own absence. Being expected to pay £40 for childcare to be paid £8.95 for attending a meeting is economically unviable.
It is also highly inappropriate to suggest that I bring my child to The Ghyll for meetings when there are sex offenders living there, as you have previously suggested in conversation.
In addition, I have cleaned the house to the best possible outcome given that there has been no vacuum cleaner, dustpan or refuse bags until I came on shift this morning. I also washed up and mopped the kitchen, lounge and bathrooms on Tuesday after you left, in spite of your baseless accusation that I “ignored you”.
As a signifier of the current unsuitability of the house, there is only ONE tea-towel for washing up. I spent a good amount of time on Wednesday trying to clean the washing machine of black mould, with cleaning products I provided, as AW had told GP’s social worker on Tuesday that there was no working washing machine in the house and the social worker was very unhappy about this. In addition to this, previous staff meetings and emails have established that the primary cleaning duties are to be undertaken by staff on the night shift, which you had been on before I arrived this morning and had not completed. (Nor were any logs or a handover made available to me).
The majority of shifts I have completed recently have been at Elm Street, and on the first few occasions I completed logs with pen and paper which were left in the office. The two occasions afterwards were completed on the laptop and were saved in the young people’s individual folders on the laptop.
I did not fill a full log in today as I returned from Icicles at finishing time as you did not show up to take AW and GP with you as I was initially told would happen, thus cancelling a planned keyworking session with SB. However, I did write down what money had been used to get the young people to Icicles and what SB had spent, in addition to receipts left in the office drawer, and as they had been working at your business it would seem that you would know what they had been doing. I planned to catch up on logs tomorrow when I was booked in for a 12 hour shift.
It has also been extremely problematic to complete keyworker logs when my designated young people change weekly and I only find out if I go to The Ghyll and see it posted on the wall.
I will not be returning to work at Company again as a result of your email and the many other deep seated issues at the business.
E.G, Witnessing you coaching the young people to lie to social services, being expected to lie to social services myself, lack of money promised for petty cash or money available for activities, out of hours phone calls on days off at unsociable times, outright bullying of staff then disparaging them after they leave, tolerance of open drug use, massively inappropriate references to the young people from yourself in your WhatsApp group, failure to be paid on the agreed date, and not receiving payslips for the last two months, working over non-existent breaks, videos shared on social media by yourself of the young people, inadequate training provided, staff complicity in digital fraud, your texting of bullying messages to SB late at night, hearing from the young people that various staff members have been dismissed as you have told them in off the cuff comments etc.
It should be known that I have documented evidence of all the above issues, including screenshots of the entire WhatsApp exchange.
As you have refused to provide a contract and the letter confirming my employment had the wrong date and was not signed it would seem, legally that I do not have to provide notice.
In addition, the verbal contract stated at interview was for zero hours, and the law states I do not have to work if asked.
I do not need a reference (which I was told by your previous employees would not be forthcoming anyway), but I expect to be paid for the hours I have worked this month, and if there is a failure to do so I will be quite happy to take matters to a tribunal for illegal withholding of wages.
As you have failed to provide timesheets for the past few months I request that you send appropriate documents to me for completion. I would also expect that my missing payslips be sent to posthaste.
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2021.10.21 22:03 Argentum_Away SILVER MENTIONED ON WSB !!
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2021.10.21 22:03 laser_bear Little pickup recently. Big box Poltergeist and Cujo! Plus two Complete snes games 😊📼

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2021.10.21 22:03 A_Quiet_Corner I wish there was an easy mode on Dread

I LOVE the Metroid series. The original on NES and Metroid II on the Gameboy were the first two games that I owned. I’ve grown up with the series and have played every game since on release day.
With that said, I have never struggled with a Metroid game as I have with Dread. I die so often that, for me, it plays less like a video game and more like a carnival game. I don’t have the same hand-eye coordination or timing that I did when I was younger. Now I win boss fights only through determination, repetition, and chance. It seems like you’re supposed to fail and then try again rather than enjoy the game.
And I want to enjoy the game too! I have looked forward to Dread so much but it is so hard for me to keep up. I work long hours, I’ve gone back to college, I’m taking additional certification classes outside of college, and I have a home life to attend to. I play all of my games on easy now. The stress of “Elite” challenges or online multiplayer are just too much nowadays. I want to relax when I game, not stress over it.
And trust me, it’s hard to feel negatively about this game. I really mean it when I say that I love this series. I bought the switch three years ago just so I could play the rumored Metroid game once it was released. It’s finally here and I’m struggling y’all. It’s everything a Metroid game should be, but I’m feeling left behind.
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2021.10.21 22:03 AlyssaTheOfficial First person to answer the question correctly gets my free award today (Wholesome)

What was the title of my first post about Taki? (Go to my profile to find out)
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2021.10.21 22:03 PortageeHammer Calm Down.

Look at what happened last week. BBIG was trading at 5.50 last Monday. The anticipation of the catalyst brought the price up. Now that its been kicked down the road the price is deflating. BUT! there MAY be some news next week that will be beneficial to the cause. The valuation everyone has been waiting for is anticipated to come out next week " On or about 10/25". We have already seen what prices to expect when the game is on. Between now and then is going to be a mental challenge. The price as it is at the moment is temporary. it is much harder for the people seeing tremendous red numbers than it is for the people seeing less green numbers. BBIG holders will be rewarded. Patience is the key. ****** I was blessed with a miracle today and Im back in action!!! thanks to the despicable corrupt media and Americas desire for an unbiased social media platform.*****
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2021.10.21 22:03 420seamonkey MDC at Hallowed Halls, October 22nd!!

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2021.10.21 22:03 Charlie837 i wasted so much time on this

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2021.10.21 22:03 medaumnome Igreja é chato, o povo de lá então nem se fala

Em comemoração ao dia das crianças, uma amiga minha pediu pra eu fazer um teatro, eram dois, um q era eu e uma amiga minha, e a outra era duas meninas, dps de um tanto tempo de festinha, era a hora da comida, e eu brincando com as meninas do teatro, falei q o nosso era mais difícil pq somos melhores q ela, e magicamente a sogra dela apareceu, ficou um tempão me enchendo o saco, falando q eu não deveria falar isso senão ela pode ficar depressiva, q não era de Deus e tal, ela tinha dito q eu tinha q pedir desculpa senão ela não falava mais comigo. Outras vezes fiz uma piada e o povo já olha torto, pode fazer nada nessa caralha, tudo chato, sem falar q acham q gay é doença(a minha pelo menos respeita) e outras coisa absurda, mano, so tô lá pq sou obrigado e pq tem gente q eu sou amigo lá, nem acreditar em Deus eu acredito mano, eu não acredito mas não duvido da existência
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2021.10.21 22:03 Ya_Boney_Boi Stellaris Devs just outed themselves as homies with the new dlc. (Not my content)

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2021.10.21 22:03 NashGamer2000 defeat 100% fc (I didn't expect this to happen lol)

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2021.10.21 22:03 Captainpaul81 Pet vaccination clinic | Everett, WA

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2021.10.21 22:03 GTSBot [GTS] WWII meme

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2021.10.21 22:03 Whiskeywonder This is insane apy. Before people assume this is some scammy farming this is actually Aave. Go check the website. It's legit.

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2021.10.21 22:03 spaceman-trip I can’t believe it’s not meat

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2021.10.21 22:03 bananadino3 e

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