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You should have a hard on

2021.10.21 21:59 bud_beard You should have a hard on

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2021.10.21 21:59 Feiruzz Metropolis (1927) [906x2100]

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2021.10.21 21:59 cuterkat F16 come hmu while i brush my hair!

ill give you a cookie too
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2021.10.21 21:59 johnnys-bananas Dining reservation party

Do I need to include my under 2 year old in my dining reservation? It asks for party number, it will be me, my husband and my 18 month old son. Do I put party of 2 or 3?
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2021.10.21 21:59 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.21 21:59 paulhammond5155 Another drive on sol 238, this crop from a Mastcam-Z mosaic was acquired before the 17.87 meter drive to the East (~58.7 feet)

Another drive on sol 238, this crop from a Mastcam-Z mosaic was acquired before the 17.87 meter drive to the East (~58.7 feet) submitted by paulhammond5155 to PerseveranceRover [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 21:59 progboy Snug

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2021.10.21 21:59 lamTheBoi cursed_reference

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2021.10.21 21:59 Goshawk5 Anton do I even have to say it?

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2021.10.21 21:59 AcanthisittaBusy457 The Aeon - Hymn to Pan

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2021.10.21 21:59 OneScavyBoi556 Anyone Know This Specific Balaclava?

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2021.10.21 21:59 Carrotcake234- Idk what to do

I recently started dating this girl and I realized I'm not emotionally prepared to date right now due to all the other stress in my life i don't know how to tell her that I want to split up, I still love her but I don't know what to do
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2021.10.21 21:59 piratepilates LetsRun starts gross thread about being asked about gender. WTF?

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2021.10.21 21:59 Infamous_Big4861 wanted to try overclocking

so i wanted to try overclocking my gpu so that i could get better Performance i watched a tutorial and i installed msi after burner i didnt even get to overclock it all i did was make the fans go faster (the thing was at like 90 cause i dont mind the sound) then i restarted my pc to see if they would save but now after loging in instead of it showing my wallpaper all i see is red (i have my theme set to red) i tried pressing windows ctrl shift b nothing happend in the log in menu it works fine (the problem isnt that my wallpaper is red all i see is red nothing else all thr buttons dont do anything)
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2021.10.21 21:59 Majestic-Handle3207 Youtube shorts , sudden drop in views , is this the reason ??

Guys for past 1 month I upload shorts every week day , except Saturday and Sunday.and have been receiving quite good numbers below 1000 views . But this week when I started uploading I got less than 50 views which is not normal , later when I checked I saw that I uploaded my shorts without updating youtube , can this be the reason for drop in views suddenly ?
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2021.10.21 21:59 gsevla nvme ssd only boot with flag

Hello guys, I have an nvme ssd(WDC WDS500G1B0C-00S6U0) and it only run with this flag nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0.
It's an old problem an happen with any OS that I have used.
My doubt is a fedora only problem(I guess), because fedora seems to be using grub and systemdboot at the same time(idk if it is even possible), but there are folders and files for both bootloaders inside /boot and I'm not sure which of them I need to add the flag.
I am a Fedora newbie, so I don't know how to exactly add the flag at post install. While using Ubuntu or Arch based systems, I was just mounting things inside /mnt, but in Fedora's case I saw a folder called sysroot inside /mnt. In this case, should I just chroot it?
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2021.10.21 21:59 Kuuumaaaa Can anyone share BIOS 305 for TUF FX 505? Is BIOS from another laptop interchangeable? I’m trying to undervolt but stuck with BIOS 308. Thanks!

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2021.10.21 21:59 PancakeOnLSD Hosting giratina raid right now can invite 10

The first 10 people to add me and appear online will get an invite. Will be backing out and inviting another 5 when first person joins. Will be accepting all friend requests and then removing players so the game doesn’t block you from sending me future requests. 6287 6343 0880
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2021.10.21 21:59 esuschrist Cat 1, Plant 0

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2021.10.21 21:59 IamtherealDee This is yahooboy

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2021.10.21 21:59 Arrghsenal [Q] EA seems to forget Odegaard moved to Arsenal…

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2021.10.21 21:59 KatyaLott soulmate drawing

Today we will do a reading that determines what you soul mate will look like and even provide you with an accurate drawing! comment if you are interested!
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2021.10.21 21:59 deadtank 15% off all LPs, 7"s Tapes and Books!

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2021.10.21 21:59 Glass_Power_8335 Laundry

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2021.10.21 21:59 blood_on_your_face Channeling my inner 🟧ORANGE🟧 (it shows up blue in the pic, but it's the shade of green Frank has)

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