Cabbage Car Bakersfield #90215 Carries the Drum for Caltrans/Amtrak's Northbound San Juaquin #719 in Stockton; Dusk 16 JUN 2015

2021.10.21 20:39 CrypticHandle Cabbage Car Bakersfield #90215 Carries the Drum for Caltrans/Amtrak's Northbound San Juaquin #719 in Stockton; Dusk 16 JUN 2015

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2021.10.21 20:39 DvaBearqLoza Where to find some high res Netrunner wallpapers etc?

I am looking for some high res wallpapers, art, etc.
Ideally I am looking for Wanton Destruction, but overall most of Anarch art is good. Is there someplace where I can find some of these?
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2021.10.21 20:39 asainator [Mystic Timber’s ] overrated

So I went to Ki for the first time in about 7 years and I was super hyped and from what I heard mystic timber’s was the 3rd or 2nd in the park and I got 2 rides on mystic timber’s and they were pretty meh I heard people say it has amazing ejector I only got decent floater and the thing is that floater is only good if it’s sustained and before you say I just hate floater nah I don’t I love diamondback it’s my number 2 overall and it was just quick pops of decent floater and also the thing felt super short and is it just me or is thunderhead super long feeling and that thing doesn’t have ejector or amazing floater but it’s so darn sustained and unpopular opinion but racer is better than mystic timber’s
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2021.10.21 20:39 is-your-name-phil Olympia, WA — I have two of these in pots outside and I forgot what they are! Started as small indoor plants. Planning to bring them back in for the winter.

Olympia, WA — I have two of these in pots outside and I forgot what they are! Started as small indoor plants. Planning to bring them back in for the winter. submitted by is-your-name-phil to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 20:39 Queen-of-meme Voices triggered by machine sounds?

I noticed this last summer when it was really hot and I used the cooling fan that I heard voices out of the fan sound. It sounded like a conversation. Sometimes it sounded like a song. Or two people having a argue. The same if I used the vacuum cleaner or any other machine.
The same sound came a few days ago without any machines. I just laid in bed. It sounded exactly like a woman voice arguing with a man and I asked my boyfriend "Do you hear two people arguing too?" and he said no.
I don't know of any male alter and I don't recognize the female voice as an alter either. Can this be undiscovered alters or is it just hallucinations? And why are they there and why are they always arguing?
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2021.10.21 20:39 saltyboy008 Finding God?

I posted earlier about something persuading me to really SEEK.
I am 22m that was never brought up going to church, growing up with an alcoholic and drug addict dad obviously didn’t help, but recently over the past week an overwhelming thought went into my mind about what happens after death, all I thought about was me dying and life just turning out like a light. This lead to repeated thoughts over and over as I couldn’t even focus on ANYTHING, leading me to be very unmotivated with everything like working out, eating right, showering / brushing teeth everyday and so much more. Every time I did something I thought to myself “If I do this why does it matter? Because In the end nothing I feel/have will mean anything” Also being very disconnected from loved ones and friends again thinking that none of these feelings will mean anything when it’s over and stuff to that nature
I then began to seek, and not just your average curiosity seeking, but I went in depth on so many levels, something I’ve never done before as the hyper fixation was very intense and demanding.
The thing about this is was, I was definitely at the lowest point of my life, really questioning if I should keep living since this life is pointless and the will never mean anything anyway.
Before all of this, anytime I went to church, I was basically dragged by either my step brothers father or my best friends parents when I stayed the night with them on the weekends. Every time I went, I absolutely dreaded being there and was bored to death, but didn’t want to be disrespectful to the family I was with. I always remember in high school when a church group went on missionary trips, I would always think that they are just dumb and brain washed by waisting there time preaching a fairy tale to the under privileged minority in poor countries and it always made me furious, as I thought that they just went there to post pictures on instragram for attention.
Until recently, I suddenly became attached in someway and wanted to learn about it, finally opening up my mind where it has been closed off to all my life and really start to seek.
After really reading and learning about Christ last night, I then started to make sense on all of this life and that we may just have a purpose here.
Today, I woke up and out of nowhere those thoughts were not there, the only thing I thought was that there is a god and I do have meaning and purpose here on this earth, I am truly mesmerized by this experience and it really flipped a switch in my brain after so many years of not believing.
I am just in a utter state of confusion on how this happened so fast after everything.
My parents has both passed away as my mother died of cancer when I was 1 and my dad dying 2 years ago after health issues after his drug and alcohol abuse. I am now worried about where my father is now as I really don’t think he was a believer. The last years of his life he really suffered from depression as we didn’t get to talk since I was stationed overseas for 1 year in Turkey for the Air Force and I know that made him so sad, as I regret it so much that I didn’t make a better effort to communicate with him. I just truly hope he is in a better place and doesn’t have to suffer like he had in the real world and forgives me.
It sounds horrible now, but when he died i really didn’t get sad as expected and really moved on pretty quick. After this experience recently, the grief has came back with a force and I’m now experiencing the real wave of guilt and hurt like i should have before.
I would like to know, if he didn’t believe in god, is he in hell? Thanks for reading
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2021.10.21 20:39 Infinite_Break Ninja being forced to rush Mountain Temple during Halloween (Fan Art Mostly Meme)

Deca artist skin for me when?
Clouds happy tho :]
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2021.10.21 20:39 eltigrenegro666 PD for pick rate

Man this is stupid. coach called me into office because my pick rate is low. Whose fault is it that the other assosiate dont want to do regulated unknown and oversize and my leads always have me doing exceptions and helping with those commodities when they about to become due. Debating if i can open door?
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2021.10.21 20:39 egirlYuri Anyone know where this guy is from? I always see him on, watching xQc or any bigger streamers :)

Anyone know where this guy is from? I always see him on, watching xQc or any bigger streamers :) submitted by egirlYuri to teenagers [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 20:39 whyarenamessohard- flowey the flower!

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2021.10.21 20:39 ReSoLuTioN_5K 5K Re$oLuTioN RoLe PLaY!!! LEO Recruiting

5K Re$oLuTioN RoLe PLaY!!! LEO Recruiting 5K Re$oLuTioN RoLe PLaY!!!
We are looking to recruit LEO Officers. A complete system to be extremely immersive as LEO. Realistic Taser System. Able to tase two people at once as well as reactivate the prongs as long as the Suspect or the officer do not stray to far apart. Riot Shields, Flashbangs, EOD Robot, Custom Vehicles, Two different jails with a jail script that allows prisoners to take showers, get haircuts & tattoos, Workout, work jobs, craft shanks, in addition to breaking out. A detention center as well as a prison system. Full judicial system. In game realistic Cad system, Evidence system that collects bullet casings, blood spatter, fingerprints, Drones for Recon for LEO Intel Teams, and Gunshot residue.
Custom MLO’s and newly added SAHP Headquarters. Night & Thermal vision goggles for tactical teams. 18 level ranking system. K9 script that requires K9’s be trained and also left at a kennel when officers are not in game. K9’s have to be trained and the officer will not be allowed to bring the K9 on Duty if they K9 is unable to complete the training requirements. EJ’s for officers to work when not on duty. Ex. Clubs, special events, jewelry stores, and Casino details to name a few. Complexed heists. The Diamon Casino heist requires multiple Keycards and a drill, over 30+ jobs as well as a multicharacter system. A realistic approach to LEO Operations. Currently hiring for LSPD, BCSO, & SAHP. In addition to, Judges, City officials, Lawyers, Bail Bonds as well as a Sheriff for the head role in BCSO.
Immersive, Realistic, and energy-driven city. We have overhauled the entire city to convey the exact sentiment of what it means to RP. We have an application process and realistic training. With an emphasis on Tactical approaches. We even teach proper breaching and room clearing tactics. We also have a House arrest system for suspects who have been released from jail but have not been the most forthcoming with LEO.
We are looking for people and if you think you are a good fit stop by and check us out. Drop-in an Application and see how you stack up.
On the Civilian side, as stated before we offer a wide array of jobs as well as activities to help convey this. Solo jobs as well as RP jobs. We are trying to establish something great. Hopefully, you are trying to do the same.
5K Re$oLuTioN RoLe PLaY!!!
We are clearly an experience.
Server Owner: Re$oLuTioN
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2021.10.21 20:39 ambiguousboner I thought there was double scrip today? Am I missing something?

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2021.10.21 20:39 booknerd381 Have you tried going to our website

Website: doesn't work. Call customer service line. Get robot telling me that I can do most things I want to do over the phone online.
Spend five minutes trying to get robot to direct me to a human. Try not to break phone.
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2021.10.21 20:39 CryptoEngineerObrien Exodus adds support for Raydium token

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2021.10.21 20:39 More-Ice1152 Willpower

The book said that I will have urges and withdrawal pangs for almost 3 weeks doesn't it require WILLPOWER to get through those 3 weeks
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2021.10.21 20:39 Ward10493 Do we know what happened to Fawlty Towers after the end of "Basil the Rat" ("In-universe", as it were)?

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2021.10.21 20:39 Doghouse12e45 They really put Dame and Anthony Davis on this list 🤦😂

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2021.10.21 20:39 ShyanJMC Raspberry Pi 3b+ - 1gb - Con Cargador, Disipadores Y Carcasa - $11.000

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2021.10.21 20:39 vrphotosguy55 My fellow Americans, it’s open enrollment scam season

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2021.10.21 20:39 ChoicePositive3606 C question

So I’m doing an assignment where “you will receive a single prefix arithmetic expression in text via argv[1]. How do I do argv[1]?
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2021.10.21 20:39 contactdetails How accurate do you guys think ratemyprofesser for Binghamton is?

I am looking over next semester's schedule, courses, and professors, and I am looking at ratemyprofessors to see how my potential professors might be.
Some have a rating of 5 or 4.5, so I am very impressed.
Some have ratings of 2.0 and 1.5 and there are like 90 ratings?? I wonder how bad these professors are.
Then I have to think about how most of the positive comments say, "do not listen to these ratings," and the most negative reviews come from intro-level 111 courses. I am confused whether these ratings are low-achieving angry people ranting very cynically, or they are genuine warnings of victims against bad professors.
Idk what to believe honestly. How accurate is ratemyprofessors for Bing?
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2021.10.21 20:39 0hleg Ingrown toenail should I take antibiotics yes or no?

Age 20 Height 192 Weight 83.5kg
Usual blood pressure
SYS: 115-120 DIA: around 60-65 BPM: low 65-70 around 1-2 weeks ago
Current blood pressure: SYS 132, DIA 69 BPM 81 I didn't do anything today besides going to the doctors office.
My doctor took a brief look at my big toe. Didn't seem too worried and said maybe you should take antibiotics and I said "yea" and he said "just to be sure" which he meant like sure to get rid of the infection. So he prescribed me antibiotics. The thing is I don't like taking things like that, unless it's absolutely necessary. I treated it myself by cleaning the wound and applying a dehydrating medical substance translation said It has Aluminum acetotartrate, ethanol, acetic acid. Anyways I used that with a compress bandage and gauze. I felt like the wound looked better and it felt better. But there was still some pus and that's why he prescribed me. So my question is should I start taking the antibiotics right now or wait? I've had the wound for a couple of days and I haven't had a fever or felt strange. When should I start taking if I wait? Thanks for any advice. So the wound does hurt when I press directly on it but doesn't hurt anything when I press around it so on the nail under the toe etc. There wasn't a significant amount of pus and most of it was colored white and not yellow it was mostly white pus where the nail touched the side of my big toe. Although I know I shouldn't put pressure on the wound I did anyway to see if there were pockets of pus but nothing came out when I applied pressure. As I'm writing this I just realized I might as well upload a picture instead of trying to describe it. So this is how it looks after I've been using the drying medical thing. Also I did feel pretty tired today and didn't sleep very well last night, but now I feel fine (evening).
I apologize in advance, it's not a pleasant big toe to look at...
TLDR: My toe has a mild infection and I don't know if I should take the antibiotics my doctor gave me which he gave "to be sure". It hurts when I press directly on wound but not when on nail or on the bottom of my toe. I've been treating with with gauze compress bandage and a common medical mix in Sweden containing Aluminum acetotartrate, ethanol, acetic acid, which has significantly lowered the amount of pus I've been seeing, As well as alleviate some of the pain.
So if your answer is that I'm probably fine without antibiotics when should I start taking them, like what sign is a clear indicator that I need the antibiotics.
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2021.10.21 20:39 ryaninflames1234 I may have messed up.

I need help, I put my players in a warhammer 40k campaign, two healers, two soldiers, one captain, one paladin, and one tech priest. And I sorta asked the one who taught me dnd to fight against all of them as a ork boss. Kinda like a seige on an imperial camp. I’m not sure to either level them up or keep them as they were.
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2021.10.21 20:39 ceebel I want my money

I let my brother borrow money last year. First it was simple $30 here and there.(he would pay me back but just ask again a few weeks after, eventually stopped paying back) I didn’t mind at all since I knew he was going through a lot. With child support and just last year jobs shutting down I GET IT. I lost my job too! However I’ve always had a good habit of saving so I was good for a while! I had the money to help out and I didn’t mind at all. BUT those $30 started to add up and he owes me $640!!!! I’ve been actively looking for work for a YEAR now. Could help to have my money back since he works. I just hate how I see him wasted money, on gas station snacks so comfortably. When he still owes me money. I’ve asked for it back and he just says next check. I haven’t given anymore in a few months. But I want my money back
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2021.10.21 20:39 dt25 Boxeador é hospitalizado após lutar com urso que matou amigo na Rússia

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