A Karen with common sense", "thanks Karen"!!!

2021.10.16 13:30 Cute_Spot_5135 A Karen with common sense", "thanks Karen"!!!

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2021.10.16 13:30 Striking_Cockroach69 hindoo lund pujari sends r@pe threats. later when confronted cries about it like a weakling. so much for virat hindu sher

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2021.10.16 13:30 Fluff_Cream Is this the last BIG update or the last FREE update ?

I'm more in the side of the last big update, because it's been roughly two years of the three years of update they promised, but I've seen a lot of people talking about the "DLC era" of acnh and I'm kind of confused
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2021.10.16 13:30 _Rynz12 Irthel pu$$y😍😍

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2021.10.16 13:30 AhaUser1 Battledudes.io cool killstreak

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2021.10.16 13:30 mt4christ247 Misconceptions, Deal Breakers, and Love of God - Purity 551

For an extended message go to : https://mt4christ247.podbean.com/e/misconceptions-deal-breakers-and-love-of-god-purity-551/

Good morning
Today’s photo of “Happy Cows at Sunset in October” comes to us from Johnk Family Farm LLC in Greenville, NY. I don’t know when I decided to “Like” Johnk Family Farm on FB but was pleasantly surprised when this photo of a trinity of bovine beauties grazing under a blazing sun and blue skies “popped up in my feed”. While I question the hashtag for “sunsets” that accompanied this photo’s post, I had no doubts about its simple beauty and was moved to share it today.
It’s the weekend again, and I once again find myself in the “primitive” conditions of “cow country” at my fiancé’s home in Greenwich NY where we are just down the road from one of the largest “dairy farms” that I have ever seen! Okay, I initially wrote “cow farms” and then questioned myself “Is that what you call them?”
When I was getting to know the friend that would eventually become a “girlfriend” and a then quickly a fiancé, I had the very wrong impression about her that she was a “country girl” or “a farm girl”. This impression was a cause for concern because although I may have not been born in one of the five boroughs of NYC, and only hailed from the small town of Hudson NY, I considered myself more “city” than “county”.
Even though I was attracted to my future fiancé from the first time she walked into my discipleship class back in the spring of this year, my covert investigations and observations lead me to the false conclusion that she was a “hayseed” and because of that impression I had my doubts about whether we could or should be a couple.
Although I had my misgivings about the possibility of a romantic relationship with her, we became friends and began dialoging via FB messenger and increasingly began to share our lives with one another. I was conflicted because I really “liked her” but was trying to keep it “just friends” because of my standing as “the teacher”, because of our apparent “cultural differences”, and frankly because of the perceived complications that come with a divorcee that has multiple children. But the more we got to know one another the deeper our friendship grew and eventually led to me suggesting that we have dinner at her place.
In hindsight it may seem odd that I who was very concerned about being “just friends” would suggest having dinner in the intimate setting of her home, alone, but what may be even more surprising is the high levels of fear and anxiety I had in contemplating going to the dinner that I suggested! Comments about “being open to the possibility of “being lovers” and “having a wonderful evening” in our conversations leading up to our first “dinner together”, had me freaking out. ”, I had insisted “It wasn’t a date“ because I have dinner with friends all the time, ya know” but in the hours leading up to our meal I was wrestling with my convictions of being chaste friends and the romantic possibilities that could happen when two vulnerable adults who were close friends and had mutual attraction for one another got together.
So being filled with fear and anxiety brought on by a fair share of sexual temptation, I turned the corner to go down the road to my future fiancé’s home for the first time only to discover one of the largest cattle farms I had ever seen. Upon seeing that farm, my impressions of Tammy Lyn’s “country girl” or “farm girl” status seemed to be completely confirmed! “Evidence!”
Oh by the way, the fact that my fiancé had decided to go by her first and middle name and to take away the space between those names in some post-divorce reinventing of herself didn’t help my false impression of her as a country girl. “TammyLyn” makes you think of the “country” penchant for “two-name names” like “Ellie-Mae” or “Bobbie-Sue”.
But in actuality, her first name is Tammy, and her middle name is Lyn and all her life, prior to her divorce, her family and friends only called her “Tammy” as I have been reminded by her family. But in her liberating herself from her troubled marriage, “Tammy” took on qualities of bravery and independence that transformed her into a “different person” and she became “TammyLyn” to mark that change.
Some people may think that is strange, but I totally understand it as I have decided to go by MT instead of “Marc” in the aftermath of becoming a born again Christian, going through recovery, and liberating myself from my own troubled marriage. Not surprisingly, TammyLyn and I fully support and insist that one another be referred to as their “new names” when introducing each other to family and friends and avoid referring to each other by our “old names” because we recognize the fact that “those people” are in many ways no longer with us.
So, yeah as I pulled down the road to “TammyLyn’s” house, the farm was just the “deal breaker” I needed to dispel all thoughts of giving in to sexual temptation or entering into a romantic relationship for me as I envisioned some sort of “Hee Haw shot gun wedding and getting’ hitched at a celebration that would feature moonshine and chewing tobacco and a reception that would feature a country western band that would sing about “friends in low places” and the fact that country girls “think my tractor’s sexy”.
So I walked through the door to our first meal freed from the ideas of becoming more than friends and actively sought to look for more clues that TammyLyn was not right for me. There wasn’t much to “hold against her” but “my mind was made up”. We were “no go” for romance. So we had a pleasant meal as friends, but I was sure to make a hasty exit at the end of the meal for fear that I would be seduced by TammyLyn’s “country charms”, which in actuality didn’t manifest in any way, shape, or form because it was a fiction based on circumstantial evidence.
In the days following that first meal, TammyLyn and I had some very deep and revealing conversations that revealed the errors in my interpretations and conclusions about who TammyLyn is as a person and exposed the fact of our deep affections for one another. Together we acknowledged how our lives were “complicated” and our discussions revealed that they weren’t as complicated as I had thought as we were both in love with one another and equally committed to working through whatever issues that may arise to be together. We discussed that a casual relationship outside of the bonds of marriage was against our intentions to live as Christians and we agreed in principle to be married before we officially announced we were “in a relationship”. The period of boyfriend and girlfriend was only two weeks and now we are betrothed to one another, and both confess to one another how we can’t imagine being with anyone else for the rest of our lives.
So here I sit in the midst of “cow country” perfectly at peace, because although my fiancé lives in the country, is a vegetarian, and is into essential oils, she is not a “country or farm girl”. Her current location down the road from the “dairy empire” is out of convenience and cost more than cultural identity and she currently has a month to month lease and is considering moving to a less rural location.
You know, before coming to Christ, you really could have had some different impressions of who I was as a person. Thank God it didn’t exist at the time but if FB had been a thing when I was growing up and there was an online archive all the twists and turns of my journey out there on the web for people to look at you could have all types of ideas of who I was. And the fact was, unlike my ponderings over TammyLyn’s “country girl” status, your impressions of me probably would have been pretty accurate. Depending on what era of my life you were looking at you could have concluded that I was a “fraternity guy”, “a drunk”, “a family man”, or maybe even a “a Buddhist” but it is doubtful you would have found much to lead you to label me as a “Christian”.
But you know who would have seen that? God. With God there are no wrong impressions. He knows us perfectly, warts and all. And He loves us. Unlike us, who have certain conditions that we would consider “deal breakers” for being in a loving relationship, God loves us all unconditionally.
God also can see our futures. The word says that He sees the end from the beginning, and He is not surprised by how things will play out in time and space. So even though I was outside of the love relationship that He knew I would one day enter into by making Jesus my Lord and Savior, He knew I would come to Him someday.
God also knew that I would choose to repent of my sins, be transformed from my former life of addiction and reactive emotions and choose to follow Him on the path of Christian Discipleship. He knew I would seek to know Him more through studying His word and get degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling. He also knew that would lead to my deciding to begin a Community Freedom Ministry at my local church which would lead to me starting a podcast to share the teachings from the discipleship classes I would do on Thursday nights.
And as amazing as it sounds God knew that a woman who was trying to draw closer to Him would find that podcast and eventually feel compelled to drive an hour to attend the classes in person.
The love of God has no conditions and while He loves all of us, He works all things for good only for those who love Him and are called to His purpose. TammyLyn and I love Him, and we answered the call to know Him more and to be used for His purposes and even though it took some work to get beyond my misconceptions and fears, God knew that the love that He poured into us would flow between us as we would eventually find one another and choose to honor His plan to agree to become husband and wife with Him at the center of our relationship.
So keep walking and talking with God. Life is a journey and a mystery, but God knows where it is going. If we our faith in Christ, love God, and follow the call to His purposes we will find that no matter how crazy our walk is or how wrong we were in our ideas about things, He will show us the truth and lead us to an abundant life of purpose and meaning that we will show us who we were always meant to be.
God Bless You all!
MT Clark of mt4christ dot org and the mt4christ247 podcast
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2021.10.16 13:30 bananaboy319 Old MacOSX i plan to use as a TV

i have a really old Mac, currently running mint, but it s too slow, I m looking for a simple low resource distro, https://libreelec.tv/ looks really interesting, but I also need a browser.
I m planning to turn it into like an android TV (netflix, disney +, amazon, youtube, kodi (I have videos on a NAS i use kodi via webdav), etc.)
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2021.10.16 13:30 mellosmoke [LF] Wishlist [FT] your wish list,NMT, bells, catalog

Heya! Trying to grab these things before we are all overwhelmed with new content.
I have loads to trade some subject to availability.
I also have loads of diy and fossils to clear off my beach, let me know if we can work something out!
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2021.10.16 13:30 norajo87 NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM

Anyone know what font was used for "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM"?

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2021.10.16 13:30 KJDekka Halo 3 AI Playground map from GameCheat13

Since season 8 gave PC players file share, does this mean PC players can share game modes etc to console players?
If so can anyone on PC give me the Halo 3 AI Playground map please? I’m on console
My Gamertag is KJDekka
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2021.10.16 13:30 laurakuki 16 personalities be like:

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2021.10.16 13:30 azeemhassni Canine Obesity and How to Deal With It

I just published Canine Obesity and How to Deal With It on my blog, if anyone has any feedback or suggestions for me regarding the topic I'd be more than happy to hear from you.
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