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Queen Suiko sat in the hall along with her husband, Nimbus. The other queens and kings sat in the seats around the large table made of platinum and gold, chatting with each other about personal issues and diplomatic issues.
Today was the day the rulers across Panalia were waiting for, they finally will get to meet this new ruler of the Vulcanwings…
Earlier on in the year, a violent military revolution took the Vulcanwings by storm, causing an absolutely bloody, brutal, devastating war.
The former king, Eruption, had made far too many enemies in his cabinet, so he was overthrown quite easily after the brief struggle of power.
“Ugh, when will this new “dictator” arrive?” The Quakewing queen, Landslide, snarled to her husband, King Tremor. “I don’t know dear, but we should be patient to learn about this new ruler! This day could change history forever…” Tremor smiled optimistically, and Landslide soon followed.
“Yeah, you're right! I should be patient with this new ki- I mean… “Dictator”.” Landslide smiled at her shorter husband, who gave her a nuzzle on the cheek. “Well, do we know the name of this new dragon?” Landslide nodded respectively at the stormwing king, Mjolnir..
“I am the only dragon outside of the Vulcanwings that has managed to get into contact with this new dragon, his name is Vasileos Krakatoa.” Mjolnir stated this blankly, his face lacking emotion and very hard to read.
Suiko felt bad for Mjolnir. His family died in a suicide bombing by Vulcanwing terrorists, his mother and father died after they accidentally killed eachother in a drunken rage, he really had nobody left.
She remembered his wife, Valkyrie. That dragon was one of the warmest dragons she had ever met, and she was funny as well. She remembered the way her gorgeous purple scales flowed down her neck when she laughed at Mlojnir’s terrible puns.
She then unfortunately remembered how she died, by sacrificing herself to save Mjolnir and their son, Shower. Shower was another wonderful dragon, for someone so young, he was so reasonable and forgiving.. Unlike normal dragonets, who throw a fit whenever they don’t get their grubby claws on a honey drop.
And his father, WOO! An absolutely fantastic and understanding dragon to talk to, the amount of wisdom he displayed outmatched any other dragon she has seen or talked to. He was wild as well, flipping over a table and pissing in a bowl of punch while drunk at a party.
However his mother was incredibly abusive, and whenever his father tried to cut ties, she threatened to come out and falsely accuse him of abuse, sexual assault, and rape. So he had to abide by her rules.
It all ended when they both got extremely drunk, and the father killed the mother with a slash across the eyes and ripping her brain out through the eye sockets after clawing at the skull. However he was fatally injured in the process, a sword being shoved into his lung. If he tried anything, he would die.
And he did try something, and ended up yanking it out, swiftly and painfully bleeding to death.
“Well, what did he say Mjolnir?” Suiko tilted her head, and his cold gaze met hers. “Nothing, except for vague threats.. he can’t try anything though, as he would be destroyed in war” He nodded, Suiko soon did the same thing.
“Vague threats… I don’t have a good feeling about this..” She muttered to herself, but felt her husband’s cool wings lay on her back. “Hey it’s ok my love, the other tribes will unite into a coalition if anything were to happen to us.. as we have an alliance with all of them, except the Vulcans.” Nimbus smiled reassuringly, wanting Suiko to be not as stressed, as she was already in a bad mental state
Suiko smiled and nuzzled his neck, Nimbus smiled in response.
“Well…” A deep, hoarse voice tore through the air and could be recognized by the most idiotic dragon. Suiko’s smile turned into a scowl as she realized the emperor of the Tidewings, Fishron, was speaking.
Suiko secretly hated Fishron for many things. The way he gave her creepy looks despite them both being in mating pairs, the rumor that he tortures and abused his son, Trench. His lifeless grey eyes were also very unsettling to look at, nothing like Nimbus’s or Mjolnir’s warm, welcoming eyes.
However Suiko did like his bright green emerald crown-
The doors to the hall suddenly slammed open, where a platoon of Vulcans landed by a seat. In walked by far the strangest, and most unsettling dragon Suiko has ever laid her eyes on.
A deep red faded to a light orange down his back, while his underbelly was a fade from black to white. His eyes were an intense mix of yellow and orange, sort of like Sif eyes in the popular panalian movies, sun warfare.
His muscles were disturbingly bulging, like he injected water into them. His face was all black as well. “Vasileos Krakatoa, welcome to the council. Take a seat!” Nimbus nodded respectively.
“Wiiith pleasure King Nimbus…” Vasileos hissed and slithered into a seat, giving Suiko and Nimbus a very creepy glare, as if he was analyzing them. Suiko wanted to vomit, it was a truly dreadful gaze that met her prismarine eyes
The guards left the temple, leaving the dictator alone
“Soooo, what will we taaaalk about?” He hissed, his tone slimy.
“Economic, diplomatic, and military affairs Vasileos.” Mjolnir nodded to Vasileos.
“Actually I have a question to this new freak…” Fishron hissed and Vasileos’s eyes turned to slits.
“Fishron ple-“ Mjolnir tried to stop him, but Fishron continued. “How the hell did you win against Eruption so easily? He was popular among the common dragon…” Fishron snarled and every other monarch in the room was struck with the same question
How did he win so easily?
“I will answeeeeer your queeeestioon” He snarled, staring at the other monarchs creepily. “I won against him because he was a corrupt, incompetent mess that doesn’t knooow the first thing about straaategy” Vasileos hissed, glaring around at the others
His eyes met hers
Suiko had a bad feeling, but everything would be ok, right?
What could go wrong…?
———— Ten Years Later….—————-
She was on the run from her own kingdom, thousands upon thousands of Vulcans swarming into the sky.
She felt some Vulcans spot her due to a gut feeling, and she ran faster
Collar and spears in the vulcan’s talons, She stepped on corpses killed in the battle as she turned around to face the ten Vulcans.
“Give up Suiko, your outnumbered and outmatched….” The Captain hissed, pointing her spear at her, stepping on a cloudwing corpse.
Suiko hissed and slashed one of the soldiers throats and reached inside and rapidly pulled out his spine. Her tail wrapped around another’s neck and snapped it like a twig, then threw it like a rock at the captain, who sliced it in half.
However as the captain said, she was unfortunately outnumbered and outmatched. She killed three at once by shooting a giant blast of lightning out her mouth. But then the captain leapt on Suiko’s back and put a knife to her throat.
“I win, filth..” the captain hissed in her ear.
Suiko secretly wanted to die, to rejoin her husband in the far more peaceful afterlife.
Suiko closed her eyes, preparing for the sharp pain of a knife slitting her throat. A tear fell down her cheek, but the slash never came and the knife audibly dropped to the ground.
She opened her eyes, and saw that all the Vulcans Stare in one direction. She followed their glare, until she saw what they saw.
It was a startlingly large red dragon, this dragon was a head taller than Suiko, who was a giant. Unlike Vasileos, this dragon’s muscles were natural. Smooth and well defined muscles stretching down his body and leading to his bright red tail.
This dragon had a mask on their face that covered their whole head, and as she studied the dragon more and more she realized that this dragon wasn’t a skywing, or a Vulcanwing. She stared at his face, and noticed something defining
A set of frills, this was a rainwing!
She gasped, she has never, ever seen a rainwing like this! They are usually lazy, weak, and just want to eat pineapples all day. But this rainwing wasn’t, who were they?
“Well what do we have here? A pathetic rainwing…” The captain hissed, and the rainwing’s eyes turned to slits. “My name is Yeti, though you may call me Claymore…”The Rainwing named Yeti,or Claymore hissed.
“Let her go. Or I’ll make you” Claymore snarled, pointing at the captain
“Or else? We have you 5 to one idiot…” The captain snickered, pulling out a sword
“I like those odds, come!” Claymore’s tail raised above his head, and the team looked startled. It was a giant club… who was this?
3 of the soldiers leapt for him at once as he pulled out a giant sword and sliced on in half vertically, entrails and organs spilling out in front of him as his tail smashed into another one, destroying all of their bones immediately. The last soldier tried to run back, but his tail was grabbed and yanked back, his neck was promptly snapped.
The captain had a tinge of fear in her eyes, and Suiko took advantage of it. She grabbed the captains knife and slashed her belly with it, covering her in organs. She pushed them off and leapt at Claymore out of instinct, thinking he was gonna kill her himself, or even possibly enslave her. Claymore yelped in surprise and ducked, throwing her back in a judo throw.
Suiko landed on her feet and threw a tomahawk at him, he promptly dodged it and decided he needed to knock her out. He swung his tail at her skull and she rolled out the way, swinging her whip like tail at him.
He rolled out the way again and slashed at her throat, she caught his slash and swung at him with a knife. He shoved her away and swung at her with the blunt end of the sword. She dodged again.
It was a stalemate, and they leapt away from eachother,
Suiko had never, ever fought anyone as strong as this before. She usually dominated in battle, nobody ever was able to challenge her in battle, even Vasileos was beaten by her.
“You will NOT enslave me bitch!” Suiko snarled and leapt at Claymore, who swung his tail at her to knock her back. She dodged mid air and locked arms in a test of brute strength.
Claymore was being overpowered by Suiko, who was unbelievably strong. She was about to force him on the ground until he swept her legs and got on top of her, slashing her snout and shoving her head into the charred dirt and grabbing her throat to asphyxiate her.
“Calm down! I’m not going to enslave you and I don’t want to harm you!” Claymore snarled as Suiko and him rolled around until she was on top of him, locking arms.
“What? Why the hell didn’t you tell me that at the start?!” Suiko snarled and glared at him, her underbelly scraping against his. He seemed flustered by this “You rushed me before I could say it, and can you get off? This looks like it will devolve into a cringy wattpad fan-fiction made by a hormonal teenager..” Claymore snarled and they both looked at you, the reader.
She realized it and looked incredibly flustered, even blushing a bit before leaping off. They were both breathing heavily.
“Well, heh, that was not the expected reaction to me saving you!” He snickered, his voice had a weird, distinct accent(Scottish). He nodded afterwards “Nice to meet you Your Majesty, my name is Claymore, the leader of the Resistance.
He outstretched an arm for a handshake, or talonshake if you may and she shook the talon. “Don’t call me your majesty, it makes me look like a snob” she snickered, then added. “That was quite a fight! You are the strongest I’ve fought..” Claymore nodded, “Mutual opinion, Suiko” He smiled warmly
She groaned and felt her head, almost all of her energy was used in that fight. “So, where will you carry me to?” Suiko growled
“Carry you?” Claymore tilted his head, and she nodded.
“That fight was so exhilarating, and I need to conserve a little bit of energy just in case.. I’m sorry, but can you carry me?”
She looked at the ground, humiliated that she had to ask for help from someone else. Claymore walked in front of her and picked her up with one arm. “Ugh fine, don’t expect anything else from me though..” Claymore snarled and put her on his back, before taking off and flying surprisingly fast to a nearby mountain.
“So, how long has this resistance movement been around?” Suiko growled loudly, trying to speak over the wind. “Since the first wars broke out, it started in the Vulcan territories but it has spread along with the Vulcan Empire.. Your lucky I found you, otherwise you would be dead Suiko..” Yeti yelled, and Suiko yawned.
“Ohhh spare me the drama dear hero! Oh myyyyyy-“ She sighed dramatically, and he laughed in response. “Ohhhh princess I will rescue you!-“ He snickered, and she barked a loud laugh over the wind.
She liked this new dragon's humor, sarcastic and he can take a joke. She gripped onto his back, but then gripped onto his horns. He looked back at Suiko, “What am I, a bull?” They both snickered at the same time. “I know I’m built like one, but doing that is a lil too far man.” He cackled jokingly, and she looked down at his back. His confidence was greater than hers, he was nice, and he was much taller. He reminded her of…. Nimbus
She missed Nimbus so much, his warm laugh and gaze, his sense of humor, his colors, his personality, everything. He was perfect, but he had to be ripped away just like that. |I-i will avenge you l-love! I will make that bastard pay for what he did to y-you| She thought sorrowfully, and she couldn’t hear Claymore yelling her name
“SUIKO!” He roared full volume this time as she snapped back to reality, she without realizing it was crying and about to fall off his back due to her letting go. She sniffled and latched back on, but for some reason Claymore landed nearby. There was a Vulcan inside the den, but Claymore killed them with ease as they settled.
“Suiko, are you ok?” He sat across from her, a very worried gaze was shot her way. Claymore had intense bloodshot eyes that could swallow her whole. However, there was some essence of warmth that she liked. “Sorry, you just remind me of my husband…” She muttered, her head lowered and facing the ground. “Is he missing?” Claymore tilted his head, and Suiko looked up with tears straight up jetting out of her eyes.
“D-dead..” She whimpered, hugging herself with her wings, pretending that he was there. “Do you want me to leave the room so you have space? Or do you need someone to ta-“ She bursted towards him and hugged him tightly, she was sobbing into his shoulder and he looked incredibly uncomfortable. “I-I miss him so much! I just want to reunite with him again..” She cried out, and Claymore awkwardly patted her back with his wing. “There there… Let it out, I’m your vent..” He whispered, and she looked up at him.
“I-I look like a c-child right now.. what will I d-do without N-“ Claymore silenced her, which she really didn’t like. “Hey listen, would he want you to sit here and sob? Would he want you to give up and live in despair and the past?” He looked intensely into her eyes, and she shakily shook her head. “N-no.. you're right.. but still it’s so h-hard! We were married for 25 years…” She whimpered, and he gently hugged her to comfort her.
“Hey, at least nobody can hurt him anymore ok? And…” he stopped
“I won’t let anybody hurt you.”
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