hey guys im in apex | /u/Bazooka204

2021.10.21 22:09 Bot_Highlights hey guys im in apex | /u/Bazooka204

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2021.10.21 22:09 magictheblathering [WIP] The Gothamite - Chapter 18: "Out Of The Frying Pan" (Rational Batman, 1934) [RST][FF]

TL;DR: Rational (?) Batman, inspired by The Metropolitan Man or The story of a rational Batman and his pals dealing with the world and events of Metropolitan Man. Also: local politics and a serial killer.
A logline, (if you're a movie person):

Following his parents’ brutal murder, a young man sets out to find justice against a system and a city that makes decent men feel the need to turn to crime. But when a man with godlike abilities arrives, he’ll need to investigate – and possibly intervene – on behalf of humanity.
Author's Notes:
When I originally started on this journey in May I intended to write about 80,000 words.
Currently, the story is at 78K+, and that doesn't include any text from quotes at the head of each chapter. According to AO3, I'm at 80,014, which is a pretty huge accomplishment for me.
I think that makes it longer than TMM, which was the inspiring work for this story.
So, uhh, "yay."
Thanks for following, reading, criticizing, and engaging.

This week:
And now, onto our program:
Chapter 1: A City On The Rise
Chapter 2: That's Something We Could Test
Chapter 3: Perhaps Too Convenient
ORIGIN STORIES: Martha & Thomas Wayne
Chapter 4: A Dance With The Devil
Chapter 5: Meeting The Oracle
Chapter 6: First Contact
Chapter 7: Some Call It Work But It’s More Like Art
Chapter 8: Mount Olympus
Chapter 9: Corrupt Simplicity With Delicate Ferocity
Chapter 10: Privileging The Hypothesis
Chapter 11: Neverland
Chapter 12: Jabberwocky
Chapter 13: The Man Who Laughs
Chapter 14: Hobo Nickels & Heroin
Chapter 15: The Devil's Greatest Trick
Chapter 16: In The Air Tonight
Chapter 17: Good Kid, Mad City
Chapter 18: Out Of The Frying Pan
Comments and feedback are welcome. I have a general, overarching story in mind, but things aren't really set in stone just yet, though they are coming into sharper contrast now.
If you're a new reader, here’s a blurb:
The year is 1934. Bachelor playboy Bruce Wayne has a secret: by night, he's one of the greatest detectives in human history, and a member of a secret society of people trained in the 'oriental fighting arts' known as the "\Yīnyǐng" or "Ghosts of Gotham." But when sightings and stories of a being with godlike powers start becoming too credible, he decides to investigate this existential crisis on behalf of humanity.*
The events of this story start at the same time as THE METROPOLITAN MAN (the exact same time, really), but it is very likely they will continue after that story's terminus.
For additional character notes, please see thegothamite.net/world.
(I hope you enjoy it, and welcome your thoughts and comments! Shoutout to this sub for continuously helping me to find new, cool stuff to read).
Thank you to this sub for motivating me to actually commit to writing something, for once.
Join us for another exciting episode next week!
Same (more or less) Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!
(thanks for reading!)
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2021.10.21 22:09 ZoobBot 181502

This is the 181502nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.21 22:09 Disastrous_Way_8775 In Any Way Shape Or From, Is This Considered Illegal?🧍‍♂️

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2021.10.21 22:09 Possible_Abrocoma_22 2 foreigners killed in shootout in Mexico's Tulum resort

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2021.10.21 22:09 lookylookylulu Gastritis flare up. Shoulder pain anyone?

The last few days my gastritis has kicked into high gear. For some reason it's at its worst early mornings and night. Anyways, do you all notice pain in your upper back, shoulders and even arm pain when your gastritis flares up?
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2021.10.21 22:09 Mr_TASer Will you please trigger this pic?

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2021.10.21 22:09 FBI_______ Can a AK kill a alligator?

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2021.10.21 22:09 rednrithmetic A mysterious 'A Team' just rescued dogs from a volcano's lava zone in La Palma

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2021.10.21 22:09 No_Independent438 It’s not allowing me to post the pic’s but I’ll type it! Need to know what needs to be done to fix!

So I’m curious if there are people here that can help me! A little about what happened! I worked a a trash bag place that made the bags and my job was to pack the bags! It was a box that that didn’t hold more than 200 bags and I had to pack 250 in the box so a lot of pushing to get said box to close and be able to be taped! It was 12 hour shifts from 8am to 8pm and around 6pm my left wrist didn’t feel right I got ibuprofen from someone and continued the shift! I Finnish the shift went home thinking I would wake up and it would be fine but on the way to work the next day (45 min ride) it felt worse! Told the manager around 9:30am and went to the doctor on the 19th of October! Had an MRI done on the 1st and they said it was just dislocated and I had a partial tear in my scapholunate dorsal! Then I went yesterday after 2 weeks from that news and I have a list of what is wrong! I’m curious on what will need to be done to fix it the laundry list of stuff is
The ulnar variance is mildly negative.
A physiologic amount of fluid is seen within the distal radioulnar joint.
The scapholunate joint demonstrates a fluid collection along the dorsal aspect measuring up to 3 mm in width.
This may represent a strain, partial tear of the dorsal aspect of the scapholunate ligament.
Along the ventral aspect of the wrist anterior to the radiocarpal joint at the articulation of the radius with the navicular bone is a separated fluid collection measuring 8mm in right to left dimension by 10 mm in cranial caudal dimension by 4mm in anterior posterior dimension consistent with (something) cyst of unknown age.
A small amount of fluid is seen mildly widening the scapholunate distance dorsally witch may represent a sequela of a strain, partial tear of the dorsal scapholunate ligament most likely acute.
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2021.10.21 22:09 Mycosprite WTF happened?? :(

I grew some very pretty shrooms back in June, (from a reputable source). dried in dehydrator on low temp, ground them up to a powder and packaged in ziplocks, squeezing all the air out. I then placed the bags in a container that you can air lock.
Today, after many delays and searching for a great sitter, I drove to his home and ingested a total of about 4 gms. Had a few mild waves of something promising to come, and then nothing!! And I mean nothing!! I have been off my SSRIs for at least 3 months. I also tested the batch about 2 months ago and did a 0.8 Gm mini dose and today's dose gave me only a minimum more of a 'buzz',
Could the shrooms have lost almost all their potency in that time? I also wondered if being anxious prior to taking the shrooms could have caused me to block the effect (although I did relax once they started to kick in)
I am so bummed. I was so hopeful for this to treat my depression. Has anyone else had this happen?
Could they have lost their potency?
Thanks in advance for your insights.
Mush love.
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2021.10.21 22:09 MakeupGuruSasha Nyma Tang posts easy glam look using NARS!

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2021.10.21 22:09 reddit_feed_bot JesseKellyDC: @FearTheFloof Ha!!

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2021.10.21 22:09 Pyotrperse Amouage Ashore

Amouage Ashore Ashore feels like a sunny, hopeful day by the beach. An aldehydic, solar fragrance with soft white floral notes. One of my favourite uses of jasmine, very subtle, natural and fresh. The soft, soapy aldehyde gives a clean-musk body for the jasmine and soft rose to lay on. Ambergris introduces a slight salty tone. This coupled with the solar note (which just smells like.. warm? Hard to describe) creates a sunny, salty beach air feel. After an hour or so it melts into the skin with little change in the scent aside from a mild resin and spice underneath, which has that Amouage, Arabian fragrance dna.
Today is the first day of the season leaning hot and humid in Victoria. Ashore was the perfect uplifting fragrance to lift the spirits while smelling clean and lightly floral without it feeling cloying at all in the humidity. I can imagine this would be a stunning beach scent.
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2021.10.21 22:09 HailCaez I really do like the show BUT

Man is it depressing AF. From Olivia's unceremonious death (ong not even a funeral?) to Monse's mom offing herself (TBH that woman was weak AF. Ion like confrontation either but damn) to Oscar (RIP big homie). I remember growing up around the barrio and it wasn't ideal but it wasn't this rough damn..
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2021.10.21 22:09 Status-Exit9649 What does the grey triangle mean when it’s blue? Next to the wild nexmons name

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2021.10.21 22:09 Zx2_ Hol’ up

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2021.10.21 22:09 TheSamuraiGunner We need more iron sights and “styles” of the various gun types.

I’ve realized that the reason why I love the DMT so much is that it’s a lever action and has proper ironsights. It just feels good to use because of that.
So i had an idea. Why don’t we have more sub-types of guns not archetypes like high impact, I mean styles ? Like non-exotic lever action scout rifles.
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2021.10.21 22:09 eljch Failing Physics

I have a really low mark in SPH3U and I'm extremely scared. I did not hand in 2 assignments and had to retake my first test.. I still want a high mark.. I understand how to apply the GRASP method but I have absolutely no idea how to solve physics problems.. please help
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2021.10.21 22:09 TheBassMan01 Am I the only person left on here that down votes every post no matter what if the person is still using Robinhood? Is it Time to forgive them already? Or are people just not aware of how criminal they are?! Why would people not Acats Away from them? Do they not know how? It’s super easy!!

Am I the only person left on here that down votes every post no matter what if the person is still using Robinhood? Is it Time to forgive them already? Or are people just not aware of how criminal they are?! Why would people not Acats Away from them? Do they not know how? It’s super easy!! submitted by TheBassMan01 to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 22:09 JuliusMoons HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition is now available in Saudi Arabia

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2021.10.21 22:09 throwaway_6osnzk Who do skinny hairy vs skinny hairless bottoms attract?

I am a 6ft skinny bottom and I shave my facial hair but I am unsure about shaving my body hair. If it has an impact on who I attract, then I really don’t mind if I keep it or not as long as I get more of what I want. Fyi I am into hunks and twunks in terms of looks.
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2021.10.21 22:09 kerrybaumann The Trump Freedom Vaccine. Free from all toxins, 5G, traces of Covid. Cost: $19.99. A portion of proceeds go towards changing the result of the election

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2021.10.21 22:09 CherubSun [CA] Is it legal to have an interviewee work for an hour as an associate as a “try out” & not be paid?

It’s been yearsssss since I’ve been asked to do this but I had an interview this afternoon & was asked if I could come in this weekend for a “try out” since I’m “competing” against other interviewees. She also said “It’d be for an hour or an hour and a half. Not long since I can’t pay you.”
I thought this wasn’t acceptable but what do I know. When I was a manager if we sent someone home early (let’s just say an hour into their shift) they’re supposed to be paid for two hours. Correct me if I’m wrong & thanks for any input.
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2021.10.21 22:09 chromayica Our favorite black queen is getting her own show 🥰

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