The Second Galactic War's Newcomers: Meeting The Crew

2021.10.21 22:01 Gloomius The Second Galactic War's Newcomers: Meeting The Crew

Frost closed the bolt of his rifle, making a metallic “clack” as it went into battery. He had removed himself from the 350 pound suit and had plugged it into the emergency charging port adapter on the Wyvern.
He had come to the conclusion that they were not in their neck of the dimension plains. The flight crews had apparently not seen a jet aircraft like his for years, and thought it was alien tech. They had also never heard of Ma’pris, which, while not uncommon, was unlikely. Especially if they were marines. He was unsure where Cavla had gone off to. She just decided that she was going to go wherever she wanted, and left.
Frost put down the now clean XM-34c assault rifle and grabbed the P-22 beside him. He could never get over how much it looked like the pistol from Halo 2. He started stripping and cleaning the weapon. He had taken stock of his supplies during the down time.
He had around 350+50 more rounds of 5.56, 36+12 rounds of 9mm para for his P-22, and 49+7 .50AE for his Desert Eagle. Two XM-322 stims, one of which Cavla had. One M99 HEDP grenade. One M91 flashbang. And two 85lb, 90mm HEAT rounds for the M6 MAAWS. Plus his two knives
In terms of ammo, he was doing well on paper, but he could not keep up a fight for long. Either he needed to be conservative with his ammo, or use the locals' guns.
Cavla walked around the base aimlessly. She wanted to take a look around and see if there was anything she recognized other than the general humans. Apparently, if they were actually in a different dimension, some human customs still transferred.
Especially the marine customs. And it seemed to span over multiple species as well. She still had her radio on her, but had taken off her pressure suit. Opting to just have her combat gear overtop of her jet-black body.
Frost’s voice cracked over the radio.
“Hey, where you at!? I think the rest of the soldiers here are on their way back.”
She grabbed the communicator and answered back.
“Just walking around. What makes you say that they are coming back?”
“They are walking right towards me. Usually a pretty telling sign. Besides, I need sleep. And if I need sleep, you definitely do.” The exasperation in her subordinates voice plainly evident.
"OK, I'm on my way back. Give me ten."
We walked back to the duo, or what should have been a duo. Frost was the only one there, it looked like he was servicing those vintage hard matter rifles he has. I love guns, especially vintage ones like those, so much history. I would have to ask him if he could get me one at some point. Shit looked cool.
his partner was gone, damn kitty probably walked off, and her, being a cat person, was probably getting into trouble.
"I sure hope the base commander doesn't see her walking alone or my ass is gonna get smoked into next week." I thought to myself.
"Damn, you already lost track of one, good going." Shira said as she slapped my back.
I poked her in the head. "You were with me the whole time, this is on you too."
She just blew air out her nose and kept walking.
We approached Frost, who looked lost or looked like he had lost something, maybe he was looking for the Ma'pris.
I called out to him as we approached. "Any idea where your cat friend is? I'm taking you back to our little barracks while we wait on what the base commander and admiral have to say about you coming up with us."
“I have absolutely no idea where she actually is, other than that she is on her way back here.” Frost stated rather-of-factly. He put the P-22’s slide back on the rest of the gun.
“I’ll be glad if we get to come with you though. I am not doing perfectly on ammo. We were on a combat mission just before we got shot out here.”
He turned towards the Wyvern. “In fact, there is my original cracked faceplate in that thing. I needed to pull out the spare. Ammo and medical supplies are low. I have about eight mags for the rifle and ten for the pistols. I also only have the two stims, but I really only need the one.”
Cavla slowly made her way back to Frost's location. She checked out as much of the base as possible while remaining within what she felt was ‘regulation’. Many people had asked her what kind of Zecklish she was, despite her not knowing what they were in the slightest. Much like the humans she was used to dealing with, these ones had the same fascination with her tail. She was not sure why anybody was interested in her tail, as a tailless creature made less sense.
"Well if worst comes to worst you could use a blaster rifle, but this planet is pretty much secure besides the outskirts but the army is coming in to occupy, so we aren't expecting much." I looked around at nothing in particular.
"We may not be able to help with ammo but your ship will be good as new when we get back to where we are going, hopefully it's a tropical planet. I wouldn't mind sitting on a beach with a cold drink, not to mention that, when we do get to our next destination, Shira here owes me a drink." I put my arm around Shira as I talked.
"So feel free to join us at the bar, if for nothing more than a quick drink."
Shira looked up at me. "Why the hell do I owe you a drink?"
"I saved your life, and I think your life is worth a few drinks." I said with a smile.
"Whatever." She lifted up my arm and walked away. "ONE drink." She stated as she walked off.
"Hell yeah brother! Last time I was in a bar was when my Ma’pris squad truly adopted me in, and that was a bit ago."
Frost chuckled. It had been close to eight months since he had last been in a bar. At least, one that wasn't destroyed. He stood up, hanging his rifle from himself with its sling, and started following the pink elf, "Shira".
He had no combat suit other than his CEVA, and it was too heavy to constantly lug around, even with the assistance it provided. And he had not yet pulled his marine battle dress uniform out of the Wyvern, so he just walked around in the grey undersuit.
Still unsure of where his commanding officer had run off to, he reached for his radio again.
"Frost to Cav, where the hell are you?"
"Almost back, just went for a walk around… do keep in mind that I am still your commanding officer, it's my job to be asking where you are." There was a slight chuckle in her voice.
"Hey mate, just so long as you weren't going for a reach-around with someone, I don't give two shits. Hell, even if you were, we wouldn’t care. However, I know non-special forces military, and they will probably get pissed off if there is suddenly a random SF waltzing around their base unsupervised."
"Like I said, almost back."
The three of us walked into the barracks, with the kitty cat close according to frost. Christy, the Larma, Josh and Luca were in various states of undress, Luca and Josh were having a mock hand to hand fight.
"Alright kids, I brought friends. Play nice, don't hurt them." I said walking in and looking at Josh, who had Luca in a headlock, pretending to stab him.
Christy and the Larma were on a bed chatting about who knows what.
"Those two fighting are Josh, and the pink one is Luca." I pointed at Josh and Luca as they still fought.
"And the two on the bed is our Larma, and the other is Christy." I pointed over to Larma and Christy."
"Everyone, this is Frost, and his friend Cav should be right behind us." I nodded my head behind me. "Our SF friends have arrived."
Frost gave a quick salute to the soldiers around him. Even through a dimension or two and multiple different species, the marines were a constant.
The door behind him opened, revealing Cavla behind it.
"Welcome back. Where did you run off to?"
The feline just shook her head. "Just took a look around."
Frost switched into GS for a moment to speak with her privately, "Hey, by the way, despite the fact that I think you outrank most of the people in this room, you do not get to pull rank. We have no idea what their chain of command looks like."
Cavla frowned, as much as a feline's face could, "Hey, remember that I have been a soldier for over forty cycles, I do know this kind of stuff."
"Hey mate! In terms of 'stranded on a strange planet alone with unknown contacts on it', I’m kinda the resident expert." Frost retorted. He turned back around to the other marines and returned to English.
"Sorry about that. Anyway, what do you need us for right now?"
Welcome to yet another installment of u/Number_One_American and I's collaboration. I am pleased to announce that writing this is going more smoothly than my main story at the moment! :) Anyway, If you haven't already, go check out u/Number_One_American's story here. Stuff will make more sense if you do.
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First time piercing here. I’ve had mine in for a little over a month and my right ear has developed this bump. I couldn’t find a straight answer on what to do about it on the internet, but I’ve been doing hot compresses in addition to my regular cleaning routine. Any advice appreciated. submitted by Dahtemba to piercing [link] [comments]

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A booster rocket carrying a hypersonic glide body failed to launch Thursday morning during a test by the Defense Department's hypersonic weapons program.
"The test did not occur as planned due to a failure of the booster stack," Defense Department spokesman Lieutenant Commander Tim Gorman told CBS News in a statement about the attempted test, which took place in Alaska.
"The booster stack used in the test was not part of the hypersonic program and is not related to the Common Hypersonic Glide Body. The missile booster is used for testing purposes only."
The test took place at the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska in Kodiak, and was conducted to inform hypersonic technology development.
"During weapon system development, precision sounding rocket launches fill a critical gap between ground testing and full system flight testing," The Navy said in a statement.
The Financial Times reported China conducted a test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August.
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