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2021.09.25 21:07 AgreeableJello9156 How do I(31M) handle an un-cooperative friend/roommate(25M) while trying to preserve our friend group?

My friend who lives several states away finished school last year while I was living alone in a 2BR town-house so I invited him to come live with me (and pay a reasonable amount of rent) while he was trying to figure things out. I thought I was doing him a solid because he went to art school and he could work in graphic design and there are many companies around here that need that kind of work. We're both part of a decent-sized friend group that formed over the past decade or so. We're pretty tight-knit and see each other all the time even though we live all over the eastern US. A few of them did warn me about his personality, he hadn't spend much time living away from home (one college semester) and was prone to bouts of immaturity (He had a verbal altercation with a college roommate and ended up threatening him, he could've been expelled if it were reported). He is also proud of some of those moments.
After he moved down, I learned he was insisting on being an illustrator and subsequently he had no luck applying for jobs, not even interviews. Most of the companies around here have technical positions such as engineering, the field I work in. He ended up getting a job at a coffee shop to pay bills. I feel a bit guilty about this since nothing really seemed to pan out. I had him on my lease as a sub-renter so he wouldn't be obligated to stay or pay rent since I wasn't sure if he could afford it.
He almost immediately started dating one of our friend's(27M) younger sister (19F). A lot of us feel a bit weird about it since we've known here since she was maybe 14 but her brother seemed ok with it.
Anyway, that is how the situation was around March of this year.
There have been a couple key developments since: First, I bought a house this summer and I told him he could keep living with me if he wanted. Rent stayed the same. Our previous lease was no longer binding since the landlord found a new renter. Second, my dog was diagnosed with heart-worms (Vet suspected her preventatives were fake). She is not allowed to get excited or have any exercise while being treated otherwise she is at risk of heart failure. She started treatment in July and it's expected to last through mid November.
I also have a few gripes that have been piling up:
He doesn't do chores in common areas, period. He thinks if he keeps to himself in his room, he doesn't have to do any. He doesn't restock anything. We don't share food but he uses toiletries, detergent, and such. I have been lax in tracking these but since I'm more financially able it felt petty.
We've had a few arguments primarily over text which I've told him to quit doing. He texts me from inside the house and I tell him to come talk to me instead.
He wanted to have our friends and his girlfriend down the weekend we were moving, not to help, just hang out. I told him that was absurd because there was no place for them to sleep, eat, sit, whatever, and he became furious. I had assumed he would help in the move but he ended up just leaving town and I had to get outside help. It took me a couple weeks to get the new place situated afterward while he sat in his room.
He wanted to have his girlfriend-down for his birthday in early October. I also made plans to host our friends for friends-giving in early November. This past week my dog ended up having to stay with the vet for several days for routine treatment but ended up staying longer because the vet was concerned about damage to her lungs. The vet re-iterated no exercise or excitement and said we'd know if everything was ok after a blood test in mid-November. I canceled friends-giving and told my roommate he needed to delay his girlfriend coming down in October. He tried to find "middle-ground" by suggesting things like sneaking around the house to not disturb the dog and tried to claim his girlfriend couldn't refund her plane ticket or re-schedule (she can). I told him my options were sedating my dog or having her boarded and these options didn't seem fair to me or my dog. He became upset and tried to reason with things like "but I love my gf" and "it's my birthday" and demanded an ultimatum. I gave him a firm no and called him childish. He hasn't talked to me since.
I've begun to discredit him as a friend and I came to the conclusion that I need to be more firm and set expectations as a roommate but tbh I don't feel up to tracking all of these issues. My dog still isn't well, I work full-time, there is the new house to keep up with, and I start grad school again in January. My family recommended just pocketing his rent money and putting it towards services to help me out around the house though I don't really need the income. I'm leaning towards just asking him to leave but my biggest concern is the divide this could cause among my friends. I don't want them to pick sides. Many of them dislike awkward situations and just avoid them instead of acknowledging them. I'm not really interested in ostracizing him either as I'm pretty sure he have to move back home.
Anyway, I'm not sure what to do so thanks for any advice.
Note: I'm definitely not concerned about the legal circumstances. He's month to month without a lease, hasn't asked for one, and I don't feel inclined to give him one at this point.
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2021.09.25 21:07 ProfessionalTarget1 Wrightsville Beach restaurant rec that is not seafood?

What I've learned from browsing this question on this subreddit is that the seafood I'll get back home is as fresh as what I'll get here, so let's just focus on a high taste/price ratio, irrespective of food type. Tastewise I'm adventurous. Where to go?
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2021.09.25 21:07 FADIKALIL عالم يوضح ما هو لون الشمس

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2021.09.25 21:07 godOfRevengeance Chapter 17: Perhaps Not The Best Beginning To An Adventure...

‘Lazor, Lazor, Lazor. Could I just drop in to that weird universe they stay in, get him, and dip? Nah, they would probably be other people there. It’s too dangerous. However, if I get him while he’s out of that dimension, he would probably be less guarded. If I had to guess, he’ld probably be in that trio again, and so I would have to fight off Froze and Cupi. Dang. I don’t think I’m that capable yet. I was barely holding on then, and those three would have killed me if Goldavus didn’t save me. Tch!’
Lome punched the table. Surprisingly to himself, he punched through it. It still hurt him however.
“Ow!” Lome began massaging his right arm with his left arm.
‘I had no idea I was this strong… Then again, the Hero Seed does have the potential to stand up to multiverse-destroying threats… I guess a table isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things.’
Luckily for Lome, no-one was there to witness the breaking of the table, so he placed some trays on top of the hole and put the debris in the bin. It would be like it was never broken in the first place. ‘Now, what?”’ He was expecting a little more direction. But nope! Gicame had just left him to his own devices? Did she trust him and Edge that much? Lome thought it fishy, but left it for now. Being more free was a good thing. It gave him more time to think about how to save Lazor. Step 1… His room should have a map or something right? If Gicame was serious about letting him play around with his powers to some extent, they would make sure he didn’t get lost, right? Now, to just walk away and pretend he didn’t cause a hole in that table. Lome thought he should learn how to whistle innocuously at some point.
Lome went back to his room, and remembered what had happened yesterday. The encounter with the demon? He wasn’t sure if it was a demon, but it looked like one. Then again, it could be something he didn’t know the name of. He was fairly ignorant compared to everyone else here. And how did Edge know where he went? Subconsciously, Lome thought about creating another portal. He didn’t even notice the graffiti start to change into that familiar pool of darkness.
“How much of an imbecile can one be?” That voice. Lome remembered that omnipresent voice.
Turning around, the shadow burst through the portal. Wings, claws, fangs, red and purple glowing eyes! Oh, and lunging directly at him! Lome swore, then quickly closed the portal, then closed his arms in an amateur defense position. “It’s too late. You’ve unleashed me back onto this múltiverse. You’ll do as a fine vessel.” Lome braced for the inevitable. Yet, nervousness and curiosity made him shout something. “Who even are you?! I deserve to know that before I die, right?!” The shadow pondered. Lome might have found the sight oddly beautiful in some twisted way if he WASN’T ABOUT TO DIE! The shadow turned and grinned. “I guess you do deserve that much at least, even if you’re not going to die. I’m not going to kill you, Mr L. But it may as well be that way due to the lack of agency you’re about to have. I am the most powerful demon, nay, the most powerful being in the multiverse. The tyrant who conquered infinity. I was old long before your universe was born, and will live past it’s demise. I am Infityra.” Lome might have thought Infityra was showboating, but his experience in that universe did lend credibility to her claim. Infityra… Why was that name familiar? Lome would have remembered it’s similarity to Infizero if he had not been panicking, but even the best of us fall to panic.
“Now then, your body is mine.” Lome waited dreadfully. Was he going to get knocked out by brute force, his eyes slowly clog with darkness until he was in some prison of darkness or maybe a splitting headache that would split his mind in half? Or maybe … absolutely nothing? Lome blinked a couple times. The dangerous looking demon was still looking dangerous.
“What are you doing?!” It was more of a shriek than an actual question, but Lome felt compelled to answer all the same. “Nothing.” “Don’t play dumb with me, Mr L. I have more than one way to harm you.” Infityra swung too fast for Lome to react. Those claws would certainly slash Lome’s face, wouldn;t they? Yet, nothing happened. It was almost as if she was a “Ghost… You’re a ghost, aren’t you?” Lome asked, perhaps too confident for one trembling in fear a couple seconds ago. “When I closed the portal I killed you, and now you’re harmlessly haunting me.”
Lome thought he was a tad more powerful than he actually was. I wouldn’t blame him since he has little sense of scale right now, but that is definitely not what just happened. I think? I’m sure someone will explain this mysterious occurrence. Infityra remained silent. Was she stunned by her inability to harm Lome? It would be really helpful if she could clarify what is going on.
Fortunately, she did start to speak, relieving me of that duty. “You did not kill me. You aren’t capable of that. You merely separated my true essence from my ‘body’. Due to you closing the portal before I could fully come in, it appears that I cannot interact with anything, but I am able to observe it. This is really stupid!” That outburst caught Lome by surprise, but a thought came in his head. ‘If she can’t hurt me, but if I can hurt her, that means, I can kill the worst villain in the multiverse, prove my worth to Gicame, and get to use this amazing power to it’s full. Also Lazor.’
Lome charged with a fist of his own, striking the shadow. He went through hitting the wall.
“AND YOU’RE EVEN STUPIDER! If I can’t interact with you, why could you interact with me? You really aren’t the brightest, Mr L.” “Hey, don’t call me stupid! You’re the one showboating then doing absolutely nothing. AND L’s not my name!” Lome shouted. He wasn’t considering that these walls weren’t exactly soundproof. Infityra calmed herself down, returning to that still countenance Lome had observed earlier. “Tell it to me then.Your name. Or you can keep it, if you think I’ll use it.” Lome was pretty sure by now Infityra was pretty much harmless to him at this point. He may as well give his full name, right?
“Lome. That’s my name.”
“Loom, I already know your name!” D.A.B’s voice rung out unexpectedly.
Lome turned around, and D.A.B was there, floating.
“I wasn’t talking to you! I was talking to, Infityra? I’m not sure it’s pronounced like that?”
D.A.B’s face blinked and scanned the room. “Loof, you might wanna get your eyes checked out.”
“Of course you miss the demon lady with wings and claws. She’s right here!”
Lome pointed at Infityra exasperated.
“I believe you are the only one able to see and hear me. It would be hard to explain to a simpleton like yourself, but since you opened and closed it unexpectedly, my essence seems to be tethered to that portal, and since it does not exist, I am tethered to it’s creator instead. Essentially, I’m haunting you, and only you.”
“So you are a ghost!” Lome shouted triumphantly.
“Believe whatever you like, Mr L. I’m not going to explain this any further to you.”
Infityra closed her eyes, tucked her wings in and crossed her arms. Lome guessed it was supposed to be a meditative stance. Lome didn’t really know anything much about meditation, which is normal mind you, but did wonder why Infitrya was doing so.
“So, Lode. If you’re done talking to yourself concerningly, should we pick up where we left off this morning?” This morning? What happened this morning? Lome helpfully recalled that D.A.B said something about a prophecy.
“The prophecy?” Lome asked. He was curious about what this prophecy was, and D.A.B’s disappearance. He was also curious about Infityra, but she didn’t seem much for talking at the moment.
“Yeah, the one little P told ya about!” D.A.B said, perhaps too enthusiastically for one talking about the fate of the entire multiverse.
“Lit-tle P?” Lome said. Why couldn’t D.A.B talk like one of those cold emotionless A.I? Lome thought he’d give D.A.B’s creator a piece of his mind if he ever met the fellow. Or gal.
“Yeah, he’s the guy wearing that oversized cloak. I keep telling him to take it off, but he’s attached to it for some reason, and you know how folks are when they’re D.A.B-imental,”
“Stop doing that!” Lome shouted. D.A.B floated back in shock. His eyes conveyed shock, as limited as his small screen could anyways.
“Doing what? What could be so D.A.B-gusting for you to say such a thing to poor little me? I’m just your average artificially intelligent floating watch.”
“Stop adding your name in random words. It just doesn’t make any sense.”
“If you say so, Lobe, I’ll stop to make you feel better.”
“How many times are you going to make that joke, you … er watch?!”
“What joke?”
“You keep misspelling my name. It’s Lome. L-o-m-e. I even said it earlier. How do you keep it getting it wrong?” Lome asked.
“I think it might go over your head if I explain mungareeno” D.A.B said nervously, or as well the watch could be nervous.
"At least try to explain! I have barely no clue what's going on, it couldn't hurt to give me something multiverse!"
"Well, if you're going to be so DAB-sperate. Zaufhjqg Tkaerw ehtfftfg. Cbstvue quourcpo fbllvue. Dhath cppmvqiddtjrn pi esuos oohv." D.A.B's face began to glitch out as the watch flew around like a hyperactive fly. Upon garbling out the last bit of nonsense, D.A.B hit the ground, smoking slightly.
"Heh." Lome, about to freak out, noticed Infityra finding this amusing.
"... Wait, did you understand that?" Lome asked.
Infityra blinked. A sign of surprise? Or just a blink? Lome didn't know enough to tell.
"Perhaps." Infityra smiled as she said that, before returning to meditation.
'What's that supposed to mean? Was that some sort of code? I've heard about cipher's before, and they're an interesting way of hiding information, but there needs to be some sort of clue of what the cipher is to decode it. No way of trying to do it now though. I didn't remember a single piece of that. Perhaps if there was a transcript or something, but I ain't some super genius to figure out on first listen. Enough thinking! I'm gonna leave, and I'm gonna find Lazor!"
Lome ran out of the room, circled the dome a couple times as he had no clue where he was going, and exited the building, and jumping out. Infityra was dragged along, whether or not it was her bidding was impossible to tell. Lome found himself greeted with the sight of the capital of the multiverse: Multilysium. "This place is a little bigger than I first thought, huh?" The golden dome was perched right in the middle of the city, floating. Lome could barely make out the seven pillars because of the innumerous buildings, people, traffic, landmarks and billboards. Lome had never been somewhere that had felt so full. So stuffed. "Maybe I might want to get a map..."
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2021.09.25 21:07 BrayForSomeReason Earning Points

What is your favorite one of those tasks (I don't know what to call them)?
Personally, I like the supersonic quizzes because they give out the most, and I can come here to make it quick and easy.
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2021.09.25 21:07 JazzyChap Bo Burnham: Inside (JOKER - Teaser Trailer Style)

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2021.09.25 21:07 Tychoo7 My iOS15 update download progress was deleted or disappeared?! Why?

The progress bar was almost full and finished downloading then it should say preparing and then you click install now. But i check again and i stead of saying those its gone and just say to download. I really dont want to spend another 3 hours again for the same thing to happen again. Any insight as to what is going on? Also i ise the same public wifi ive always been using for these updates and while it requires me to relogin ive never had any problems updating from this public wifi place. Thanks for any help
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2021.09.25 21:07 the_real_turtlepope A man in a cheap frog costume.

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2021.09.25 21:07 MoistMarie 11 hours dodge timer?

I got autofilled 2 times in a row, i got my champion banned, and I had to play vs Irelia (I ban Trynd) so naturally I dodged.
I waited my 30 minutes and my one hour like a good plank but, now I'm getting a 11 hours dodge timer. It might be a little... Overkill no? Imo, people dodging is not really dramatic especially in normals.
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