Como conquistar a garota gamer...entenda.

2021.09.25 19:53 Filipe_Amilton Como conquistar a garota gamer...entenda.

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2021.09.25 19:53 Wacchampions Radiator Springs Racers POV! Disneyland Resort, Disney’s California Adventure! April 30th 2021! We hope you enjoy and consider subscribing!

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2021.09.25 19:53 sansgamer554 I made 1 new weapon for each slot, so here is the offense classes, give me balancing ideas and feedback

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2021.09.25 19:53 DarkJayBR Demissão de Fernando Diniz (circa 2021, colorized, 60fps)

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2021.09.25 19:53 M3fit Reality

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2021.09.25 19:53 HaveALittle_Faith Amyone wanna [chat]? 16F

My Friends are at a party and My gf is grounded
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2021.09.25 19:53 SE_to_NW Hong Kong: Tiananmen vigil group disbands after police probe | Human Rights News

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2021.09.25 19:53 Dumshit_Scientist Spider-Man NWH: Villains' new looks theory

I think I may have an explanation for how villains like Willem Dafoe's green goblin and Jamie Foxx's electro could look different but are the same ones from the old franchises instead of variants! I think Doc Ock, being the super genius engineer that he is, could create better-looking suits for both Norman and Electro. Green Goblin could get an upgraded suit with more features along with colors, cloak, and designs that are more comic accurate. Meanwhile, Electro could get a suit from Otto that could stabilize his electricity to change its color from blue to yellow, control his powers better, and also look more comic accurate.
For villains like the Lizard, there could be a joke made by the other members of the Sinister Six, something like: "Hey Connors, just wear some pants why don't cha." The lizard could just pick up a lab coat and some pants to look better. They could even explain a new design for the lizard's face, by means of speeded-up evolution or something. Like if he had not taken the serum and stayed in his lizard form longer, he would've eventually started looking more lizard than the abomination he was in TASM.
The sandman could just look the same lol, not sure if he's gonna even be a villain if he's in the movie.
Anyways, thanks for reading! I thought of this while showering lmao.
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2021.09.25 19:53 Recruiting-Jacquie [Hiring] Software Engineer - Newark, CA US
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2021.09.25 19:53 esimages Finally traded in my Honda for the bike I always wanted.

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2021.09.25 19:53 shortsbagel Sorry but I am done working on this series.

I will post the translation for 131-132 here and after that I am done, I keep defending this series, and in reality, it should have ended a long time ago, and now (more than ever) its is such an obvious cash grab of a series, its just not worth my time, or effort, anymore. Thanks for reading.
131 - 1
Title: The First Peeping

  1. You peeped!
  2. N-No fair!
  3. You tricked me!
  4. Hah!
  5. Whatever, that'll be 100 thousand yen.
  6. Stop it...
  7. Hm? What's that? I couldn't hear you~

131 - 2
  1. I was really worried that something ...
  2. might have happened to you...
  3. ... what's this?
  4. You're hitting on me?
  5. Huh!?
  6. She's talking about that after what she just put me through!?
  7. What a trashy character!
8, Fine. I'll let it go this time.

131 - 3
  1. But we're going by that the next time it happens.
  2. Whoever peeps into the other's room has to pay for fixing the wall,
  3. Got it?
  4. You promise not to pull any tricks again?
  5. Yeah, sure.

131 - 4
  1. Hmph...
  2. What a weird guy!
  3. (pack) Paper clay

131 - 5
  1. I doubt this'll be enough to fix it...
  2. But at least it'll cover the hole.
  3. Done!
  4. It looks pretty nice, actually!
  5. This might even be able to block the sounds...

131 - 6
  1. Ahhhh!?
  2. The hole is even bigger now!!
  3. Just how fragile is this wall!?
  4. What are you doing!?
  5. The wall's already brittle as is!!
  6. I'm sorry!!

131 - 7
  1. I ended up just using a piece of cloth to cover the hole...
  2. I guess I have no choice but to live with that hole in the wall...
  3. Morning!
  4. Yame-san! Did you wait long?
  5. Sorry you have to come pick me up every morning.
  6. Don't worry! My class doesn't start until 2nd period, so I have time.
  7. Besides...

131 - 8
  1. We never got to go to school together...
  2. Back in high school, did we?
  3. Y-Yeah...
  4. How's the wall, by the way?
  5. Yeah, about that...

131 - 9
  1. The landlord says we have to pay for the repair ourselves...
  2. So I'm still talking with the neighbor about what to do...
  3. Seriously?!
  4. I guess until that wall is fixed...
  5. I'll refrain from coming to your place, so as to not bother your neighbor...
  6. Huh!?
  7. Of course it'd be like this!!
  8. Feels like any chance to do it with Yame-san keeps getting away from me...
  9. If only that hole wasn't there!!

131 - 10
  1. That's a heavy sigh. What's wrong?
  2. Well...
  3. Your neighbor punched the wall, so now there's a hole between your rooms!?
  4. Who's your neighbor, a gorilla!?
  5. No, a human...
  6. Your neighbor sounds dangerous. You should move.
  7. I don't have that kind of money.
  8. (small) I only just moved in to that place.
  9. And now we're arguing over who is gonna pay for the repair.
  10. Huh, that's tough.
  11. He's already lost interest!!

131 - 11
  1. Maybe I can use my part-time job wages to pay her?
  2. But still, 100 thousand...
  3. Oh, you're paying for the repair?
  4. Even though I was the one who made that hole!
  5. You're so generous! Thanks!
  6. On second thought, not a chance!!
  7. I'll just let her pay for that damn hole herself!
  8. That should teach her something about humility...

131 - 12
  1. Ah...!

132 - 1
Title: The First Contact
  1. Neighbor...?
  2. What are you doing here?
  3. Good morning, Hashiba-kun!

132 - 2
  1. Wait...
  2. That's the neighbor you were talking about?
  3. Yeah...
  4. You are friends with Hashiba-kun, I assume?
  5. Eh?
  6. Nice to meet you.
  7. My name is Gokomachi Kiyo.
  8. (small) I'm Hashiba-kun's neighbor.
  9. N-Nice to meet you...
  10. Junichi...

132 - 3
  1. Tell me why!?
  2. Why is it that only you get to keep running into freak incidents with pretty girls!!
  3. (small) *He's whispering
  4. (small) What are you!? Some kind of romcom MC!?
  5. That's your take from this!?
  6. With that hole in a wall, I bet you get to peep at her all you want!
  7. No I don't!!
  8. When you said your neighbor punched the wall, I thought it was a guy or something...
  9. Hashiba-kun.

132 - 4
  1. I actually talked a bit with the landlord earlier.
  2. Come here, I'll tell you about it!
  3. Wah!!
  4. Stop telling people about it!!
  5. She really likes hitting walls, doesn't she...

132 - 5
  1. But it's true, isn't it? You punched the wall!
  2. Look...
  3. I don't want people to know how I am at home, ok?
  4. If you keep going around telling people about me...
  5. Then I'll tell your girlfriend about how you peeped at me last night!
  6. (small) You want that?
  7. She really is the worst!
  8. Still...

132 - 6
  1. To think we both go to the same university...
  2. Talk about bad luck.
  3. (small) I'm so unlucky.
  4. That should be my line.
  5. Anyway, just don't start being all chummy around me just cause we're neighbors, ok?
  6. I'm leaving now.
  7. This means I'll being seeing her both at school and home...
  8. (small) Just why...
  9. Hashiba-kun?

132 - 7
  1. Kashii-san!
  2. This is...?
  3. Ah...
  4. It's not like I was doing anything wrong, but still...
  5. She caught us at an awkward moment.
  6. What are up to?
  7. N-Nothing...

132 - 8
  1. (small) Ah hah.
  2. Hello. My name is Gokomachi. Hashiba-kun's neighbor.
  3. My apartment is right next door to Hashiba-kun's, so we get along really well!
  4. (small) Nice to meet you!
  5. Neighbor!?
  6. (small) Eyes that say "Is that true?"
  7. Y-Yeah.
  8. I guess I'll just play along. I shouldn't say anything weird that could reach Yame-san.

132 - 9
  1. Not good...
  2. Hashiba-kun's being preyed on by a slut!!
  3. (small) Can I enter? I made a little too much.
  4. (small) So I thought I'd share with you.
  5. This type of girl doesn't care if a guy already has a girlfriend or not...
  6. (small) She's from Kansai to boot!
  7. She just swoops in and does this and that to someone's man!!
  8. (small) Come...!

132 - 10
  1. Hashiba-kun's in danger!!
  2. I guess Kashii-san still hasn't forgotten what happened on the school trip to Kyoto.
  3. I must protect him from this type of girl!!
  4. Nice to meet you too! I'm Kashii!
  5. I've been with Hashiba-kun since High school...
  6. Wait, actually! We've been together since Middle School!
  7. You could say we've been really close for a very long time!

132 - 11
  1. Heh... that's how a veteran at love is like!
  2. Some skank who popped out of nowhere doesn't stand a chance against me!
  3. (small) Really? That's wonderful!
  4. We should really be going now!
  5. We also attend the same lectures, you see!
  6. Hmmm...
  7. I thought I'd rile her up a bit for fun...
  8. I didn't expect that guy to be this popular, though.

132 - 12
  1. No weird sounds coming from next door tonight.
  2. I guess we're both getting used to staying real quiet.
  3. Gokomachi, huh...
  4. Never thought she'd be going to the same university as me.
  5. I've only just met her, but...
  6. I wonder if it's hard...
  7. Putting up a facade all the time.

132 - 13
  1. Looks like she's still up... Wonder what she's doing.
  2. Whatever. Nothing to do with me...
  3. (screen) Promotion Fee
Monthly maintenance
Wall repair

132 - 14
  1. Operating profit
  2. Haah...
  3. There's gotta be something...
  4. Something I can do...
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2021.09.25 19:53 1MG01NGT0D13 Homebrew Barbarian Subclass - Path of The Mutant V1.1

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2021.09.25 19:53 cuteycurious How many people were voting *𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗱𝗶𝘁* at the moment you were answering this poll?

i would like to get an impression about the distribution over a day
View Poll
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2021.09.25 19:53 DemiFiendRSA Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

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2021.09.25 19:53 Galacticaly DANI LETS GO!!!!!!

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2021.09.25 19:53 Uncreative_Fisherman Hammerdin on console question.

Is there anywhere you can see your hammer damage while using concentration? Do I just have to do the math myself?
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2021.09.25 19:52 gazzasim9 Anyone else really want Bis - Bikini song rn

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2021.09.25 19:52 MajorRasta Boruto in Skyrim Episode #8 2021 HD

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2021.09.25 19:52 Avaf448 Do you consider people who are open to things queer?

Like we have heard some people or celebrities be like "I have only dated/loved one gender but am open to loving others"
So is it right to label those people as queer or is it simply they are open to the possibility
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2021.09.25 19:52 svanapps r/ethereum - Week in Ethereum News - Sept 25, 2021

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2021.09.25 19:52 RKingsman Which Pokémon would be best for a 1v1 match?

If you had to pick one Pokémon to win a 1v1 match, which you pick and why?
My friend bet me I couldn’t beat him in a 1v1 in SwSh. I’m not sure what to use since I wouldn’t have the luxury of switching or much setup. I’m not sure if I should go with a sweeper to make quick work, or if I should stall and defend
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2021.09.25 19:52 MRDARK3K [PS4] H: Rare Plans W: Garrahan Foreman outfit

My plans consist of:
1 full t-45 plan set
1 t-51b plan set (incomplete missing left arm plan)
Super Mutant Tube
Insurgent outfit plan
Chally moo moo back pack plan
Tato salad recipe
Cranberry relish recipe
Also have a full set of both the Christmas plans & years 1+2 Fasnacht plans
Also have Winterman, Crazy Guy, Deathclaw & Raven Fasnacht masks
And 500 stimpacks
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2021.09.25 19:52 Jack-Earth-2 Making a meme out of every MHA episode thumbnail on VRV part 2

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2021.09.25 19:52 West-Advertising-735

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