Macro photography on the new iPhone 13 Pro is…fascinating.

2021.09.25 21:14 kevinhoule Macro photography on the new iPhone 13 Pro is…fascinating.

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2021.09.25 21:14 RecklessTestiss Bored

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2021.09.25 21:14 Malicious__Lemon bruh why is my brain so stupid

so i was in the garage getting food and i heard a loud thundery noise, so when i came back into the house i was like “hey mom did you hear the loud thundery noise? mom?” and i like got no response and then i though ‘crap the loud thundery noise was a portal that took her into an alternate dimension crapcrapcrap’ and then i said “mom” like 2 more times before my sister was like “she went outside”.
tldr: i thought my mom got sucked into an alternate dimension because the back door was loud
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2021.09.25 21:14 essaycode BIO-550 Topic 2 DQ 1……solved

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2021.09.25 21:14 tn6755 Waifu Page/Slab #collectionflex #DMG

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2021.09.25 21:14 Signal-Force-1111 The reasons why I can’t get back with you. And thanks for the memory, and sorry for your loss🖕

These are the reasons why I don’t want to get back with you.

  1. You broke up with me out of blue. It made me really difficult to accept breakup. A week after amazing weekend together after LDR, you wanted to break up. It was our 3rd anniversary and your BD date. You got all the gift and turned back. It was so unfair.
  2. Your reason for breakup was so offensive and you said several offensive sentences to me. Remember you said “I don’t wanna make a baby with you.”? You already made yourself clear that you were sexually not attracted to me for a while. That was already heavy for me. Do you know how painful it is to be told that? I even accepted it because feelings are not controllable.
  3. You were moving on too fast. In 2 weeks, you were already seeing somebody else and told me you guys were talking like we were. You replaced me in 2 weeks as if i fucking deserved it. You always told me this to show your love - you could cut your arm for me and I’m like an air for you. But guess what? 3 weeks right after last our date, you were already having sex with someone else telling me it was easier way for you to move on. Shame on you if you really didn’t think about me a second with her. It was so disgusting that you couldn’t stand alone for a second.
  4. You couldn’t even break up with me in person . You did it on the phone instead. How easy and convenient after 3 yrs? I wanted us to have a closure talk in person and you said yes at the beginning and after meeting a rebound one for the first time in your life, you said you can’t see me anymore or contact me anymore. Yes ladies and gentleman. 3yrs can be replaced in 2 weeks just like that.
You were a good boyfriend for 3 yrs but the first 2weeks after breakup showed who you are clearly. I’m glad I didn’t marry you. I’m glad you broke up with me in this shitty way so i would never wanna get back with you. I’m glad you taught me several red flags.
  1. Emotionally unstable and insecure
  2. They are not honest to themselves.
  3. Love bombers are lack of love and attention.
  4. When they always talk sweet and never prove it in action. 5.They are not sure they are good people. 6.Always look at the worst of them consciously. If you can’t handle it, walk away.
I don’t want to hold grudges toward you but that’s what you get from your behavior. Everything is like a boomerang. I won’t hate you or love you or like you. You crossed the line way too much to feel anything to you. Feelings and nights were wasted too much already for someone who doesn’t deserve me.
I hope you and your new partner find it difficult to be together. I know she knew she was a rebound. You didn’t delete all 100 photos of us on your social media until you had sex with her. I hope she’s haunted by my existence and all the gifts from me and make the relationship ruin. That’s what you deserve for a rebound relationship, right?
And all of your problem will be yours and hers now. It’s so relieving actually. I tried to embrace your insecurity issues for the last 3 yrs. Now it’s all yours!
Guess what? You don’t deserve me anymore. I am emotionally mature enough to grieve and appreciate for our relationship. I am sexually attractive. I am authentic and genuine. I am honest to myself. I know i am a good person. I know how to devote for a true love. I know how to reflect from my past. I know how to be alone and feel complete. I am strong enough to get through this breakup. I am smart and successful. I know my worth. And that worth is way out of your league.
I grew up from breakup. I’m not the old me who is fooled by sugarcoats and by rose colored glasses. New me doesn’t even allow your access to me.
But If you crawl back to me, these are the reply you will get. Thanks for the memory, and sorry for your loss🖕
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2021.09.25 21:14 Shimmyreviews Top 10 MOST anticipated anime of fall 2021

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2021.09.25 21:14 Amazing_Tart6125 Should I get a second bachelor's degree while working

Some background:
I'm almost 24. One year ago I graduated with a bachelor's degree in a humanities field (in my country the bachelor's programs are 4 years). Meanwhile I had been learning to program and I had some part-time programming jobs as a student.
I moved to another country where I tried some things before settling for my current programming job. I still do some projects related to my degree (e.g. translations, maybe I'll do some online teaching) and I like it. Recently I've been thinking that it would make me happy to learn some math/theorethical computer science since I only have practical knowledge. And because these things really interest me. I'd also like to have a CS diploma, also so I could do a masters in that field. I've also been feeling kinda depressed and lonely since I work from home and I thought going back to uni might help with that.
So I'm considering signing up for a computer science bachelor's program here hoping that it wouldn't take up too much of my time and it wouldn't clash with my job (in my job I can work as many hours as I like, I get paid per hour). But it costs some money and it's a little weird to do another bachelor's at that age. What do you guys think?
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2021.09.25 21:14 Ornery_Ad_8862 First Tamagotchi's Any Tips and Tricks?

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2021.09.25 21:14 LeafiSnow No one: Remla:

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2021.09.25 21:14 pinkgiraffe123 How tf do I use this

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2021.09.25 21:14 gintas59 I'm just posting some images from my "fanart" folder. Day 149, Post 1037. Source: 4chan.

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2021.09.25 21:14 sonik77133 Nexx X.G100 R Record Black Grey Gold : $297.99 (-15%)

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2021.09.25 21:14 FancyNewMe ‘Arrests are expected’ say climate protesters ahead of Vancouver protest

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2021.09.25 21:14 King_Tamino In T6 a fire department can reduce the base costs of buildings around it by 10% - Where do I place it best?

Well, basically the title. I noticed the feature a few days ago and can't seem to find a real use to it. Most buildings have really low costs, what pushes the costs are the salary costs. And those are unaffected by it.
Only thing I can think about are apartments etc. or does it make sense to use it somewhere else?
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2021.09.25 21:14 Epicskeleton53 Hm

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2021.09.25 21:14 xX_MLG_Swag420_Xx Bucket list:

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2021.09.25 21:14 YOW-Weather-Records Over the past 120 years, Ottawa's annual mean temperature has increased by about 2°C.

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2021.09.25 21:14 DEHFanatic My DEH Movie Review

To start with, I am a superfan of the stage show. I am literally obsessed with it. I listen to the OBC whenever I'm driving, I've seen the show 5 times pre-pandemic, I have tickets to the Broadway re-opening on 12/11, and tickets to see the tour 4 more times this coming spring.
I went in blind seeing the show the first time and was blown away. I have never been so emotionally impacted by a show in my life because I basically am Evan (even though I'm a middle-aged guy).
So I had the highest of high hopes for this film. In discussions leading up to it with many people in this group, the imagined scenes of FF with flashbacks of seeing Connor come to get him, the imagined impact of WF on the big screen with the camera right in Ben's face as he pours out his soul, all these things pointed to being able to witness an unbelievable, spectacular movie experience.
I've now seen the movie twice and in summary, it is a very good film. There are many powerful scenes and performances. But unfortunately, overall I feel that it missed the mark in being the GREAT film that it could have - and should have - been. I thought I would need an entire box of Kleenex to get through it but ended up only needing a few tissues lol.
First the good:
It is mostly true to the source material and the additional 2 new songs are both phenomenal.
I love the new take on Alana. I thought Amanda Stenberg was phenomenal throughout. "The Anonymous Ones" scene was great and her voice was pure gold.
The new ending is tremendous! When the guitar strums start for "A Little Closer" and then the singing, I didn't realize what was happening...and then when you find out it's Connor singing at rehab WOW - very powerful and the tears definitely poured.
Sincerely Me is STUPENDOUS! And I thought Requiem was also extremely well done. During the second chorus seeing the shots of each of the 3 of them - Zoe at school, Larry at the office, and Cynthia in the grocery store - super powerful and emotional. And the implied suicide attempt of Zoe - wow. Kaitlyn Dever was a definite standout for me.
And of course You Will Be Found didn't disappoint. I thought the way it was shot was really effective. In the trailers and commercials we see students with their cell phones recording Evan, but I always thought it was them recording YWBF once he starts singing. But as we see in the film, they start to take their phones out to record him when he falls to no doubt post and MAKE FUN OF HIM. It was a real gut punch. Only it turns out to be the opposite as the scene progresses and we know what happens from there :) When the messages all coalesce into Connor's picture - just wow.
Only Us - really good, loved the cutaways to the prom, carnival, etc.
I thought the way the first part of Words Fail was filmed was a little awkward, but the second part where he is at Ellison Park was totally gut-wrenching and beautifully performed and filmed. Ben just kills it, and this is worth the price of admission!
I didn't understand why they changed Larry to being a step-dad. But in watching a Q&A with the creative team it was explained it came about because of what Danny Pino brought to the role. And I have to say it worked for me because there are a number of very powerful moments and lines that flow from him being the step-dad, so I was definitely ok with that change (e.g. right before WF when Cynthia says Larry could never understand Connor because "he wasn't yours". Wow.
Now the bad:
In hindsight it appears that Chbosky may not have been the best choice. Never having directed a musical before, I think there could have been a better choice. I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower and Wonder, so thought this material would be in safe hands. However, overall I found the direction banal - with closeups 80% of the time. There were of course some nice moments, but overall I was not super impressed with the directing.
The cinematography was pretty much non-existent - a major disappointment.
I also found some odd incidental music choices. For example, to me the computer lab scene is such a huge, gut wrenching moment in the stage show. Having the simple piano playing chords of "Waving" as Evan types what is basically his suicide note, and then singing a short reprise of Waving (with Evan usually crying to some degree), is so powerful. But in the film the entire scene is different, and there is some very strange incidental music that doesn't create that same mood at all. It is almost happy and upbeat music and so it didn't have the same emotional impact. And Ben's delivery was not in line with him basically writing his suicide note. A big miss for me.
Amy Adams and Danny Pino: I was disappointed with a lot of their performance. Their behavior during most of the film, particularly Act 1, seemed totally incongruous to how parents who had just lost their teenage son to suicide would be acting. There were definitely some nice scenes with them, but in general I felt their overall affect and facial reactions were not appropriate for the gravity of the situation they are in. But I did enjoy Danny's performance in the Glove scene and his breakdown in YWBF. And the tie scene with Amy and Ben was very moving.
Julianne Moore: It was disappointing to see how much Heidi's role was cut especially when you cast a powerhouse like JM in the role. There were so many scenes that were either drastically reduced or cut all together from the play. You don't get the full sense of the relationship between her and Evan as you do in the stage show. Like the numerous times she asks Evan if he is ok on refills, the numerous times she says she's proud of him, those are all cut. So when she does say she is proud of him just the one time after YWBF, it didn't have the same effect. Also, the way Taco Tuesday was filmed was a big miss. Evan just seeing the note was not the same as having an actual scene between Evan and Heidi where she realizes she forgot about it.
Also, the pivotal scenes of her finding out that Evan knew Connor (after she sees his speech online), and their confrontation after the dining room scene at the Murphy's, were both missing the intensity of the Heidi's I've seen perform live (including of course the cut song Good For You). I get that things are supposed to be toned down for film because it is a different medium, but in the stage show both those scenes have super intense back-and-forths, and she literally screams at one point, "I am your mother. I AM YOUR MOTHER!" and that kind of passion is lacking in the film. Also, her delivery of, "You are the best thing that's happened to me" definitely lacked the emotional impact of the stage show.
But she did a really nice job with SB/SS. My main issue with that number was how it was directed and filmed. It had them sitting together on the couch for the entire pre-song dialogue and the entire song. In the stage show it starts with them far apart, Evan gradually comes closer, eventually sitting on the couch, but them still physically separated while continuing to dialogue. In the stage show I think most people at that point are like WHY ISN'T HIS MOTHER REACHING OUT TO TOUCH/COMFORT HER SON??? It just goes to show how distant their relationship was. Also, when Heidi sings she stands and walks behind the couch for the second verse, and then comes back to sit on the couch and FINALLY reaches out to grab Evan's hand for the end of the song. To me it is so powerful to witness the transition between how distant they are both physically and emotionally at the start of the scene to hugging at the end. In the film, with them sitting together and holding hands the entire time there is no change - just going from closeups of one of them to basic 2 shots of them.
Ben: Unfortunately I did not get to see him live (but have seen other versions with him). Obviously he is tremendous in the role. His vocals are still impeccable. But I am in the camp that feels his look is not the greatest here. Not sure why they didn't go with short hair like he had in the stage show. Also was disappointed that all his ticks and quirkiness had to apparently be toned down for film. And while his performance was very good, I am also in the camp that feel someone like an Andrew Barth Feldman could have maybe been better on film.
Regarding the overall feel of the film: humor and the quirkiness of the characters is prevalent throughout the stage show, so feels natural and brings needed relief between the heavier scenes. Sadly, the film cuts 90% of the humor and quirkiness; and so the few funny lines/moments feel out of place given the overall tenor and mood of the film. For example, most of Jared's comments in the film are ok, but do not compare at all to the humor in the stage show from his character (or others). And while SM is stupendous, it seems to come out of total thin air and feels completely out of place.
So all in all, a very enjoyable experience for this DEH superfan and I will see the movie many more times. I still would have much preferred a pro-shot of the stage show (a la Hamilton). But I am glad this movie was made and that more people will have the opportunity to experience DEH that otherwise would not.
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2021.09.25 21:14 Old_Shine_5092 It’s the year 3021, what is the song that will be played to show the definition of “rock & roll” in the dictionary?

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2021.09.25 21:14 meldiwin Daniel Goldman " Soft Robotics Mechanics And Design"

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2021.09.25 21:14 essaycode BIO-550 Topic 2 DQ 2……solved

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2021.09.25 21:14 kingjamesis The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass : $19.99 (-20%)

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2021.09.25 21:14 heinaga1989 👉BitCine Growed 3000%💢 & Team promised make it the most gainer token . A Real Diamond 💎

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BitCine is built to pay. This is only the very beginning of something that will change the game. We are taking over the block, and we will be heard. Our strength will be built within our community. When we hit 500 members we will have our first giveaway. Paper hands, scammers, and everything we stand against are not only not welcome....they will get whacked! Let's show the bsc how strong a community really can get!
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2021.09.25 21:14 covitor [Hostel] which pgpr blocks are renovated

Does anyone know which blocks are renovated (r1/2/3/4)? Planning to move in next sem :)
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