The learning of the Apes

2021.09.25 21:29 wornhub1980 The learning of the Apes

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2021.09.25 21:29 ADHD_INTENSIFIES Character creation help

Hello, I am new to dnd and am trying to make my first character, but I dont know if its against the rules or not. Basically I'm trying to make a chromatic dragonborn, but I'm not sure if dual ancestry (haveing two breath weapons from diffrent dragon types) is something I can pick for my character to start with (instead of wings or something) or if its something I need to "obtain" during a game.
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2021.09.25 21:29 Izvnvm1 Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 160 Review

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2021.09.25 21:29 iPodGuru I Wish That This Existed , Hopefully There Will Be Custom Faceplates For Them Soon!(Blue 3rd Gen From HP Event)

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2021.09.25 21:29 Son_Jnow_95 Last Night

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2021.09.25 21:29 Squard This is me every September

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2021.09.25 21:29 Ok-Result-9532 2007 Nissan navara D40

Do any of you know if these are known for a spongy or sinking brake pedal with the engine running? On the road if i hit the brakes it will try put you through the windscreen but just a weird sinking pedal at lights etc
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2021.09.25 21:29 a_lpha1001 Where to stay in Leeds, UK

I found out yesterday night I have to work in Leeds for a few months next year.
I am trying to be around a certain area of Leeds due to the location I need to be in, but I would prefer to be around a moderate Muslim area. Any ideas? I would prefer N. Leeds.
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2021.09.25 21:29 ausgewogen dlc gun is now gone

im kinda new at this game i bought it with a dlc pack(crossr) i used it once and its gone now do i have to buy again
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2021.09.25 21:29 PapaWhiskey0720 [Help] [PS5] [DeSre]

Need a black phantom to invade a die graciously so I can get PWCT.
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2021.09.25 21:29 chicken--tendies Some verses that help me with the “fate of the unlearned” problem

So we all have probably thought: what happens to people who have never heard the gospel? It is unfair if they never got a chance to accept Him. Well, I was never too satisfied with the answers I was given (although there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a little more): we don’t know, but just have faith in God’s justice and pray for those who don’t know him. But two verses really stuck out to me: 🌸 “To whom much is given much will be required” (Luke 12:48) So this means there are higher expectations for people who have been blessed by their circumstances (raised in a privileged Christian home with little bad experiences with the church etc). So the harshness by which everyone is judged is different e.g teachers of the faith versus someone who’s just been inquiring.
🌸 “For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before the law, but the doers of the law will be declared righteous. Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.” (Romans 2:13-15) This pretty much answers the question but I have a feeling it might be contrary to the doctrine of sola fide (which I am okay with, that whole debate is a whole other can of worms which to me is 90% semantics but I digress). Ever since learning this, I have been able to focus on growing in my own faith. I realized that God put me where I am for a reason and I shouldn’t worry about others because God’s got them. I hope this encourages you towards your journey of ascent towards Christ!
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2021.09.25 21:29 DanganronpaStories Live with Chapter 5 of Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc!

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2021.09.25 21:29 MagicMike76 New backed up camera

In addition to some new craft toys to play with, I noticed the camera view has backed up a bit. This a much larger viewing area and has made the game slightly easier due to being able to more of what’s going on. Got multiple 1ccs this morning without breaking a sweat. Hope this change is permanent and not a bug
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2021.09.25 21:29 simplyMi Our beloved Squid Game cast in their other roles. 🦑🦑

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2021.09.25 21:29 LuigiMelony What are the best certs to get for a system admin job?

I'm currently a helpdesk technician, and I have been doing this for about a year now. I don't have any certs at the moment, and I want to get a sysadmin job. What would be the most beneficial certificates for landing a job? I'm really interested in the security side of IT, and I was thinking about doing the Security+, but quite a few people have said that it's not the best for sysadmin. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.25 21:29 TheUltimateCF David Mitchell on Twitter: “That was brilliant. I’m really proud of him. @arobertwebb”

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2021.09.25 21:29 bronzeaardvark When is Mega-Weenie Monday?

I'm aware I'm missing Saturday, but I can tell you it's not the answer.
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2021.09.25 21:29 Buff_biscuit Can anyone ID this southern Ohio

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2021.09.25 21:29 Goose7285 I'm doing a pull on the main villain (Fuhai) stand of my fan made part Jojo's bizarre adventure Thriller Queen

Fuhai's stand name
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2021.09.25 21:29 Dictator_Cole Guys there's only one supermega song on beat saber

It's I'm in love with my dad. No Ouch!, bored, Fuddruckers song, covid-19 type beat, castaways, fictional animals, NNN, Ryan's drum solo or anything like that!
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2021.09.25 21:29 havocfalcon Help with Toyon?

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2021.09.25 21:29 M1dsumm3rKnight Trade? 0.5 ppr

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2021.09.25 21:29 ilovesnailssomuch found this roberto cavalli velour hoodie at a garage sale, can anyone possibly help me authenticate it? i found some similar items with the exact same tags online but not this exact jacket. i can’t imagine anyone faking something like this lol but i’m wondering if it’s worth selling at all?

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2021.09.25 21:29 supersimps i have a crush on my bestfriend

help i’ve known this boy since i was 7 this is not ok🥰🗿
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