Prestige Advice?

2021.09.25 21:33 D-RAKE Prestige Advice?

I am a new player (had it for like 4 days) and am curious on the best way to get your soul egg counter back up after you prestige. I unfortunately prestige’d for the first time last night and now that this event started I’m kinda kicking myself cause I missed out on pretty much doubling the soul eggs I currently have.
After I prestige’d I went straight to the fuel egg farm so I could unlock rockets and am trying to grind the farm to 10 mil chickens so I can get soul eggs from a trophy. That being said, I’ve noticed my soul eggs available at prestige are pretty much nonexistent. My questions are: is there a way to speed up the soul eggs added to the prestige counter? And would it even be worth it for me to prestige again within just a day of my first one?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.25 21:33 Tomaatti-chan I need help with coping and healing

So.. I was abused mentally by my ex from May 2020 to October 2020. I know it was a short time, but it fucked me up really bad. Certain shows, games and names make me feel.. awful.
I'm doing better now than a year ago (no more panic attacks), but I still cannot let go and move on. I tried exposure therapy by stalking her twitter and it only worsened.
How can I heal and move on? What methods are there? Any coping mechanism? I already age regress.
Would messaging and talking to her help at all? I kind of feel like I NEED to DM her and apologize and have a civil discussion.
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2021.09.25 21:33 NotVerySorry dont mess with him

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2021.09.25 21:33 jacobsredditusername UB rare for a wasteland plane

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2021.09.25 21:33 brcblog Saint Francis of Assisi's Novena - First Day through Ninth Day - September 26 - October 3

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2021.09.25 21:33 WrestleNova Mick Foley Names Other Aspects WWE Can Improve On, Talks Continuity

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2021.09.25 21:33 WombleSilver Main Street Food Truck Festival, Saturday, October 2nd

The festival was cancelled last year due to Covid but it’s back on this year. Roughly 60 food trucks and a lot of live entertainment. Rodney Block is performing towards the end of the festival. The footprint is different this year so everyone living downtown, take note- it still goes from 3rd about 9th st and it extends along Capitol from Main towards Fassler and Dust Bowl this year.
Here’s their website:
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2021.09.25 21:33 ThePeskyMolerat How long will the sale for the regular series 2 pro controllers last?

I been thinking of picking one up for myself. Never really was one for limited editions, but the controller looks nice.
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2021.09.25 21:33 melin-skyland Whats new world's stance towards plugins?

Hi all, wasnt able to find any info about plugins. Will new world allow plugins (dps meter, custom markers etc) or did they not speak a word about them?
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2021.09.25 21:33 DueNYSenator Fact.

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2021.09.25 21:33 WrestleNova Nia Jax Fires Off Profane Tweet At Shayna Baszler

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2021.09.25 21:33 Sprinkles276381 Best rank 4 Soviet premium plane for ground rb?

Hi. I really enjoy playing a 6.3 Soviet tank lineup and I wanted to buy a plane to grind out the air tree. What premium plane would work well with that lineup? Or would it be better to buy premium and just grind out the tree in air battles?
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2021.09.25 21:33 Oni_of_Gold Do someone know the translated name of these shoujos3

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2021.09.25 21:33 WrestleNova Pat McAfee Channels His Inner Sandman Prior To SmackDown (Video)

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2021.09.25 21:33 LittleAlphaSheWolf Electric cars are not greener or better for the environment

Electric cars are not going to benefit anyone. They sound good on paper, because no gasoline is necessary to run them. But when you get down to it, it’s unrealistic for everyone to switch to them.
Let’s start with costs. 17.14 million new cars and 39.2 million used cars were sold back in 2017. Every year, the number of used vehicles purchased are higher than the number of new. Bottom line, people cannot afford a brand new vehicle. We’ll use the US as an example here. The average income in 2019 in the US was 31k/yr. Now, I’m 2019, the average cost of a new car was almost $37k (36,718). That’s more than a person’s annual income. If you saved every dime you made for an entire year, bought both for yourself and paid no bills, you’d still be unable to purchase a new car. Keep this in mind. A lot of people are preaching that everyone must switch over to electric cars, because it’s the right thing to do. Now how, exactly, will that happen when most people can’t afford to buy brand new vehicles? A vast majority of vehicles sold are used, and gasoline. Take a trip to any used vehicle lot. You’re going to be lucky if you find any that are electric. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to switch over to an electric car, when a lot f people can barely afford what they already have.
Now, let’s look at the costs and usage of one. The average house has 100-200 amps. My house has a max of 100amps, and that’s iffy given it’s age. A home charging station requires about 35amps. The fact of the matter is, a vast majority of areas can not handle that. A lot changes would need to made for this to even happen, which will cost a pretty penny in labor, parts, etc. If you want to read more about that.
The most common sources of electricity in the US in 2019 were natural gas (lmfao), coal, (HA!), and nuclear energy. Other sources are hydropower, biomass, wind, geothermal, and solar. Let’s say we’re wanting everything to go greener, (it’s the entire purpose of electric cars right?), we’ll focus on the greener energy sources. We all know how detrimental nuclear power plants can be when things go south with them. All you need to do is look up Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Chernobyl was the bad one. Wind energy requires massive wind turbines. There are tons of them where I’m located. Everyone knows they pose a threat to birds. Ignoring the natural gases used to construct them, the wind turbines might cut down the impact on global warming, but kill a lot of birds. You’re trading one problem for another. Let’s look at solar farms, all those massive solar panels. They, too, kill birds. Approximately 140,000 birds are killed by solar farms in the US annually. Again, trading one problem in for another. Whether we like to admit it or not, birds are important on this planet. Just as with solar and wind, even hydropower has damaging effects on habitats for different species. They all have downfalls. Bottom line, in order to produce the energy needed fuel electric cars, we are creating an entirely new problem (large numbers of deaths to different creatures on the planet). Electric cars might sound better in the immediate future, but they are not a permanent or even great alternative.
Tesla’s currently use lithium batteries. Let’s look into that, shall we? Lithium mining requires 500,000 gallons (2,273,045 liters) of water per ton (907kg) of lithium extracted. This puts communities around those mines at risk because of the amount of water being used (droughts can lead to famine and many other problems). Just like natural gas, lithium isn’t forever. The dead batteries themselves release all kinds of toxins into the environment after they’ve been used up. So again, electric cars sound good on paper because no fuel, but even they are not a permanent or good solution.
Now, one last thing. Farming. Let’s look at how much farming equipment requires fuel. A lot is the answer, everything from a tractor to a combine requires fuel. They’d all have to be switched to electric if we want things greener, no? Massive amount of power output to keep a farm up and running. If we said screw it, and left them as powered by fuel, gas/diesel stations will still be a necessity. How much will the cost of fuel go up for those poor people if they’re left as the only ones still using it? How would we handle farms and construction when everything is being demanded to switch to electric?
My argument is, electric cars are not the answer. It’s ridiculous that this seems to be the solution being pushed when it’s not a solution at all.
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2021.09.25 21:33 UdemyCouponsMe Logo Animation & Logo Motion Design

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2021.09.25 21:33 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 21:33 Bagle0 Will Duskblade Break Blitz? Blitz Tier List Video!

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2021.09.25 21:33 Bizquito Best Binance FUTURES Referral Code for new or existing users! 🔥

NEW USERS: Looking to sign up for Binance and use the best referral code? If you use the referral / promotional code KF9KIYQD when opening a Binance account, you will receive 20% off (BEST discount) on ALL trading fees FOREVER! Remember to turn on pay fees with BNB so you get the additional 10%.
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How do I open a Futures account?
On the web browser, go to "Derivatives" and select either USDⓈ-M or COIN-M Futures options. On the phone app, go to the Futures tab. Use the referral / promotional code futures20off. You must then pass a test before trading futures. The answers are visible after one failed attempt and you are allowed unlimited retries. Select any answers, click submit and you will see the actual answers. Select the correct answers, and hit submit again to trade futures! You now receive 20% off on all trading fees (Spot, Margin & Futures)! Binance Futures 20% off code: futures20off
Feel free to ask me any questions, or head over to YouTube to get an introduction on futures.
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2021.09.25 21:33 FatalPeach44 Hello my fellow Astorians. I’m looking for a friend with a house or garage or yard. I live in an apt and have stuff I want to do a yard/garage sale with. Most of it is in good condition, just random things. Maybe if you were thinking of doing a sale too. We can split the profits from my stuff 💗 lmk

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2021.09.25 21:33 VisiblyRiley Kings of War Batrep: Ratkin VS Northern Alliance

Have you ever wondered about the deep lore of Plunder? Why would a combined host of rats and goblins risk the lives of said goblins to rob the Northern Alliance? Well, in today’s battle report we find out why with a 2300 pts battle of Plunder.
Who will win? Who knows! All I know is those northern fellows are hiding something and it’s probably delicious! As always,enjoy!
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2021.09.25 21:33 WrestleNova WWE SmackDown Overnight Ratings For Extreme Rules Go-Home Episode

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2021.09.25 21:33 my-eye-candy-account Tender

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2021.09.25 21:33 Cnox88 Important question

How are you?
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2021.09.25 21:33 Square_Royal_5350 Big titties and nipple piercings

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